The Basque Country
The Anglican church in Spain is known as the Episcopalian Bishop
based in Madrid. Alberto Sánchez is the local priest, originally from
Valencia, and he has an American wife, Susan and six children. The
Remembrance Day service is only an hour or so, as is the Carols

"The Ambasssador paid a special visit three years ago as there were
some cutbacks to funding for the annual post-Remembrance Day
"bash", which is now not officially paid for by HMG... The Consul
always manages to wangle a few sausage rolls and bottles of Rioja
from his budget, and it's a fairly regular annual event for a lot of us
Brits. I remember the day of the Ambassador's visit as I pulled up to
the entrance road and there sat a gleaming Jaguar XJ8 in British
Racing Green with diplomatic plates and bodyguards hovering. So
yes, we can still keep it going in these straitened times!

Incredibly moving speeches

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