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17th May 2017
Don Woods 2017
....The song this week is another from my Doowop album and is dedicated to Bobby Vee who I
had the pleasure of working with on two in New Brighton and the other in The
North Wales Theatre in Llandudno...I found him to be the nicest guy and so humble considering
the level he has been at....we had a great chat and a good laugh over a cup of coffee....sadly he
is no longer with us but I'll never forget him...a great bloke.

What did I tell you a few weeks back?...because of a possible impending DRAUGHT we might be
facing a hosepipe ban...I give up...apparently there hasn't been much rain in the south east over
the winter so the river levels are down...whereas a few hundred miles north and west they have
had to abandon their homes because of floods...and where we are in the north west I have
never seen fields so muddy...I fail to see why water cannot be transported across the
country....the Victorians built canals everywhere....oh...I forgot they are too busy spending
billions on rail links we don't need.

I watched a programme which featured a modern art exhibition....I have another word for
"modern art" which is anyone can possibly think the rubbish on display is
artistic is beyond me...I think our sheep population pretend to see the "message" this garbage
gives out in order to make themselves look intelligent....yet these "artists" make a fortune...Tracy
Emin with her unmade bed on display etc...not to mention the psychologists who tell you where
you are going wrong stating the obvious...and the Russell Grants who make a good living out of
telling you fortune from star formations...and dieticians who tell you what and what not to
eat....and this lot make a good living out of it all....because fools fall for it.....very sad.

.I watched the Eurovision with a few glasses of wine....I always find variety of music quite
interesting and am totally bemused as to what some countries find musical....what do they
GENERALLY listen to?...the mind boggles....I thought the winning song from Portugal was as
bad as it gets...yet it ran away with the votes....the world must be hearing something I'm not....I
wasn't fussy on our entry....nice girl and a good singer but the song was weak....I thought the
yodelling song was catchy and the girl was easy on the eye...and enjoyed the Croation one with
the guy singing in two voices....original but got nowhere....but the highlight for me was the guy
who jumped out of the crowd and mooned before being taken out by security...all good
stuff...and full marks to the girl who just kept on singing.

I also watched the there was NOTHING worth watching on any other channel....Ant
and Dec strike again...their "Saturday Night Takeaway" winning yet another award....I have been
told I should like their show as it is really maybe I should...instead of thinking it's
tripe....I have come to the conclusion that it is definitely me who is has to be....I'll have
to start watching the soaps and try not to regard them as a scrapheap for out of work actors and
popstars....and just enjoy them like so many other viewers...and I often wonder where good
comedy is buried...I'd like to visit it and lay a few flowers.....thank goodness for Netflix.
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