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20th September  2017

Spain on Monday ordered North Korea's ambassador to leave the country
by September 30th in protest over Pyongyang's nuclear tests, which it has
criticised as "a serious threat to peace".

Spanish police on Monday seized more than 100,000 posters promoting a
planned independence referendum in Catalonia, while prosecutors
summoned mayors who have agreed to help hold the disputed vote.

Spain's Guardia Civil on Wednesday searched several headquarters in
Barcelona of Catalonia's regional government, a Catalan government
spokesman said.  The Guardia Civil on Wednesday arrested the Catalan
vice president's right-hand man, police and Catalonia's regional
government said.

Alex Green, a firefighter from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, was found
with a bleed to the brain and fractures to his eye sockets
in the streets of
.The 26-year-old also had a broken cheek bone, nose and a
collapsed lung when he was discovered on the street.  He had travelled to
the party resort with a group of 25 friends and family members but he was
found just six hours later with severe injuries.

Chet Sandhu, from Hartlepool, was arrested at gunpoint in Alicante Airport
by Spanish police in November 1999. Chet - real name Gurchettan Sandhu
- masterminded a steroid-smuggling operation with a market value of more
than half a million dollars. Now in a new book Chet chronicles his life and
time inside the notorious Spanish prison Fontcalent, famed for its tough
conditions and high-profile inmates.

Spain is the European country that has lost more money in the bailout of
large economies, 4.3% of GDP....more than Germany, the United Kingdom
or Italy, according to the European Commission. ........ 48,000 million not

In Syria a Reaper drone operated by pilots 2,000 miles away at RAF
Waddington in Lincolnshire, unleashes its deadly arsenal – obliterating a
sniper keeping watch on a roof nearby. As the terrified crowds scatter in
panic, the IS fighters are unable to stage their barbaric killing.

The UK is still trying to clarify what happened with the Parsons Green rail
bomb. The Syrian refugee arrested over the Parsons Green bombing
appeared to enjoy smoking weed and drinking vodka as part of his 'very
westernised' life.  Yahya Faroukh, 21, was being quizzed in a south London
police station after he was arrested on Saturday night outside Aladdin's
Fried Chicken in Hounslow where he worked. On his Instagram he wrote
about 'smoking weed every day' and posted an image saying: 'For better
life you need to have weed, vodka and drugs.'

Craig Dawick, 25,of Rochdale has been jailed for life for murdering his
eight-month-old son Leyton  for crying too much. He left him injuries that
looked like he was in a car crash.........Meanwhile, John Robinson, 23, has
been jailed after fracturing his seven-week-old daughter's skull and leaving
her 'looking dead'. He has always denied responsibility but was jailed for
one year.

Omega Mwaikambo, 43, claims he did 'nothing wrong' after posting
pictures of a loosely covered corpse hours after the Grenfell blaze struck the
block of flats in Kensington in June.The 43-year-old was jailed for three
months for his offences and is now out

Claire Walton says the video of her daughter being attacked outside
Blessed Edward Jones high school in Rhyl, North Wales, shows just how
savage youth violence has become.

Dawn French has done us a favour: with refreshing force. In an amiable
interview at the weekend she was reflecting — as a comedy creator will do
— on the absurdities of modern life when she landed, with sudden anger,
on the ladette thing.She had been watching reality shows about 'young
lasses out on the lash in Ibiza', not only helplessly drunk but having reckless
sex with all and sundry.'I am shocked at how they behave,' French said.
'These girls are preloading with vodka, primping .
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