Brexol Reading Group-Intermediate
Definitively Derailed

CAMPELLO must bid
farewell to its ambitions of
becoming a university
town. The regional Educa-
tion department recently
confirmed that the land for
the Mare Nostrum Univer-
sity cannot be legalised,
and the town council now
intends to withdraw plans
to reclassify the Mare Nos-
trum land.


A CHAIN store which
sells home furnishings
has signed an agree-
ment to employ local
labour before looking
further afield. The com-
pany has promised to
give preference to the
unemployed people who
are registered in the
town and surrounding
area for a one-year peri-
od. '
Man, 80, saved
from drowning

A MAN of 80 almost drowned after he fell into the
sea near Il-leta dels Banyets in Campello.
A man and his son walking nearby saw what was
happening and ran to his aid, grabbing him to prevent
him from being swept away by the waves.
Minutes later they were joined by two officers from
the nearby Guardia Civil headquarters who jumped
into the water to save him.

Between the four of them they managed to get the
elderly man, who was still conscious, back on dry
land. He was taken immediately to San Juan hospi-
tal in a grave-condition with a serious head wound
and injuries all over his body where the waves had
thrown him against the rocks.

Had help not been at hand and if he had remained
even a few minutes longer in the water, he would
almost certainly have drowned, they added.