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26th April  2017

Red roses and books flooded the streets of Barcelona as Spain's
Catalonia region celebrated its St George's Day on Sunday, with a
tradition which is vying for a place on a prestigious UN list.

 As France was concentrating on the polls a SPOKESMAN for the
French Interior Ministry has now confirmed that there was only one
individual who was known to the authorities and he opened fire on
officers, killing one and leaving two injured before being shot himself.
There was also an incident at the Gare du Nord railway station   

BREMAIN IN SPAIN, a group campaigning for the rights of British
citizens in Spain, was part of a delegation to the UK Embassy in
Madrid on April 19.

After 35 years in politics, this key figure in the ruling Popular Party,
Esperanza Aguirre,  resigns from office for the third time  

Five people have been taken to hospital after a ferry crashed off
Gran Canaria. The car ferry smashed into a port wall in Las Palmas
after an engine failure. Five more were treated on scene.  

A total of 5,695 people were released from slavery by Spain’s
security forces between 2012 and 2016, according to the Interior
Ministry. As victims of human trafficking, some were forced into
unpaid labour, but the great majority were made to work as

A SPANISH academic has claimed that Moroccan intelligence
services have helped Spain avert several terrorist attacks in recent
years that could have an outcome similar to the attacks that rocked
France, Belgium, Germany and the UK.  

The election dominates the news in the UK as all the leading
politicians posture around the country. Support for Sturgeon's
breakaway is dropping and the Communists have endorsed Corbyn
who majored on every populist issue he could find including new
Bank Holidays.  

Jailed Muslim extremist Nadir Syed, 24, who wanted to decapitate a
prison officer, has won a case in the High Court claiming keeping
him in isolation was against his human rights

In the UK Former prison officer Safak Bozkurt, smuggled in
cannabis, mobile phones, sim cards and charger cables into HM YOI
Isis in Thamesmead, London for £1,000 in cash.  

Romanian tennis legend Ilie Nastase was unrepentant on Saturday
for a racist joke where he said Serena Williams' baby would be
'chocolate with milk' on Friday.

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