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24th May  2017

Nineteen people were first confirmed dead and around 50
injured after a terrorist attack inside Manchester Arena at the
end of a teen concert on Monday night

Thanks to an EL PAÍS exclusive, citizens learned about the
contents of a secret draft “rupture” or “disconnect” law being
prepared by Catalan secessionist parties – Junts pel Sí and the
anti-establishment CUP – to launch unilateral independence for
the region.

The President of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont , today
sent the President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, the letter
in which he states that "the essential moment has arrived for the
two governments to sit down at the table to discuss."   In his
letter, Puigdemont says that the government of the Generalitat
has "the maximum will to seek a political solution agreed and
agreed to meet the demand of the citizens of Catalonia to be
able to decide their future."

The Supreme Court has ruled that Argentinean soccer star
Lionel Messi was responsible for three tax offenses. The
tribunal has thus confirmed the 21-month prison sentence that
was handed down to him last July by the Barcelona Provincial
Court for cheating the Spanish Tax Agency of €4.1 million
during the 2007-2009 financial years, after he failed to pay tax
on €10.1 million of income for his image rights.

The United Kingdom is not only Spain’s biggest investment
destination and the country that provides it with the largest
number of tourists; it is also the main customer of the Spanish
defense industry. In 2016, Spain sold Britain arms to the tune of
€1.3 billion, equivalent to 33.2% of total military sales,
according to a report by the Spanish Secretary of State for

The cost of olive oil in supermarkets is set to soar in the coming
months as droughts in the Mediterranean take their toll.The
price of olive oil has risen 15pc in the last year to $4,434.15
(£3,410.36) per tonne, and is up 63pc over the last five years.

A London-bound flight was plunged into chaos when a man was
struck down by heat stroke just moments after the plane's air
conditioning unit failed - but passengers were still charged
£1.80 for a bottle of water.
The passenger lay on the ground for two hours with his head
poking into the aisle after throwing up in the toilets in the
sweltering Monarch Airlines jet, according to witnesses.

ISIS supporters celebrated last night's terrorist attack in the
Manchester Arena which killed 22 pop fans and wounded 59
others after a blast targeted revelers as they prepared to leave
the auditorium

Parents in Rochdale, Manchester, were horrified to discover
that all but two of the evil paedophiles were freed early after
completing only a portion of their sentences

A Daily Mail investigation has found the offensive content
shows up in the Facebook news feeds of children as young as
13 after they reveal their insecurities online.  Leaked company
documents reveal staff are told not to delete such content. And
moderators do not have to censor death threats as long as they
are regarded as generic or ‘not credible

Jill Wood, headteacher at Little London Primary School in
Leeds, said she is scrapping SATs tests for 11-year-olds over
concerns about their mental wellbeing and to ease pressure on
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