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14th March  2018
Don Woods 2018
...The great Ken Dodd has sadly passed me he was the greatest comedian of all
time...the funniest man in the world....I saw him many times on stage and left the theatre with
aching sides.......I had the pleasure of meeting him and having a chat about 10 years ago at a
friends 80th birthday party....he was a true gentleman and quite serious....I told him my dad and
I used to listen to his radio show in the 50s and laughed so much and I asked him if he would
ever go back to radio to  he said he would if asked....he was a perfect example of being
bestowed a knighthood far too late in his life....when they were too busy giving gongs to ten a
penny pop stars and sportsmen.....Ken was the real deal.

2.And on the subject of great entertainers I watched the tribute show to Bruce Forsyth....which
was brilliant and a fitting tribute.....again he had to wait virtually all his life to receive a
knighthood....I was never a massive fan of Brucie but appreciated his huge talent...he could
sing and dance,play piano,present and perform stand up.....I don't think he will ever be
replaced....these guys are worth every penny they make unlike some of the "modern" stars who
seem to think they deserve it.

3Jamie Carragher has been in the news for spitting at a football fan.....he has apologised to the
fan....obviously trying to save his overpaid job with Sky was a 14 year old girl who
copped for it in her dad's car while her dad was giving Carragher some stick....before videoing
the event on his phone....OOPS....again another example of a multi millionaire who thinks he is
above it all and not realising that he is actually a yob.....I hope he is brought to task over this as
these sports stars have a big influence on the young and should be eternally grateful for being
where they was like Cantana a while back when he jumped over the barrier and kicked
a fan in the chest.....if these sports stars can't take stick from those who put them where they
are they are in the wrong business.

4.What I find insulting to my intelligence is how we are supposedly led to believe that by putting
the prices up on cigarettes and junk food for example....this will stop people smoking or getting
obese.....and there will be extra tax on Diesel cars in order to save the planet.....who are they
kidding??'s about GREED that's all....people will still smoke and buy diesel cars and the
companies will make even more money..........................and Meghan Markle will be wearing a
400 grand dress for the wedding....heaven knows how much that lot will cost.....and I had to
laugh at the headlines in magazine on a shelf in our local supermarket "Is Meghan getting cold
feet?.....will she go through with it?".....amazing the depths these trashy mags will go to to sell
their product.

5.The song this week entitled "The Magic Of Wales" is one I composed for my pal Paul Damian
back in the day and is a tribute to my ancestors.....this was the follow up to my now famous "How
To Say Llafairpwll...etc" which has had nearly one million seven hundred thousand hits on
YouTube.....I originally brought this out as a single which sold very well at the is now on
an album with other songs of Wales....and still sells.....the line I like is "The sunrise in the
morning lighting up Treadurr Bay....the waterfall at Dyserth with a rainbow in its spray"......I don't
know where these lines come from.....strange.
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