Back to the Future!

I love working. I love being busy and I know others think this is crazy. However, I returned to study later in my life and have a very different philosophy on the relevance of work in the context of Leisure.

It was at the age of 36 that I felt the need to return to studying. I had been a radio disc-jockey, a cabaret entertainer and a business manager amongst other things and I wanted to study where my experience fitted in with my life.

The reality was that a major fire had helped formulate my plans as we often live the consequences of unforeseen events which take us in directions we’d never even dreamt about. My life had been dominated mainly by my love of music and my love of listening to radio disc-jockeys. You can read all about the detail in my book. Click on the link.

As a young lad we didn’t have the mind-blowing and mind-controlling technology we have today. The nearest we came to technology was a radio set which took ages to warm up and tune in. However, we were treated to many disc jockeys who often used their imagination to entertain us.

I particularly enjoyed Gene Weed who recorded on the American Forces Network. Sadly, there’s not a lot written about this guy but he had an influence on me. Here is a link to his memory. I also have linked the American Forces Network page.

Other stations having an influence on my early life were Radio Luxembourg-your station of the stars. I found the story of Radio Luxembourg on YouTube. 

From these early influences I went on to work with Emperor Rosko on BBC Radio albeit in a very junior role as the guest DJ for the gig at the Top Rank in Doncaster. I contacted Rosko and made a podcast with him a few years ago.

Another influence from the same page on my website was DJ Tony Prince -your royal regal rocking ruler and I think he then went to Radio Caroline, which was based out to sea and I listened avidly to this station’s output picking up ideas and influences on the way… I was learning about the music, promoting the music and how to entertain the listeners. There were no manuals, no training plans, no schools where we could learn…..we just listened and learned.

I’ll be back with more when I have the time! In the meantime you can hear my shows by following this link


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