podcast 24th April 2019
Don Woods with Vince Tracy presents the
story of the wrestler Adrian Street
A young lady called Joann Randles has made a documentary film about the life of
wrestler Adrian Street which will be shown at a major film festival in Cardiff next
month....it is called "You May Be Pretty But I Am Beautiful" and traces the life of this
larger than life character from his humble beginnings working in  Welsh coal mine.....to
his rise to fame as a world champion wrestler........I am featured in the film as I wrote
and produced two albums of wrestling songs for him....this is my story.

THE MEETING.....back in the 60s and 70s I started writing songs and had varying
degrees of success by sending my demos out to publishers and record
companies...one song was entitled "
A Mighty Big Girl" which was about a guy who
goes to a dance and gets off with this large lady who ends up throwing him all over the
dance floor.... I sent it to a record company in Chester who got back to me and said
wrestler Adrian Street had called in and liked the song as it suited his image which was
to wear flamboyant clothes and make=up for his wrestling bouts.....so we set up a
meeting and although I had never met Adrian I had watched him many times on TV and
was a fan.....we hit it off straight away and arranged for him to record the song at the
studio and put it out on a vinyl single....so I had another song for the B side called "I'm
Only Happy When I'm Stoned"...which I changed to "
I'm Only Happy Breakin'
".......he recorded both songs in the studio with their musicians and the single
was put out and was played at his many bouts....however I wasn't happy with the
finished job so I got him into my studio and re-recorded and re-arranged the songs with
me playing the instruments (I layer each instrument and put the vocals on at the end)
which had a much bigger impact....and he would then enter the ring to the new version
of "Breakin' Bones" and we sold the disc at his matches which went very well...so much
so I wrote another song for him called "Imagine What I Could Do To You" which was to
become the one he entered the ring too and I already had a another song called "I'm In
Love With Me" which had been featured by Bobby Sox and The Prizeguys on a TV
show....I got him in my studio again and put this together as the B side.....so with two
singles out we were up and running........over the next few years I wrote and recorded
another six songs with him in my studio which resulted in them all going on an album
entitled "
Shake Wrestle and Roll"...and with titles like "Violence is Golden" and
"Merchant of Menace"...and "Sadist In Sequins" and with Adrian's artwork it was (in my
opinion...and his)..a masterpiece......in the mid 80s Adrian decided to move to the
States as wrestling was big over there....and we parted company but stayed in touch.

THE STATES.....He used to phone me each week and tell me he was making videos
of the songs...two of which had been shown on MTV which I found hard to believe....but
he was right...and they were in the said state as recorded in my attic....so I decided I
had to get over there and check things out....he told me to aim for Birmingham Alabama
as he was wrestling there that night....he picked me up at the airport and took me to this
enormous stadium and told me he had announced that his "barrister" from London....Sir
Cedric Everhard Hathaway.... was coming over to make a legal decision on one of his
bouts....I was Sir Cedric...which I was NOT ready for....he made my face up and gave
me pink tights and a gold jacket to wear which is how I had to walk out into a stadium full
of screaming fans who HATED bad boy Adrian.....I had to watch a video of his last fight
with Wendell Cooley on a small TV monitor....apparently Adrian had put up his "valet"
Miss Linda (his partner) up against Cooley's ranch...and lost the fight....so this was the
rematch....Miss Linda was nursing a leg injury at the time and was on crutches....one of
which she hit Cooley with when he had Adrian in a strangle hold.....my decision was that
Wendell tried to grab the crutch and hit himself with it allowing Adrian to pin him and win
the fight and getting Miss Linda back....which went down really well with the crowd as
you can imagine.....we departed next day for Pensacola where Adrian lived and I had to
watch Sir Cedric on Saturday night TV with Adrian howling laughing......during my time
there I was included in more videos for TV "Breakin' Bones" we filmed in a local radio
station with Sir Cedric conducting from the mixer desk...and another one "There's
Something Very Strange About A Cowboy" which we filmed on Wendell Cooley's
ranch....the videos appeared on TV all over the southern states....it was then I decided
to make another album.

"NAUGHTY BUT IT'S NICE".....this was to be  the title of our next album.....I wrote and
recorded another 11 songs....in my attic....I sent them over to Adrian for him to learn with
the idea of me going back over there and taping his voice which I would bring back and
replace my voice with his....so off I go to Pensacola with the backing tracks on
cassette....I told Adrian to sort out a local recording studio which we could use...which
he did in Mobile Alabama.....up to now everything was going well....went into the studio
and explained that all I needed was his voice on tape....so the backing tracks were to
be played into his headphones and he was to sing the songs on to a reel to
reel....simple? you would think so...but they just didn't get it....they kept recording his
voice WITH the backing tracks....so I gave up and off we went.....I asked Adrian to direct
me to the nearest Radio Shack where we bought a domestic tape recorder and a
mike....we went back to his and after a few bottles of wine I set up the headphones and
he sang to the backing tracks in his ears on to the tape recorder....who needs Abbey
Road?........I brought the tape back and threaded his voice on the my 8 track.....mixed
the lot down and hey presto another album.......but did it work? you might ask.....four of
the tracks ended up in a movie called "Grunt-The Wrestling Movie" so there was the

I had all sorts on the go back then and we lost touch until a few years ago when he
spotted my website.....he has since moved back to his home in Wales and is enjoying
retirement... our first album has been re-released by an American record label (Burger
Records) on clear vinyl with blood splattering....I knew this would come back to haunt
me.......some of the music will be used in the upcoming documentary....I've got my suit
ready for the Oscars.

When the dust has settled I intend to release the 21 songs on one album which the
world may now be ready for.