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20th September  2017
Don Woods 2017
.The song this week is from my Doowop album which takes us back to the golden days of rock
and is called "Taxi To The Past" and wonders where the time has indeed do we
all...and in reality time took us all out of those days without us realising so the song says if we
could get a taxi back there for one day we could at least say goodbye.

The BBC have come under fire for their coverage of the hurricanes in was
questioned as to why they had to have a reporter standing in the middle of it all when all that is
required are camera shots.....and following their coverage of the failed bomb attempt on the
train in London we were subjected to the reasons why the bomb never went off they go
explaining what SHOULD have happened....I'm sure this information will be helpful to the
terrorists....nice one BBC.

The latest car theft crimes are receiving a lot of publicity....the thieves now break into houses
and get the keys for the car outside and off they go....which will make people a bit more diligent I
suppose....and the police are too understaffed to deal with petty crime...or so it has been
announced on the news which lets the criminals know the situation...and there has been a bit of
publicity regarding some empty headed moron riding his motorbike down the middle lane on the
motorway doing a wheelie..then waving both hands in the air...I think he got an 18 month
ban...should have been jailed for 10 years....oh sorry I forgot about his human rights..........the
human rights brigade need a reality check....what "rights" should criminals have....i don't find it
difficult NOT burgling houses or not driving round like a's quite easy....but obviously
these boneheads need to be treated's a joke.

We are now bombarded with "celebrity" panel shows....where no one has a clue who the so
called celebs are...especially me......they seem to be talentless youngsters from either the
soaps where they all seem to yell at each other or the reality shows where they are looking for a
relationship....what happened to entertainment? and indeed entertainers....apart from the odd
decent drama there is nothing worth watching on television these days....and.I have absolutely
nothing against peoples is love...BUT I was watching Tom Daley being
interviewed with his "husband".....why can't he just be his civil partner?....the Oxford dictionary
describes "husband" as a man married to a woman....I'm not offended in any way but find it a bit

And finally Neil Sedaka has been featured on various chat shows....he is on tour in this
country...I have a lot of time for him or indeed anyone who is capable of being self
contained.....He co-wrote some great songs (he only wrote the music by the way)...but I
remember him nearly going broke in the late sixties when Beatlemania swept all the old brigade
to one side....what I could never understand was where did the millions he MUST have earned
from his hits go?....these guys must know how to spend?