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I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.
Abraham Lincoln

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
Albert Einstein

All great truths begin as blasphemies.
George Bernard Shaw

The day’s Podcast is always an interesting listen. 1981, Former New Christy Minstrels member (with Kenny Rogers), Kim Carnes started a nine week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘Bette Davis Eyes’, the singers only US No.1 and a No.10 hit in the UK.

It’s been another really lovely day on the Costa Blanca and I have enjoyed the radio show on Big FM. I spoke with Leapy Lee who was cycling on the island of Mallorca when I called. I also spoke with Chic Smith who is one of Benido0rm’s finest comedians. We’ve not spoken for a while and it was nice to catch up. I also did a paper review with Iris, the Silver Surfer, and Iris had also been listening in online to my previous chats. All said it was a good day’s work.

I suppose I will sound like a real leftist but it does seem crazy to me the way the history of the royals has been written. Children coming to the throne at the age of three and young girls marrying at the age of 14. I really think it is time for a reappraisal of all that went on and all that is still happening in royal circles. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying there should be no Royal Family. I am saying it’s time to get real about their true role in society. I have no real problem with the fugurehead bit but the sphere of influence might need to be adjusted and in these times of austerity maybe the Royal purse strings need a major overhaul. The all have enough money to dip into their royal reserves and feed themselves and look after their various businesses for the rest of their lives.  UI would agree to the austerity of all landed gentry handing back a portion of their gains which might well be proven to have been ill-gotten in the annals of history. I think my stance is this. By all means let the Royals (everywhere) be rich but let them not be stinking rich. We have been sufficiently well educated to know they should remain. But our education tells us their money should be in line with the austere times as the rest of us.



The city of Torrevieja is attempting to identify vandals who have painted graffiti on a site of cultural interest, the remains of a medieval wall surrounding the city. Located towards San Miguel, the wall is thought to date back to between the twelfth and fourteenth century and is all that is believed to be left of the castle of Orihuela.

A report has been commissioned by the City Council, who has put the matter to the attention of the Ministry of Culture to try to redress the damage as soon as possible.


A resident of Granja de Rocamora made a gruesome discovery whilst out walking her dogs along a country lane towards the town of Cox. The lady had spotted the corpse of a dog left hanging from a fig tree, with a bag over its jaw so as to render its mouth useless in any kind of defence.

The woman returned home in shock and alerted her husband, who then went to photograph the scene for evidence and report the matter to the authorities. Although it will be difficult to identify the perpetrator of the crime of abuse, locals are assisting the police to try to bring the callous killer to justice.


A 33 year old motorcyclist suffered serious injuries on Monday morning, having been in collision with a pack of dogs on the N340 road near Elche.

It is thought that the biker was continuing along the road normally, when the group of dogs invaded the highway and the rider was unable to avoid a collision. Although semi-conscious at the scene, he was taken to the Alicante hospital in a serious condition.


A 63 year old man died and a 74 year old woman was injured on Monday afternoon, in a vehicle crash at Playa Flamenca.

The 63 year old male was transferred by helicopter in a critical condition to the hospital at Manises, near Valencia, but was later confirmed to have died by the Local Police. The 74 year old woman suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene. The incident is currently being investigated.


According to the latest figures released by the housing department of the regional government, 10,655 properties were sold to foreign buyers last year, despite the financial crisis, which also marks an increase of 42% on the previous year.

Although some of the sales were domestic, with many people choosing to move home, of that figure, around 1,700 were new sales to Russians, who have been snapping up bargain luxury properties being sold at 30% less than previous, as well as families buying property in the region of 55,000 euro. British buyers are still investing in property in the area, along with buyers from Sweden, Norway, France and Belgium, although in a much lower percentage.


Do you remember this event? In 1987 – The Bobro 400 set sail from New York Harbor with 3,200 tons of garbage. The barge travelled 6,000 miles in search of a place to dump its load. It returned to New York Harbor after 8 weeks with the same load…. When we look at the people who will spend their day foraging through our rubbish in order to eke out a living it does make me realise how lucky we are.

I hope you’re able to listen to my daily podcast. It is put on the internet as a record (bad pun!) of what happened in the world of music to get us to where we are today. It loads automatically when you join my index page of the website…’s the link


Jewel in Costa Blanca Crown
The Day’s Events 16th May
1770 – Marie Antoinette, at age 14, married the future King Louis XVI of France, who was 15. They must have had really advanced learning in those days1879 – The Treaty of Gandamak between Russia and England set up the Afghan state. As I often comment we have been part of the muddy waters seemingly forever1881 – In Germany the first electric tram for the public started service.Das is gud1888 – The first demonstration of recording on a flat disc was demonstrated by Emile Berliner. Clever stuff1888 – The capitol of Texas was dedicated in Austin. Steve Austin -Bionic Man1920 – Joan of Arc was canonized in Rome. I am surprised she was a saint1929 – The first Academy Awards were held in Hollywood.1946 – Jack Mullin showed the world the first magnetic tape recorder. I don’t know this name

1960 – A Big Four summit in Paris collapsed due to the American U-2 spy plane incident. Don’t blame Gary Powers- he was only the pilot

1960 – Theodore Maiman, at Hughes Research Laboratory in California, demonstrated the first working laser. Fantastic

1963 – After 22 Earth orbits Gordon Cooper returned to Earth, ending Project Mercury. Brave man

1975 – Japanese climber Junko Tabei became the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Wonderful

1977 – Five people were killed when a New York Airways helicopter, idling on top of the Pan Am Building in Manhattan, toppled over, sending a huge rotor blade flying. There’s always been weird tragedies

1987 – The Bobro 400 set sail from New York Harbor with 3,200 tons of garbage. The barge travelled 6,000 miles in search of a place to dump its load. It returned to New York Harbor after 8 weeks with the same load. Rubbish is still a huge unsolved global problem

1988 – A report released by Surgeon General C. Everett Koop declared that nicotine was addictive in similar ways as heroin and cocaine. Did we need telling this?

1988 – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that police do not have to have a search warrant to search discarded garbage.Fair enough

1996 – Admiral Jeremy “Mike” Boorda, the nation’s top Navy officer, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after some of his military awards were called into question. Sad

1997 – In Zaire, President Mobutu Sese Seko gave control of the country to rebel forces ending 32 years of autocratic rule. I’m remembering Johnny Wakelin’s song In Zaire

2000 – U.S. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton was nominated to run for U.S. Senator in New York. She was the first U.S. first lady to run for public office. She’s done well

The Day’s Music Events 16th May

1962, B Bumble and the Stingers were at No.1 on the UK singles chart with ‘Nut Rocker.’ The instrumental was based on Tchaikovsky’s ‘Nutcracker Suite.’This was a fabulous take on the classic

1963, The Beatles appeared live on the national BBC TV children’s program ‘Pops and Lenny’, at Television Theatre, Shepherd’s Bush Green, London, in front of an live audience. The Beatles performed ‘From Me to You’ and a shortened version of ‘Please Please Me.’  I don’t remember this show

1964, Mary Wells started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘My Guy’, it made No.5 in the UK.I played this just yesterday

1965, Driving away from a gig at the Civic Hall, Long Beach, California, the limo taking the Rolling Stones back to their hotel was besieged by fans who caved in the roof by standing on it. The band attempted to hold the roof up while their chauffeur drove off with bodies falling onto the road.Fans or fiends?

1966, The Beach Boys released the album ‘Pet Sounds’ in the US. The album is now regarded as the masterpiece of composer-producer Brian Wilson, and is often hailed as one of the best and most influential albums in popular music. I bought it and hammered it!
1967, Jeff Beck appeared at the Corn Exchange in Bristol, Manfred Mann played at the Industrial Ballroom in Norwich and appearing on the ITV show ‘As You Like It’; Lulu, Cat Stevens, Herd, Georgie Fame and the Tremeloes.Happy Days

1969, Pete Townshend spent the night in a US jail for assaulting a man during a Who gig at The Fillmore East. What Townshend didn’t know was the man who jumped onto the stage was a plainclothes policeman trying to warn the audience that a fire had broken out. The Who guitarist was later fined $30 for the offence. It wasn’t the first time the who had battled on stage
. 1970, The England World Cup Squad were at No.1 on the UK singles chart with ‘Back Home.’ The track spent three weeks at the top of the charts.It was written by my good friend Tony Hiller

1972, Al Green, Etta James and Joe Simon with J.J. Malone, Little Denise, Harvey Mandel and Paul Lagos appeared at Oakland Coliseum, California. Billed as The Baddest Soul Show Of 1972. Looked a good show
1974, Brian May collapsed in New York while Queen were on a US tour and was flown back to England suffering from hepatitis.Great guitarist

1980, Former Buggles members Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes joined Yes, replacing Rick Wakeman and Jon Anderson. I love these bits of pop trivia
1981, Former New Christy Minstrels member (with Kenny Rogers), Kim Carnes started a nine week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘Bette Davis Eyes’, the singers only US No.1 and a No.10 hit in the UK.I loved this song and played it a lot on hospital radio

1984, Ozzy Osbourne was arrested in Memphis, Tennessee for ‘staggering drunk’ down Beale Street.A pop maverick
1986, Elvis Costello married The Pogues bass player Caitlin O’Riordan in Dublin. I seem to remember the event

1987, U2 started a three week run at No.1 on the US singles chart ‘With Or Without You’, the group’s first US No.1. Great song

1992, Kiss kicked of the European leg of their Revenge world tour at the SEC, Glasgow, Scotland.I didn’t know enough of their music til recently

1993, US soul singer Marv Johnson died of a stroke. He had the US Top 10 single ‘I Love The Way You Love’ and the 1969 UK No.10 single ‘I’ll Pick A Rose For My Rose’. Johnson’s recording of Berry Gordy’s song ‘Come To Me’ became Motown Records first ever-single release in May 1959. I met him in Liverpool around 1969 and took him to the Clubship Landfall moored on the Mersey

. 1998, Catatonia went to No.1 on the UK album chart with ‘International Velvet.’ 1998, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards fell while reaching for a book of nude art in his Connecticut home. The fall broke his ribs, causing the Stones to postpone many dates on their Bridges To Babylon tour. Wasn’t it Keith who fell out of a tree?

1999, Boyzone scored their 6th UK No.1 single with ‘You Needed Me’ making them the act with the most UK Top 5 hits of the 90′s. The song was originally a hit for Canadian, Anne Murray 1978. Good song

2009, Bob Dylan went to No.1 on the US album chart with ‘Together Through Life’, his 33rd studio album.Prolific or what?

Music Source 1 music source 2

Birthday Boys and Girls

1919, Born on this day, Liberace, (Wladziu Valentinon Liberace), US pianist, singer, TV presenter, (1955 UK No.20 single ‘Unchained Melody’). He died on 4th February 1997.This is the front door of his dilapidated house in Palm Springs California

1939, Pervis Jackson, vocals, The Detroit Spinners, (1980 UK No.1 & US No.2 single ‘Working My Way Back To You’). Died of cancer on 18th Aug 2008.

1944,  Billy Cobham, jazz drummer, worked with Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Orchestra, James Brown, Santana and Soundtrack to the film ‘Shaft’. 1946, Born on this day, Robert Fripp, King Crimson, (1969 UK No.5 album, ‘In The Court Of The Crimson King’).

1947,  Barbara Lee, singer, The Chiffons, (1963 US No.1 single ‘He’s So Fine’). Lee died on 15th May 1992.

1947  Darrell Sweet, Nazareth, (1973 UK No.9 single ‘Broken Down Angel’ 1976 US No. 8 single ‘Love Hurts’). Died on 30th April1999 after suffering a fatal heart attack before a show in New Albany, Indiana.

1951, Jonathan Richman, guitar, vocals, The Modern Lovers, (1977 UK No.5 single ‘Egyptian Reggae’ & 1977 UK No.11 ‘Roadrunner’). Appeared in the films Dumb & Dumber and There’s Something About Mary.

1953, Richard Page, Mr Mister, (1985 US No.1 & 1986 UK No.4 single ‘Broken Wings).

1955,  Hazel O’Conner, UK singer, (1980 UK No.5 single ‘Eighth Day’).

1958,  Glenn Gregory, Heaven 17, (1983 UK No.2 single ‘Temptation’).

1966,  Janet Jackson, singer, (1986 US No.1 & UK No.10 single ‘When I Think Of You’, plus 6 other US No.1′s & over 20 UK Top 40 singles).

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