22nd December 2011
11th November 2011  Armistice Day
Leapy Lee
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12th June 2012
Leapy's take on the Spanish Bailout for
the Banks
19th June 2012
Leapy remembers the early days with
the Shadows
21st May 2012
Leapy remembers Robin Gibb
20th July 2012  Leapy is not surprised by the
news 1 in 5 UK rapists and murderers is a migrant..
2nd January 2012

Leapy looks at the dangers looming ahead
with Iran
3rd July and on his Birthday Leapy is looking at
breaking into the world of rapping ...provided he gets
over the basnkers' activities....
27th December 2011
10th January 2014
22nd December 2011
15th February 2014

Bill Roche and Dave Lee Travis have both
been cleared from the accusations dating
back to the 1960s and we spoke about his
thoughts on this matter.
5th December 2011
11th November 2011  Armistice Day
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4th January  2018
Leapy welcomes in the New Year
after a very successful mini tour
back to the UK..........
18th October  2017
Leapy gives me his thoughts on
the dreadful fires in Portugal and
Spain, the Cataluña problem and
the problems within Ryanair...
21st August 2017
Leapy gives me his thoughts after
the tragic terrorist attack on
31st July 2017
Leapy's article has broached two
very sensitive areas/the case of
Charlie Gard and the aftermath of
the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Also,
the weather is very hot at the
10th July 2017

Leapy's on the mend and reflects
on the problems of overcrowding
in London in the aftermath of the
Grenfell Tower tragedy.....plus the
current political state of play
22nd June 2017

Leapy gives me his Post Election
thoughts on the Brexit talks and the
future for the UK  after this latest
batch of problems .......
20th February 2017
Leapy gives me his thoughts on
Donald Trump, Brexit and the
future for all of us who have been
part of this European Union
12th December 2016
Leapy is battling bureaucracy and
it's an uphill struggle. We looked at
a nice profile of Prince Philip and
items in the news including more
Brexit stalling and a train strike..
6th December 2016

The UK is still stalling over Brexit
but Leapy is more worried that the
skies are getting overcrowded and
Christmas worries approach...
14th November 2016

We've had Brexit and now we've
got Donald Trump-it's time to
catch up with Leapy.
6th July 2016

It's Leapy's Birthday and Brexit is now
a fact of life and Leapy has been very
positive in his column
28th June.  The UK has voted to
leave Europe-s Union as the political
direction is worrying too many people.
Will the decision settle after the Brexit
fallout. Let-s see what Leapy is
15th June 2016  BBC
Bureaucracy and Brexit!
7th June Article 2016   A
politician we can trust?
25th May Article      Time to
Call a Spade a Spade
31st May Article       How is
Leapy the only sane one?
9th May 2016     Brexit