Thursday 1st September 2016 \’Sheila

1962, Tommy Roe went to US No.1 with \’Sheila\’, UK No.3. The record was a personal favourite and is always a good bet for a dedication for Australian girls.

1966, The Who single ‘I’m A Boy’ entered the UK chart peaking at No.2 . The song was originally intended to be a part of a rock opera called \’Quads\’ which was to be set in the future where parents can choose the sex of their children. This is great information. I bought the rock opera Tommy but didn\’t realise it was always part of the Who\’s make-up,

1967, The four Beatles held a meeting at Paul McCartney\’s house in London to decide upon their next course of action following the death of manager Brian Epstein. They decide to postpone their planned trip to India and to begin the already-delayed production of the Magical Mystery Tour movie. Here\’s a link to more podcasts from the Beatles experts


The weather was beautiful and we had a nice early swim before going to the Marina Centro Commercial. I was dropped off along Terra Mitica and I walked for 45 minutes to join Anne at Mercadona. We got back in plenty of time to write my blog and then have dinner watching Redrock. The series finishes on Friday and it has been compelling viewing.

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I had enjoyed watching a programme about Rookie Cops in Surrey and the programme was on again around 10.30 pm on Tuesday evening. Again, it is compelling viewing as it has been depicting the work of producing good police officers from the police academies. It has got to the stage where the rookies have almost completed their training. Their mentors have had to supervise them in really sombr cases where deaths have been involved. It had been bad enough to see how these rookies had been forced to really grow up and face dangerous and difficult situations. I have every admiration for these young people and I am fully aware that our society would be dreadful without these brave souls. The police, in general, are tremendously professional and they have a tremendously complicated job to do. They, like parents and teachers, are fighting an uphill struggle gsinst the norms set by the television screens. Having said this I add that our norms are disctated by the producers of violent programmes and the authorities that allow these programmes to be shown. It is not enough to give a warning that we might be offended by wht is coming onto our screens. The content is deemed inappropriate and money is talking louder than the protection of society.

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Officers from the Regional Police have arrested a man in Torrevieja who has been practising medicine despite not being registered with any Spanish school or recognised accreditation.

The arrest was made last week but made public on Tuesday after complaints were filed with the police over “dissatisfaction” with the care in his clinic, from which the investigation concluded he had no formal qualification to practice in Spain.

The doctor had his clinic in an urbanisation in Torrevieja which is popular with British residents. During an inspection, the officers found various materials for the examination and analysis of medical conditions but no formal approval to carry out procedures issued by Valencia. Therefore, the police arrested the man for illegal economic activities. Source-SpanishVida

I added this article as we had another doctor in Villajoyosa who had been doing the same thing several years ago. I really do wonder at the cheek of these people and what motivates their behaviour. Aree they people who would truly like to be able to cure and heal sick people or are they evil people who want to abuse the position of the doctor. These charletans are probably a very complex mix but will we ever know the truth?

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Sky TV seems to have upped the money as the Premier League has spent unprecedented money in the latest transfer window. It really makes me laugh that politicians seem to allow football to exist in its own economic bubble almost believing it doesn\’t interact with the general and wider economy. Football\’s own rules don\’t allow for a level playing field and the bottom line is those who don\’t spend enough will rarely win the title. I think Leicester proved it can be done but it also suggested the exception proves the rule. I\’d dearly love a smaller club to win the title this year!



Monday 29th August 2016 \’Oh, Pretty Woman

1959, The Quarry Men (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ken Brown) performed at the Casbah Coffee Club, Hayman\’s Green, West Derby, Liverpool. This is the opening night of a new teen club in a large Victorian house that is owned by Mrs. Mona Best and the first of seven straight Saturdays that The Quarry Men play here. The band shared one microphone connected to the house P.A. Here is a good place for podcasts about the Beatles around this time


1964, Roy Orbison\’s \’Oh, Pretty Woman\’ was released in the US. It went on to reach No.1 four weeks later. The title was inspired by Orbison\’s wife Claudette interrupting a conversation to announce she was going out. There is more to the story!

1966, The Beatles played their last concert before a paying audience, at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California to a sold-out crowd of 25,000.

1970, Edwin Starr started a three week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with \’War\’ No.3 in the UK. I regret never having spoken with Edwin Starr as I loved his music

1976, Jimmy Reed died in San Francisco following an epileptic seizure just before his 51st birthday. Reed was a major influence on The Rolling Stones


After a nice long early swim I went down to Cool Fm to make the broadcast with Neil at 11.15 am. Neil arrived around 1 pm and we enjoyed some good interaction with the listeners. Anne called for me around 3 pm and we went off to see our friend and neighbour Peter Dee in hospital. Here\’s a link to a podcast I made with my fellow dj a few weeks ago.


I read a really sad story about a woman has had her arm ripped off in a freak accident when she was trying to close the window of her car. It is believed she had been leaning into her vehicle to turn on the power to use the electric window at just after 4pm yesterday. This really is a cautionary tale as  the car moved forward because it had been left in gear This caused her arm to be ripped  off at the elbow, according to police. The moral of the story must be to only operate any car from the driver\’s seat.

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Do you remember the furore over the size of the UK\’s Foreign Aid budget as part of the Brexit debate?  In a radical break with the David Cameron era, new International Development Secretary Priti Patel is to cut spending on traditional aid projects and use the money to help promote \’national security and the national interest\’ according to the weekend papers. It could lead to Defence Secretary Michael Fallon handing to Ms Patel his responsibility for funding British troops combating Islamic insurgencies in global hot spots – freeing up more of his resources for front-line troops. This certainly would seem to be a step in the right direction. Many people had  protested against wasteful and corrupt aid projects. Various events and personalities exposed handouts to Palestinian terrorists and showed how North Korean officials were flown to Britain for English lessons and how music teachers were sent around the world to teach children to sing. This is one step forward yet there are always backward steps and Telford could be the new Rotherham for sick paedophile gangs according to the papers. Claims are hinting that another horrible ring has been  unearthed a in the Midlands. There are claims reports of grooming in Telford were played down despite an earlier probe that led to seven men being jailed in 2012.  Here\’s how one person feels about these goings on…

The scum who are guilty of the rapes and sex abuse should be locked up for a very long time, but the people who ignored and turned a blind eye for whatever pc reason should also be looking at jail time. To many times in this country we hear the phrase \”lessons will be learned\” but they never are. Start locking up some of these cops,social workers, health workers etc then maybe they will start doing there job a bit better and things like this might not happen as often


This year there will be a fifth Finca Señoret concert. It will be at 22:00 next Saturday 3 September and as usual in the garden. The musicians will be performing on violin and piano, but I can not confirm programme details. I understand it will be a mixture of popular music and light classics.I have updated the website to include our concerts in October. These are:

15 Oct Saturday, Casa Cultura, Trio Mistral in works by Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms (full details available)

16 Oct Sunday, 12:00, Fundación Frax, tango music with dancing

21 Oct Friday, Forum Mare Nostrum, Duo Palomares-Espi (violin and guitar)

I will add full details of the Frax and Forum concerts in September, alongside details of the other Mozartmania concerts. Members of our society have free entry to these Mozartmania concerts by showing their membership card at the door.

 I have also updated the Cinema Roma page with the dates of broadcasts from the Royal Opera House, London. I will include starting times when these are confirmed.

Cinema Roma are also advertising a performance of Puccini’s Turandot on 15 September at 20:30 in a production from Sydney, Australia.

Tuesday 23rd August 2016 Eleanor Rigby

1963, The Rolling Stones appeared on UK TV show Ready, Steady, Go! for the first time, performing their debut single \’Come On.\’ The group made a total of 20 appearances on the show between 1963 and 1966. Wasn\’t this a Lennon-McCartney song?

1966, The Beatles were at No.1 on the UK singles chart with the double a sided \’Yellow Submarine – Eleanor Rigby\’. The group\’s eleventh No.1. Paul McCartneysaid he came up with the name Eleanor from actress Eleanor Bron, who had starred with The Beatles in the film Help!. Rigby came from the name of a store in Bristol, Rigby & Evens Ltd, Wine & Spirit Shippers….wasn\’t there a grave with Eleanor Rigby in that grave somewhere around Strawberry Fields?

1967, Enjoying a wild birthday party Keith Moon drummer with The Who drove his Lincoln car into a Holiday Inn swimming pool. As the party had become out of control, the police were called to put an end to the festivities. Moon, ever keen to avoid the boys in blue snuck outside and got into a Lincoln Continental Limousine and attempted to make a getaway. I\’ll leave you to guess the rest!

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We had a very weird day yesterday. Anne\’s car needed new shock absorbers and we had an 11 am appointment. We then went to find out more about an official letter wher4e a young man in the lawyers\’ office told us that La Nucia\’s houses have been rated again and we can add 10.000 to the price of our house. This information cost us 60 euros which the Sabadell bank was willing to accept in cash but not accept by using the card of our bank. So much for the banking system.

My mailbox included an e-mail which covered a report telling us that Hillary Clinton has become very ill and an announcement is imminent. I\’ll give you the link to this report. It is a pretty convincing presentation and it is a worrying thing that we now find it very difficult to know what really is or is not the truth.

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At many schools when I was teaching on supply they had queues of children being given Ritolin tablets to calm them down. This is nothing very new.  According to an article in yesterday\’s Mail online disruptive boys at an approved school in Britain were given an experimental anti-epilepsy drug without parental consent in the 1960s. At least with Rotolin the parents must apply for this drug via their local GP and then they can also apply for a social benefit. ‘Irritable, restless and aggressive’ teenagers at Richmond Hill Approved School in North Yorkshire received their drug after Home Office doctors gave their consent. Having worked with irritable, restless and aggressive children I fully understand why the drugs are necessary. The girls didn\’t get the same treatment as there had been a request to give a sedative to girls at Springhead Park Approved School in Rothwell, West Yorkshire, but managers at that school blocked it.

Are you old enough to remember all the Liberal shenanigans during the 1960s with Jeremy Thorpe and co? It would seem the party has never cleaned up its act as paedophile Sir Clement Freud was nominated for his knighthood by former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Steel. That\’s an easy one to solve. Posthumously given so posthumously can be taken away. The disgraced MP and former TV and radio star became a Sir in 1987 and when he died in 2009 aged 84 Lord Steel paid tribute with a glowing obituary. This is very worrying as the peer also backed another child abuser – Sir Cyril Smith – for a knighthood, and he\’d called Freud \’one of those rare characters who managed to excel in several spheres\’. I think the police could have another busy time ahead!

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The hot weather took its toll and I did things the Spanish way. I watched Redrock and then had a siesta. It was cooler around 5.30 pm so we sat in the garden for a while. The clouds were covering the mountain and cooling us down. I had a bit of work to do on my computer so I went indoors around 6pm and worked for a while before visiting our old town around 8pm.

Watching the news from the North-West in the Uk it was interesting to see that if the region had competed independently then it would have finished 9th in the medals table. The cost per medal was given at 4 million pounds and there is some criticism that the money could have been put to better effect. However, that seems to be a minority point of view with many comparing the excellent results to the mediocrity of many footballers in the Premier league.






Sunday 21st August 2016 Crazy!

1961, Patsy Cline recorded the classic Willie Nelson song, ‘Crazy’. Cline was still on crutches after going through a car windshield in a head-on collision two months earlier and had difficulty reaching the high notes of the song at first due to her broken ribs. \’Crazy\’ spent 21 weeks on the chart and eventually became one of her signature tunes. This is a truly good song

2006, A man surfing the Internet in America foiled three men who broke into a Liverpool shop in Liverpool, England. The man who had logged onto a site streaming live footage of Mathew Street and a forthcoming Beatles festival saw the men smashing a window of a shop and climb inside. He phoned Merseyside police who arrested the men. This is one good use of technology.

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I was in my studio for 9 am yesterday  morning and creating my weekly podcast with Don Woods. Here\’s the link to the podcast…


Yesterday was particularly uplifting after the previous night\’s many successes for Britain at the Rio Olympics. It really is a much better feeling to have good news to discuss and it felt like a breath of fresh air. Today, as usual, it is my Cool day and I went down to Benidorm to the hotel where I make the broadcast. As ever the town was buzzin and it was very hot. Here\’s the link to my Cool shows….


The Rio Games have been a wonderful mixture of successes during the games but have also included some downs with the news now looming that the Paralympics have not got enough money to stage their games. It was bad enough seeing the empty seats at so many of the events and I can only deduct that it was the pricing structure which precluded attendance. The only other main cause was probably apathy albeit of a cultural nature. By this I make the inference that some of the events did not really appeal to the cultural side of Brazil. If this were the the case then why choose Brazil in the first place? My guess would be that greed was the overriding factor. At the time that Brazil was chosen their economy was going through the roof and I\’ll bet the Olympic committee saw money…lots of it for the Olympic movement and their executives. Could I be wrong? Well, I seem to remember an Irish official being taken into custody on a ticket fiddle even when the rows of empty seats were there for all the world to see. I  wonder what would have been going on had all the seats been sold.

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Here\’s an interesting story for you….As my parents were very strict with me I am intrigued to read that strict parents are more likely turn their children into \’very skilled and effective liars\’ according to claims made by Psychotherapist Philippa Perry. According to the story she said that parents who are too strict create an atmosphere \’whereby the child does not feel safe telling the truth\’.She went on to controversially say that all lies are co-created and by not allowing a situation where children can tell the truth, parents can only blame themselves if they find out they have been deceived. I just love these experts! If there is one thing that I try to do in my life I try to be truthful and I am certainly aware of any times I have not been totally truthful.  As ever, I look to see what others are saying.


One person wrote…\”I do believe this can hold some truth as my husband was brought up in a very strict environment. I would go as far to say his father was a bit sadistic from the childhood stories I have heard amongst family members and I believe because of this my husband is incapable of telling the truth.\” Another commented, \” Rubbish. We are pretty strict in our house. However, my children know that if they make a mistake and are honest, we can help them to put it right. If they lie, however, woe betide them!\” A third commented, \”Physiological new age garbage. No wonder western kids are so spoilt and ruined. Your experts have some ulterior motives for feeding you this catastrophic mess be warned family breakdown is the beginning of social breakdown.\” For a balance I\’ll add one other comment, \”Yes, very true. Even now I am in middle age, sometimes, when my parents ask me about what I have been doing I automatically lie although it was something innocuous. So I had been shopping but I would say I had been cutting the lawn. It does not happen so often but it is does occur. It is a recognisable psychological hang up from my childhood where I lived in a controlled household.\”

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Two blind pilots were both wearing dark glasses. One is using a guide dog and the other is tapping his way along the aisle with a cane. Nervous laughter spreads through the cabin, but the men enter the cockpit, the door closes and the engines start up. The passengers begin glancing nervously around, searching for some sign that this is just a little practical joke.
None is forthcoming.

The plane moves faster and faster down the runway and the people sitting in the window seats realize they\’re headed straight for the water at the edge of the airport.

As it begins to look as though the plane will plough into the water, panicked screams fill the cabin. At that moment, the plane lifts smoothly into the air.
The passengers relax and laugh a little sheepishly and soon all retreat into their magazines, secure in the knowledge that  the plane

Friday 19th August 2016 The Cars

1968, After 58 episodes, the final Monkees TV show airs on NBC. Since the its initial run, almost every major cable network has aired re-runs of the show, including a popular stint on CBS from 1969-1972.1969, Joni Mitchell, David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Jefferson Airplane all appeared on the ABC TV Dick Cavett Show from Television Center in New York City.

1971, Led Zeppelin kicked off a North American tour at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, Canada. The band played to a sold out crowd of over 17,000 fans, another 3,000 fans outside the venue who didn\’t have tickets started a battle with local police.

1972, David Bowie played the first of two nights at the Rainbow Theatre in England on his current 182-date Ziggy Stardust world tour.

1973, Rita Coolidge and Kris Kristofferson were married in Malibu, California. Kristofferson had just enjoyed a number 1 country hit with \’Why Me\’, which included Coolidge on backing vocals. The couple divorced near the end of 1979.

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Yesterday, we needed to take the car for a service and a job to be undertaken. Consequently, we spent a few hours wandering round the shopping centre whilst the car was being fixed. It\’s annoying when maintenance needs to be paid for but it has to be done. We got back to watch Redrock and thenI knocked a few balls on the driving range with Paul.

This was the scene in Polop as we prepared for the annual bed race or Carrera de Camas last night. There were 9 teams and they had to race around the town in order to get the best time. The town is quite hilly and it is quite a challenge. Each team was also raising money for a new Centre for Autistic Needs and the town hall is extremely supportive. I compered the event and we were joined by a band from Alicante. Tonight is my podcast night with Neil Colbourne. Amongst other items we discussed the following….

It does appear that we will soon have a new Government in Spain as acting PM Rajoy seems ready to accept the 6 point Ciudadanos demands. Spain\’s medal tally is already ahead of London 2012.One of the five men arrested foa gang rape during the San Fermines fiestas in Pamplona on July 7th sent text messages to friends. Swimming in Burquinis is now under scrutiny in several Eu countries although Barcelona will not impose a ban.An Irishman has been shot dead in a suspected gangland killing in Mallorca.

The medals just keep coming for team GB who are now second in the medal table. Hate preacher Choudray faces 10 years in Belmarsh prison but the UK government cannot keep him in isolation. Ex Premier League star Dalian Atkinson has been killed by police tazer. Knife-wielding thugs are attacking innocent motorists at Calais. Mr. Punch is packing in his shows because of unruly children and if you look at March 23rd you\’ll find elite Olympic medal winners in great numbers. Here\’s the link to the podcast.


The medals keep coming in for team GB. Two brothers with the surname Brownlee live and train in our town. The boys have a property in Polop and are often here on their training programmes. We almost feel the medals are half Spanish and half Yorkshire but they were great to see crossing the line as first and second. Incidentally, we have the best sports centre in Spain here in La Nucia and England came to train here recently.

This is how the UK seems to be changing. Dozens of shoppers walked past an elderly grandmother who lay in agony on the street pleading \’please help me\’ after tripping on an uneven pavement. Are people becoming afraid to help? Mrs Joan Veysey, 83, suffered a broken nose and two black eyes after falling head first on the stone slabs, but was ignored by passers-by for more than ten minutes.This must have been both painful and humiliating for her. The poor lady was forced to struggle to her feet as her calls for help fell on deaf ears, despite blood pouring down her face. This was happening in Bedford where Mrs Veysey, a mother-of-two, was eventually taken to hospital. Quite understandably her daughter has slammed the general public for failing to stop and help.Her daughter, Dena Martindale, 56, said: \’We are hurt, angry and disgusted. \’If it had been a dog lying there on the floor someone would have done something.\”  I feel so cross just reading these details but do the comments help us understand any more?

A first writer commented,\”Can\’t understand this AT ALL, no way would I have walked past the poor soul. In fact I have stopped for an elderly lady in a very similar situation a couple of years ago and waited with her until the ambulance came. BUT why did the daughter have to bring a dog into it ?? Of course people would stop for a poor dog lying in the street, I WOULD !
A second person wrote, \”If this is true it\’s a sad reflection on modern Britain. We have a culture of compensation which we have inherited from the US. I know someone who was sued because they helped a man who had fallen from his bike and he claimed that the person that helped him made his back worse. People are scared to get involved in things these days and find it easier to conveniently ignore things. Very sad.

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Thursday 18th August 2016 Pretty Flamingo’

1964, Over 9,000 frenzied fans met The Beatles as they arrived in San Francisco, to begin an American tour. The Beatles were driven into a protective fence enclosure so that photographers could take pictures. As the 9,000 fans pressed against the fencing, it gave way, with The Beatles managing to get out split-seconds before it came crashing down.

1966, Paul Jones left Manfred Mann just as ‘Pretty Flamingo’ was climbing the US charts. He was replaced by singer Mike D’Abo, who would take over lead vocals on the bands next hit, ‘The Mighty Quinn,’ a song written by Bob Dylan.  Here\’s my podcast with Mike D\’Abo


1973, Diana Ross scored her second US No.1 single with \’Touch Me In The Morning\’. The song marked a turning point in her career, coming immediately after her Academy Award nomination for Best Actress in her acting debut, Lady Sings the Blues. Here\’s my podcast tribute to Diana Ross


1977, The Police made their live debut as a three-piece band when they played at Rebecca\’s Birmingham, England. The Police became globally popular in the late 1970s and are generally regarded as one of the first New Wave groups to achieve mainstream success, playing a style of rock that was influenced by punk, reggae, and jazz.


The Olympic have really grabbed my attention this year. I have loved the gymnastics from the floor routines to the high bars and the rings. These guys have been amazing and they command respect for their technique and routines. Max Whitlock stole the show for team GB but the girls have also won a bronze individual medal with Amy Tinkler bringing home the medal-winning bacon!

Some of the judging has been a bit dodgy. There was fury by the GB competitior in the open sea swim when it would appear he had been given an unwarranted yellow card. He explained that someone had grabbed his ankle and the judges didn\’t seem to have a clue. Personally, I watched the end of this event and the whole event seemed a bit messy.

No sooner had his complaint been aired than there was a furious outburst from the boxing hall. The crowd knew an Irish fighter had won his fight but the judges saw otherwise. The booing lasted for ages and the GB officials were adamant the judges had got things wrong. I didn\’t see the fight so I cannot make a valid comment.

I decided to have an early morning swim and then start my work ion the studio. I receive a plethora of meditation invitations and this morning I had been invited to meet my spirit guide. I should feel very excited as I\’ve been chosen to listen to this special mp3 file provided I give the guru all my Facebook contacts. I signed in with an alternative method and had a lovely relaxing tape of weird music help me relax all my body as I was guided through an enchanting forest to meet my spirit guide. I was relaxed from head to toe and at peace with myself. I then had to take very deep breaths as I prepared to meet the spirit. I was told my spirit guide is there to guide me along the path of life, and to help me make decisions that is right for me. Learning to communicate with my spirit guides will show my true path much more clearly. I was told to walk along this beautiful path with twigs cracking below my feet and the birds twittering above me. Energy was pulsating all around me and I was calm and at peace. I was wandering through the forest and I would find a fabulous garden in the middle of the forest. A stream was running through the garden with wooden bridges crossing the water. It was idyllic and I would feel the energy crossing the area as I was about to sit on a bench and listen to the birds twittering and the stream bubbling.

I was told by my guru\’s silky voice to sit and enjoy the moment as the heavenly music played in my ears. I was truly relaxed. I was truly blessed. Would my spirit guide come? The music played on but I wasn\’t truly relaxed although the voice in my ear told me I was! I immediately saw a woman with long, dark hair was ahead of me sitting in the garden meditating. As I walked towards her she turned and smiled at me with love radiating between us. I smiled and told me her name. She smiled and gave me a gift. I thanked her for the gift and was told to ask her any questions I liked. I was invited to ask her questions about my life and the world around me. I wanted to ask her how much this experience was going to cost me!

Now I probably sound like the ultimate cynic but I\’m not. Some of these tapes are really good but I do feel there are charlatans about swapping our details and depriving the vulnerable of their money, and more importantly, of their beliefs. I will wait and see whether this particular guru will return with an invitation to spend some cash. Maybe the guru\’s Scottish accent belies a deeper understanding of how people part with their money?

I was told \”This meditation will help you to open up a direct communication link to your spirit guide and you will feel much more clearer about your purpose in life and what you must do to get there and able to break through any barriers that once held you back.\” – the cost would be around 12 dollars.

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I was reading a very interesting article that informed us that patients are put at risk by EU rules that prevent officials properly testing the language skills of doctors, dentists and nurses. This came as a warning by experts. The Royal College of Surgeons has called on ministers to use Brexit negotiations to close the loophole. Apparently, more than a quarter of European doctors applying to work in Britain are turned away because their English is not good enough. However, experts say many with poor English slip through the net as EU ‘equality’ rules mean regulators are not allowed to directly test understanding of medical terms. Health workers can produce a certificate that proves only general conversation ability.

Am I right to see that this problem has been around for a long time? Here are readers\’ comments….

Can you imagine a patient with a mental health problem conversing with a eu psychiatrist who has limited English? No? Well it\’s been happening for ages! Doctors dentists etc should be able to speak and understand our language fluently before being allowed loose on patients but the eu says they can\’t be tested!!!!!

This is not a new problem in the NHS. Back in the eighties my father was on dialysis in a London hospital along Fulham palace road. The matron in charge of the unit could barely speak or understand English. Numerous close calls happened because of this.

Tuesday 16th August 2016 I Call It Pretty Music…. The Blues!

1938, American blues musician Robert Johnson died (probably poisoned by a jealous husband) at the age of 27 at a country crossroads near Greenwood, Mississippi. His recordings from 1936 -1937 have influenced generations of musicians The Rolling Stones, , Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton.

1962, Little Stevie Wonder (aged 12), released his first single, \’I Call It Pretty Music, (But The Old People Call It The Blues)\’, the single featured Marvin Gaye on drums. This man has been a legend all his life. Favourite single? I was made to love her. Favourite album? Inner Visions

1962, Brian Epstein told Pete Best that the other Beatles wanted him out of the group, and that he was being replaced. Epstein then asked Best to perform with The Beatles that night at the Riverpark Ballroom in Chester, Cheshire. Pete Best does not show up, drummer Johnny Hutchinson of The Big Three filled in the temporary vacancy.Here is a link to my page of podcasts all about this Merseybeat phenomenon


We got up a little slowly yesterday morning as we\’d stayed up to watch Andy Murray battle against Del Potro for four hours to win his Olympic gold medal. It was a terrific match and their wonderful efforts inspired me to get up and work in the garden for a few hours. Anne was with me and we both worked hard to get the bushes at the side of the house under control. It\’s a big job and it was not as hot which made the work a bit more bearable. I think we only lost about a stone between us!

There\’s a weird story that Tesco has come under fire for selling children\’s school shoes with giant \’wedged\’ heels for girls as young as five. Campaigners say the F&F black patent \’platform\’ shoes are inappropriate for children\’s feet and claim they \’normalise\’ adult fashions among youngsters. Tesco management says the £15 footwear – which start from a child\’s size nine – matches \’style with comfort\’ and is the \’chic choice for your girl\’.

This is a very interesting topic as Clarke\’s have built their business on providing appropriate footwear. Tesco chief expertise probably comes from food distribution. I have read articles showing how fashion can cripple people and Chinese foot bandaging springs to mind. We only need to look at the catwalk to realise that walking is somewhat difficult in high heels. The parents should know this but whingeing children might lead them to make a Tesco purhase!

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I know I\’m not the only one who realised the hordes of young men welcomed to Grmany by Angela Merkel were nothing less than trojan horses. Now, a refugee charity has claimed that children as young as seven have been sexually assaulted at official European migrant camps in Greece. Does this really surprise anyone? We see this grooming behaviour in many cities and towns in the UK.

These official camps were created in good faith to deal with the EU migrant crisis. Over one million refugees travelled to the continent last year after fleeing war-torn countries such as Syria.I think we all want to see a better existence for the genuine refugees. The accommodation was also set up to replace unofficial makeshift camps in Idomeni, on the Greek border with Macedonia, which had been the scene of clashes between migrants and authorities. However, I\’ll let you see a reader\’s comment as it says exactly what I have been thinking……..

….\”and we know who it is assaulting them, Merkel has thrown open the doors of Germany and the EU to as many of them as can get there, without any checks on them whatsoever. She must be insane. Good luck Germany and remember, Refugees Welcome!!\”

Copying the Spanish we stay indoors for a lot of the afternoon which means I\’ve been watching these wonderful Olympic Games where GB is now second in the medals table with medals everywhere you look.

After my siesta I went up to the mass in the village in La Nucia. It\’s fiestas this week and the church was packed. In the main square the stage was set up for a group and there is a fair in situ. The village is buzzing and I can recommend a visit to our casco viejo.

Monday 15th August 2016 The Old People Call It The Blues

1969, Woodstock Festival was held on Max Yasgur\’s 600 acre farm in Bethel outside New York. Attended by over 400,000 people, the event featured, Jimi Hendrix, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Santana, The Who, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, The Band, Canned Heat, Joan Baez, Melanie, Ten Years After, Sly and the Family Stone, Johnny Winter, Jefferson Airplane, Ravi Shanker, Country Joe and the Fish, Blood Sweat and Tears, Arlo Guthrie, and Joe Cocker. During the three days there were three deaths, two births and four miscarriages. This was a very special part of the story of the 1960s

1981, Diana Ross and Lionel Richie started a nine week run as US No.1 with \’Endless Love\’, a No.7 in the UK.


1968, The Jackson Five made their formal debut with Diana Ross and The Supremes in California.

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We went down to Benidorm to present the programme between 12 and 3 pm. Here\’s a link to the show.


Around 5 pm I had a good, hard swim before going round to see Liverpool play at Arsenal. We went to 4-1 before letting Arsenal back into a very exciting match. Cutinho see,s to have a hamstring problem but he was walking as the teams left the pitch.I then watched Rafa Nadal struggle in his bronze medal game in the Olympics.

Around 7 pm we watched a great programme about the management nd care of the animals kept in zoos. i\’ve alwys liked these kind of programmes nd I was reading they are very good for your blood pressure. I think I might even watch them with my headphones playing a bit of Mozart!

One spect of the programme was very interesting. We\’d had a nasty incident at a local park in which one of the keepers had been killed by a tiger. I had seen the security procedures once before and I was syrprised by the tragedy. It was also intersting to see the speed at which the cubs grow and become dangerous. It happens in only a few weeks. Apparently male and female tigers don\’t live together in the wild so the zoo situation is not usual.

I had stayed up very late on Sunday morning to watch the wonderful efforts of Mo Farrah in the 10.000 metres, Jessica Ennis in the heptathlon and Greg Rutherford in the long jump. Mo was marvellous. Jessic a was just pipped for the gold and Greg was gutted to only get bronze. However, I thought all three were superb and Mo\’s win was sensational after being tripped during the race. Jessica was fabulous to come back for a silver medal after giving birth and Greg showed real guts after a wonderful competition.

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I kno it pokes fun at my beliefs but I had to smile at the following…

According to the Bible Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Palestine
A country where people are called Mohammed, Abdul, Mounir, Aziz, Ahmed, Farid, Omar, Yousouf, Mouloud, etc
And he managed to find 12 friends called
John, Peter, Paul, Philip, Mark, Thomas, Luke, Matthew, Andrew and Simon, etc
….. who all drank wine
Thats what I call a miracle.


Friday 12th August 2016 A Whole lotta Love!

1960, Pete Best auditioned to become The Silver Beatles\’ drummer and was asked to travel to Hamburg in Germany for the bands next set of dates. Before leaving for Hamburg, The Silver Beatles changed their name to simply, \”The Beatles\”.  I think Pete Best is still around.

1968, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham played together for the first time when they rehearsed at a studio in Gerrard Street in London\’s West End. The first live dates they played were as The Yardbirds, and it was not until the following month when they started to use the name Led Zeppelin.  I bought their first albums as they were being hammered on the radio. I developed a whole lotta love for their music!

1971, John Lennon & Yoko Ono donated £1,000 to the Clyde Shipbuilders Scottish Union fighting fund who were refusing to stop work at the Glasgow site after being made redundant. At least he tried to be a man of the people.

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The weather is still hot and the Iberian Peninsular is very dry. Dreadful fires rage in Portugal and Galicia and the police seem to be hinting that these fires are the work of arsonists. The politicians are still trying to form a government in Spain and there is a slight chance that Señor Rajoy might have the support he needs to form a government via the Ciudadanos party. . There are conditions as you\’d expect but maybe we\’ll get a government soon. statistics show a quarter of Spain\’s unemployed have not worked for for four or more years.  We hear Europeans want to punish Britain after Brexit but I suppose it\’s all about who you ask and how you ask the questions.  According to latest figures the housing market is recovering and there\’s a story in the Spanish press showing how Spanish graduates head to France to pick grapes. A five year old boy has been killed by fireworks at a fiesta and it seems it was due to a stupid moment of irresponsibility when a person threw a firework into the crowds. I\’m afraid this doesn\’t surprise me nor is it something new as I had a similar experience as a child when a firework exploded near my eye. There is another interesting story which I will be discussing on the Europe Calling podcast in which parents win the right to call their son \’wolf\’.  There are some interesting aspects to this case. Incidentally, Spain has also won gold in the Olympic swimming pool. I think the water has yet to turn green in the swimming competitions but I wouldn\’t have fancied diving into the green waters elsewhere, would you?  Maybe you\’d like this podcast discussing these news items.

Team GB dominate the news with successes building from day 4. Quite rightly there are many uplifting accounts of underdogs winning medals in gymnastics, judo, in canoes, on bikes and in shooting. There seems to be a really good spread of success and GB might well soon catch the Republic of Korea who are currently ahead of them. Just wait for the athletics as the Games proceed. Gloomier news is everywhere as five year old children are accused of \’sex offences\’ at school and teachers are bumping up the A-level predicted grades of University students. This is to follow the Holy Grail of equality and  the meritocracy will look far less Caucasian!  Labour is still in disarray as their voting procedures end up in the high courts and even UKIP are seeking a new leader. The unions also seem very active again and I hinted yesterday that I suspect this could be the work of Jeremy Corbyn and his cronies. The police are coming in for some heavy criticism and there are stories showing the Chief Constables seem to be operating their own rules in some instances. Another worrying story is about  a scheme to fake airport passes at Heathrow.  Cameron\’s legacy is stacked with croneyism and it is obvious to see he has rewarded mediocrity and failure to reward his pals. Another slightly unsavoury story shows that stars are paid thousands for their charity work. Some even compete in quizzes purporting to gain money for the charity. They might not win the money but still get their fees!  A Premier League ticket tout is jailed for 9 months for his 4 million scam. This will really send a shudder down the spines of others willing to rob the general public. Nine months in jail might become 4.5 months for good behaviour and who might be tempted to risk that daunting punishment for a 4 million payout?
We tidied the front garden before dinner. I prepared the salads. We watched Redrock and then I went off to play golf with Paul while Angie stayed to chat with Anne.
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I received the following from Mike in Australia. At one point during a game, a coach called one of his 9-year-old baseball players aside and asked, \”Do you understand what co-operation is? What a team is?\”

\”Yes, coach\”, replied the little boy. \”

Do you understand that what matters is whether we win or lose together as a team?\”

The little boy nodded in the affirmative.

\”So,\” the coach continued, \”I\’m sure you know, when an out is called, you shouldn\’t argue, curse, attack the umpire, or call him an asshole. Do you understand all that?\”

Again, the little boy nodded in the affirmative.

The coach continued, \”And when I take you out of the game so that another boy gets a chance to play, it\’s not a dumb ass decision or that the coach is a shithead, is it?\”

\”No, coach.\”

\”Good\”, said the coach. \”Now go over there and explain all that to your grandmother.


Tuesday 9th August 2016 Move It!

1958, Britain\’s answer to Elvis, 17 year old Cliff Richard, signed a record deal with EMI records. Cliff also started a four-week residency at Butlins Holiday Camp in Clacton-On-Sea, Essex as Cliff Richard and the Drifters. Yes, this is the same Sir Cliff who is still singing!

1963, The first ever edition of \’Ready Steady Go! was shown on UK TV. Introduced by Keith Fordyce and 19 year-old Cathy McGowan. The first show featured The Searchers, Jet Harris, Pat Boone, Billy Fury and Brian Poole and The Tremeloes. This was a good show and I liked the presenters

1967, Scott McKenzie was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with \’San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair).\’ The singers only UK Top 40 hit was written by John Philips of Mamas & Papas. The song was the longest title for a single at the time if I\’m not mistaken.

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We watched ITV first thing yesterday morning and I found it very amateur in the presentation. The BBC seems to be copying their techniques of presenters talking rubbish to each other rather than getting on with news delivery. If I needed people just chatting to each other then I could go out and just sit next to anybody. I prefer to watch allegedly professional people plying their trade. I\’m afraid a lot of today\’s TV is merely opinionated gossip. Why masquerade as serious journalism?

We were treated to a report that Biggins had been evicted from the Big Brother House. There he was in his underwear called to the eviction room becuse he had used offensive language. What utter drivel. He might have used inappropriate language but it seems the UK wants to make people more like robots. Nobody seems to be bothered about offensive language when the programmers decide what is appropriate for general viewing. Even worse they preface so many programmes by telling us we will be watching a programme that \’some viewers might find offensive as it contains sex and violence as well as bad language. This warning  is on almost every programme these days so they are already admitting they know the content is inappropriate.

Schoolteachers alone cannot defeat the influence of the television. It can only be defeated by parents taking their responsibilities seriously and governments going back to the drawing board and redefining what is acceptable. The real truth is that the genie is out of the bottle and even really well-educated people seem unable to see the difference between what is appropriate and what is inappropriate. I think this can clearly be seen in the courts where really inconsistent and inappropriate judgemements are being made every day of the week.

If you\’ve already decided I\’m wrong then this might help. According to the Mail online \’children as young as five are being accused of sexual offences at school amid concerns some teachers could be criminalising innocent childish behaviour.\’ There we are. It\’s the teachers at fault once again.

\’….Figures show the number of sex crimes reported at UK schools has nearly trebled in four years from 719 in 2011-12 to 1,955 in 2014-15 – an average of 10 per school day. Children’s charity Plan International UK, which got the figures using the Freedom of Information Act, said the findings are ‘alarming’ and called for more widespread sex education. But experts warned yesterday that the rise in reports may be due to schools becoming ‘hyper-sensitive to any contact or comment’ – even if the child meant it ‘entirely innocently’.\’

I haven\’t read much about the parents\’ responsibility thus far. However, the problems are from the \’cycles of deprivation\’. When the parents have been poorly educated then how can they show their offspring the errors of their ways? This then comes back to the teachers so, accordingly, they must come back into focus. I also remember why I decided to come away from state education. It was because I felt their teaching remits had become inappropriate! I am not the only one with such views as one comment under the article read, \’Blame the government and Ofsted for the hyper-sensitivity in safeguarding fear of severe consequences if incidents are not logged and reported.\’  There are also increasingly regular reports of teachers misbehaving and having to appear in court. Clearly there\’s work to be done!

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If, like me, you enjoy watching the Chase you might prefer watching members of the the public on the quiz rather than the celebrities.   Although some stars donate their appearance fees to charity most TV game shows are thought to pay celebrities to make an appearance. In one case Tory MP Nadine Dorries made £3,800 for participating in ITV’s The Chase, but made no money for her charity after being stumped by the questions.  ‘The public probably assumes celebrities appear out of the goodness of their hearts but the majority are lining their own pockets. The bigger names earn up to £10,000, which is staggering given they could walk away without a penny for charity.’ This makes a farce of calling it a charity edition.

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Around midday we visited El Puig in Valencia and met up with our friend, Marta. We had a wander around town and then had a pizza in a lovely Italian restaurant. The town is just outside Valencia on the coast and is really nice and you can get directions easily via Google Maps. I liked these tiles in a cafe/restaurant..

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