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10th January  2018
Don Woods 2018
.The song this week is from a classic album I produced in the 80's for my pal wrestler Adrian is called "Imagine What I Could Do To You" and he used it to enter the wrestling
ring....I brought it out on a vinyl 45 and while I was pushing stuff in London I played it to a boffin
in R.C.A.....who said it was possibly the worst record in the history of music....I asked him if I
could quote him on that....and that is what went on the label....the song ended up in a film and
was featured on Adrian's bouts in the States and paid off my mortgage....THAT'S how it's done.

Over the last few years I have been impressed by Bruno I decided to take a look at
"Bruno Mars Live in Harlem" which was a televised live concert...I was totally blown away...he is
the real good as it gets....the guy dances sings plays drums,guitar,and piano and
knows how to entertain...absolutely sensational....and what a voice....I was beginning to despair
with the music biz...with the likes of Bradley Walsh...Alexander Armstrong and Nick Knowles
trying to muscle in...I suggest they watch Bruno and see how it's really done then get back to
their proper jobs.

The sexual harassment saga never ends...the female film stars all wearing black dresses (which
probably cost thousands) at the latest film award ceremony...showing solidarity (and various
parts of their bodies) in support of those who have been sexually harassed before going back
to their mansions....we get it ladies...we don't need telling every couple of days....try slapping a
few faces instead of making a fortune then complaining.....I think the majority of women find this
pathetic...those who have been subject to any form of violence obviously need help but
someone who was tapped on the behind 20 years ago needs to get over have won
ladies....we are now all equal so lets just move on.

O.K....are you ready for this...we have just had 6 months of rain and floods....probably the worst
on record...rivers overflowing...landslides...BUT WAIT!!!....the reservoirs in Kent are half we could be heading for...wait for it....a DROUGHT !! there you half of our
little country will be dying of thirst while the other half (200 miles away) point
complaining because all we will hear is "we have to make cuts because of lack of funds" which is
the standard excuse for everything....except royal weddings.

Boozing at airports and drunks on flights have hit the news....there was an air hostess on saying
the matter is getting worse...she had been thrown up on and "touched up" on occasions and the
problem of alcohol misuse needs to be me the answer is simple....ban alcohol from
airports....oh sorry...I forgot....they need to make lots of money from serving overpriced
drinks....that's far more important than passenger safety at 30,000 feet.....then on comes a
bloke from some drinkers society...a Scotsman (now there's a surprise)...who goes on about
how he likes to have a few drinks when he arrives at the airport because sometimes he has had
to sit around for hours because of I would doubt he would have "a few" drinks in
that always it comes down to greed...let's leave the drunken idiots to the pilots and air
hostesses while we make a fortune.
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