Revisiting Beautiful Cornwall

We hadn’t been back to Cornwall for 16 years after sailing for Santander and a new life in Spain in 2002. Now we are quite seasoned travellers and flying back to England would be interesting from many different perspectives.

We flew by Ryanair from Alicante Airport.  This airport has changed immensely since the days when we first arrived in Spain. From a rather small airport it has expanded year on year and after we had travelled one year from a rather small Alicante airport we had returned from America to a huge improvement in both size and quality. This facility has now improved almost every year that we’ve lived here.

Our cat, Tinker, had to go to his little hotel in Finistrat where Sheildag do a great job looking after our pets for us whilst we’re away. Next, we need to thank Ricardo at ACL Parking whose staff meet the cars and then look after them for a very reasonable price returning them at an appointed hour nicely cleaned. We thoroughly recommend this company.

After a flight duration of 2 hours and 15 minutes, we had flown over France, crossed the Channel and were flying over the Eden Project and the English China Clay landscape towards Newquay Airport.

Eden Project+

I used to meet our students at Newquay when we had been working with Mercator Language School in St Austell with our friend Dr. Mercedes Proctor. Now we have been  helping our sons who have Kings Language Academy in Valencia.

Our sons Richard and John take groups of Spanish children from Valencia to stay with host families in Cornwall and they have built a repùtation for running memorable trips and thereby  helping to consolidate on the fine teaching in their academy. We provide extra pairs of hands when needed!

Having ensured our young students had met with their designated families we were off to renew acquaintances with our hosts Carl and Karen in the lovely village of Cubert

We had been to a christening in the parish church around 25 years ago and the first thing we had wanted to visit was this really nice church. The next important item on the agenda was the village pub, The Anvil,  where the patrons run a pretty mean pub quiz on a Friday evening.

Once we were installed in our lodgings and had enjoyed a good night’s rest we visited the church and walked about the village. The ocean is not too far away but we were glad we had hired a car as we set off to renew friendships in Perranporth where we had lived for some 15 years.

It really is one of the best places to live and we loved our time in the village. We watched England playing Croatia in the semi-finals of the World Cup at the Watering Hole which was packed solid. The atmosphere was amazing. We had advertised the Watering Hole on the back page of our Truro News and Trader magazine when it was in the early days. Since those days many top names have performed there and recently Tom Jones flew in to perform at this wonderful venue!

Later in the trip I looked up my old friend Freddy Zapp from BBC Radio Cornwall. Just click on his picture for more details of Freddy’s work with the Beeb.

We spent some quality time reminiscing before it was time for Freddy to drive us to Redruth to meet another great friend, Gary Kenton, who had always looked after my gear in Cornwall.

I was able to catch up with Gary singing at Sandy Lodge in Newquay on a very hot night with a large crowd enjoying his singing. We had to leave quite early as I was going over to another old venue of both Fr Ignashus and Rockin’ Rupert called Priory Lodge to meet up with owners Fiona and Jill plus Freddy who was entertaining there. We had quite a few stories to tell and many laughs to share.

To finish this blog I’ve made a podcast which should give you an idea of how Anne and myself enjoyed the visit. Click the picture and you’re good to go.

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