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26th April 2017
Don Woods 2017
...The song this week I wrote and produced for wrestler Adrian is called "Breakin'
Bones" and back in the day he used to enter the ring to it blasting out....we became good friends
and are still in touch...he now lives in The States and in the 80's I wrote and produce two albums
of wrestling songs for him some of which made MTV and got into a film....the album has been
re-released over there so heaven knows what will happen next...I'll mention him again in a

I had to laugh at the video someone put on the internet concerning the treatment of a lady with a
pram...some little "tough guy" security man started kicking off and nearly injured the
baby...suddenly a passenger told him to be more careful to which the little tough guy started
shouting at him telling him to be quiet....then he got up out of his seat and was about 6 foot
five....the face on the tough guy was a treat...."Ya wanna fight me?" says the passenger....the
tough guy was pulled away by one of his colleagues...fortunately for's always nice to see
a bully come unstuck.....reminded me of the "hard case" who got out of his car in a traffic jam to
sort my mate Adrian Street out.....he ended up with a broken nose and dislocated jaw and a few
cracked ribs....oops.

Illie Nastase has been in the news upsetting the lady tennis players during a tournament...I
remember him when he was a world class player but always thought he was a bit odd....he
obviously thinks he's bigger than the game....apparently he swore at the referee and upset our
Joanna Konta reducing her to's a pity that bloke on the plane wasn't close
by....and still on sport they had a chap on the news who has run 100 marathons in 100
days....raising money for charity....superhuman or what!!!

In other news....speeding fines are going up...if you do over a hundred on the motorway or over
50 in a 30 limit you will be fines one and a half times your weekly salary.....which won't make a
blind bit of difference....the boneheads will still think they are Lewis Hamilton...and the Labour
party are going to give us four more bank holidays if they get in....wonderful eh?....that just
about sums them up...politics in this country has totally lost its way I'm afraid....along with my

There was a recent discussion on the radio concerning theatre prices and how you can pay a
grand for a VIP ticket...hmm...they were also on about how you can pay up to 30 quid for
"administrative" charges on top of the ticket price...yet ANOTHER rip off...and also how the
agencies snap the tickets up as soon as they are on sale so they can add their ill gotten gains
on...but while fools are prepared to pay the rich will get richer....there is an answer....don't go to
the theatre until they learn a lesson...but there is no chance of that.