Another Very Hot Week in Spain!

Most of the week has been spent swimming in the morning and then working in the air-conditioned studio for the greater part of the day.Here’s today’s show which can be accessed at this page in my website.

I included this picture on various websites during the week.

This reminded me of a football match I played in with the opposition including Rod Stewart. This picture shows both of us in a tussle for the ball. Rod was a very useful player and he played for Middlesex schoolboys and had a trial with Millwall. My own trial was with Tranmere Rovers who have just got back into the football league and they drew yesterday. Incidentally, this celebrity game was played at Poulton Vics Club in Wallasey on Merseyside.

I played for the BBC and we played the Jimmy Hill’s Goal-diggers. Jimmy Hill was a major celebrity in the football world and he had people like Rod and Elton John helping the football team in many ways. Here’s a link to a few memories from these golden years when I played in many celebrity football games.

I then did a little bit more research and found a very rare Elton John song that he composed for this football team. I have created a page on my website with this in mind. Here’s the link.

This is a celebrity game which included some very famous names. Kneeling front right is Freddie Starr who was a brilliant cabaret star in the UK.

I also check Facebook to see what’s going through and it really is full of bullies trying to intimidate others or other trivial pieces of information. Every now and then you can spot a barrack-room lawyer who wants to convince us his/her view of the world is more important than how everyone else sees it.

I did feel enraged by one bully shown punching a young girl in the face and another where three or fourĀ  brave young men picked on a little old lady in a park. This really does annoy me as I’ve always hated bullies and things seem to be getting worse. My choice is to do nothing or to try and make a difference by writing a comment that might show support for the poor victims. However, part of me just wants to stay away from these foul postings.

I just hope Facebook are working with the police to find these sick minds and get them in jail. If they were real men they would join a martial arts or boxing club and test how good they are against real men. They won’t do this because deep down they are just cowards.

Until we meet again…..


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