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22nd November  2017
Don Woods 2017
.The song this week is called Wirral Wonderland and is taken from on of my DVDs of our
wonderful's one of many songs I have written about the area....and it is from the
heart and dedicated to those who feel the same I used to say "There is Wirral...and
there is everywhere else".

We discussed last week the commercialisation of Christmas with the Tesco advert showing
Muslims celebrating the occasion which I said was nice to see (apparently the ad caused a bit
of  controversy)...I added that the whole thing has turned into an annual party and that I didn't
know many people who go to church....which I didn't mean in a disrespectful way as I respect all
beliefs and nationalities...but this is how it fact Christmas starts in September with adverts
and albums all jumping on the band wagon...but where I do have an objection is when the likes
of Greggs bring out  an advent calendar featuring a sausage roll in place of various
personalities on being the three kings around the crib with a sausage roll in's not funny and serves no purpose and will upset a lot of people.

I thought for one minute we were going to be spared a Cliff Richard Christmas
chance...he's in the frame with everyone else...actors...TV presenters....etc...etc....however one
guy who can actually sing has fallen at a fence...Aled Jones has been accused of improper
sexual conduct 10 years one of the nicest blokes on TV obviously had a giggle with
some young lady back in the day and she has decided to tell the world how upset she was 10
years later....for how much money I wonder?....this along with Sylvester Stallone allegedly
misbehaving in THE SIXTIES does make the whole thing a joke....what is annoying about all this
is the fact that the media knew about all this so called sexual harassment at the time but it
obviously wouldn't sell papers back then...I really do despise the gutter press....and feel sorry
for anyone who believes the tripe they come out with.

.It's back !!....our lives are now complete....I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here....PLUS Ant and
Dec....I'm glad Ant has recovered from his recent illness....but I still fail to see what talent the
pair of them have....I put them in the same category as Jedward...'nuff said...against my better
judgement I watched the first couple of episodes....oh dear....a bunch of so called celebs sitting
in a forrest making inane conversation in between silly games and a multitude of adverts
proving this rubbish is well past its sell by date and at my age I haven't got that sort of time to
waste............and Michael  MacIntyre has a new show which at least is original....I'm not a big fan
but he works hard....makes a change from the usual played out chat shows with half a dozen
celebs on a couch all talking at once trying to promote their book or album with Graham Norton
guffawing over it all.....

There are 7.5 billion human beings on this planet.....we have just been informed that for this
country to get out of the EU it will cost us 40 BILLION POUNDS.....however we are not told everyone else I thought we would just 40 billion would give every single
person on this earth just over five pounds each...but where is the money coming from?...we
haven't got any have we?....and where is it going to go?...we can shout and moan but who
listens?'s like a comedy show except it's not funny....and that silly sod Boris Johnson who
opened his big mouth and got that women's sentence added to in Syria has finally
apologised...after two long does it take to say you're sorry....20 seconds?