A Wonderful Weekend!

It was always going to be a wonderful day as I was going to Keira’s christening at the Russian Orthodox Church in Altea.  This church seems to appear from nowhere as you approach Altea from Calpe on the N322. It really is the most fantastic structure and it is set with the most amazing backdrop mixing houses and imperious mountains. If I’ve whet your  appetite to see this amazing religious addition to the Costa Blanca then click on the picture for more details.

I’d never been to a service of this faith but I was impressed by the thoroughness of the baptism ceremony. It was a very hot day and the service was quite challenging to all the parents and Godparents. We were with the Russian branch of our family and I was very impressed with their reverence and feeling for the occasion.

We went down to the waterfront for the traditional meal and if you want to know more about Altea then click the next picture for a greater insight to this bustling Spànish coastal  town with its famous Catholic church which stands out from the mountains when looking from the shoreline. Again, the work has already been done by others so click on the picture to add the flavour of the town.

Our weather has become a little more sultry and the Spanish TV shows the rain and stormy weather coming down from the mountains to the north of Cataluña and beyond. In fact it would seem that the Basque Country has some very difficult weather right now.

We got back from our meal ready to relax and watch a bit of TV and I worked on my computer trying to improve my guitar playing via a really good instructional video series on the internet. I feel I must refer any readers who play guitar to this series. This guy is really good.

Sunday is my broadcasting day at Cool FM Benidorm and I will finish by adding the link to my pòdcasts which I create for my listeners. Here is my tweet for the day.

Podcasts from #CoolFM #Benidorm and the #coolmusic club looking at the hits of 22nd July down the years and featuring #usa #charts #1983……….

Until next time stay cool!


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