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21st June 2017
Don Woods 2017
.The song this week is about Chester City which you will know well....I've sent it because I
have been taking advantage of the recent weather which has been very hot so I took my
kayak out on the River Dee at Chester this week and it was like a millpond....I paddled along
joined by baby ducks,swans and the local really is  fascinating place
which I never tire of....I recorded another version of the song with a girl called Julie Bright (a
local Chester girl) put it on a 45 single and sold it to the Chester Council.

The news is still saturated with doom and was endless reporting on the London
fire with very little facts just a constant barrage of negative news going on about what "might"
have happened or what "possibly" could have's a terrible disaster but what we
now require are the facts....and perhaps we could be informed of anything ELSE that is going
on in the the outset of all this they had a piece of cladding from the building and put
a match under it....and it caught 1968 I went to a demonstration by the fire brigade
concerning cheap furniture imported from the far east....they threw a match on a couch and it
burst into flames....similarly with kiddies clothing.....traders making a profit by cutting it seems nothing has changed.

Then we have the attack on Muslims by a man driving a van into them coming out of a
Mosque sending the media into overdrive...making out that one man had been killed and
several others has turned out that the poor man who died had a heart attack
before the occurrence and was being attended to by his friends....not that this makes it any
better...but this sort of thing was on the cards.....and in my opinion our nation of followers are
easily manipulated by the media as they believe whatever they are told and the likes of the
BBC thrive on sensationalising these events.....religion has been the cause of most problems
since time began and I don't have any problem with people's beliefs but we seem to have two
sides to the Muslim faith and I think the only one's who can solve the current situation is educating the misguided.

There is a new programme on the telly called The Voice Kids....which is the same as The
Voice but as the title says it's for kids...some as young as 8...this is so wrong...exploiting
children and giving them false hope is not good...and could affect them in later life....if the kid
doesn't get through he or she will be devastated....if they do they don't know what they are
letting themselves in for....the only winners are the sharks who capitalise on the's
a tough game if you want to survive and these youngsters have no idea what it's all
bout.....5% show...95% business.

And finally Amanda Holden has been criticised for her rather revealing dress on Britains Got
Talent....with its plunging front displaying 50% of her boobs and of course this has given an
opportunity for the collection of sad morons who sit at home in front of the box waiting for
something to complain about to get stuck in.....but they shouldn't be looking....otherwise it's
sexist !!!....what a joke...but it's fine because she is female which makes it O.K.....I wonder
what would happen if Simon Cowell appeared in a pair of trousers with a plunging front
(excuse me while I throw up)....but there you go.....ladies will always complain about men
being sexist and men will continue to take no notice whatsoever.