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16th August 2017
Don Woods 2017
The song this week is from my "Stars Over 45" is called The Ballad of the Forgotten
Pop Stars and is a tribute to those who have entertained us through the years....some of
which have made a comebacks since I wrote is available from my website

2. was looking through the TV programmes last Sunday afternoon.....on the BBC between
11a.m. and 8p.m. there were 9 programmes (not including the news)....7 of which were
repeats.....BBC2 between 11.15 p.m. and 6.30p.m. there were 5 programmes except for the
athletics all repeats....on ITV between 9.25 a.m. and 6 p.m. there were 8 programmes ...all
repeats except for the womens rugby....similarly channel 4 from 12.30 p.m. to 5.35 p.m.apart
from a film all 5 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. ....11 programmes and a film...all
repeats.....THIS is supposed to be entertainment....they are having a's a wonder
they don't repeat the licence fee....television in this country has reached an all time low.

Talking of which....Jeremy Kyle has been drafted in to co-present the ITV morning
now we have Kate Garraway and Mr. Kyle interviewing guests all talking at the same on earth he got where he is is beyond me...his own programme is
unwatchable.......and now...wait for is ILLEGAL to stream films without paying for can get up to 4 YEARS in if you are sneakily watching a "streamed" film
and the police burst in that's you locked up....have you ever heard such nonsense
....perhaps if there was anything at all worth watching we wouldn't have to watch films......and
heavens above we can't have the film companies doing without their champagne breakfasts
in their mansions.

They have announced that the rail fares are going up by around 3% ....on the day a train was
derailed in London....nice timing...fortunately no-one was usual there are banners
and gatherings of protesters which will make no difference....but it's O.K. because the huge
profit will go into maintaining our railways....yeah sure......and parents smacking children has
reared its ugly head again with the doogooders in full flight.....even a tap on the wrist is of the supporters said if a man hits another in a pub brawl it is
assault.....and so should disciplining a child.....makes you wonder how the next generation will
turn out...I also wonder if these do-gooders actually have children.

And finally...I am beginning to wonder what the point is of the 5 day weather forecast ... they
can't get it right for the next day....I appreciate it is difficult to predict the weather a week
ahead so why bother?....if it isn't accurate what is the point?.....they predicted blanket rain
last Monday so I took my Laser Dinghy out into the River Dee and enjoyed the breeze and
clear for once I was glad they got it wrong.
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