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Don's Tribute to Bobby Vee
Now I've heard it all.....wait for it...speed bumps on side roads  are being blamed for
adding to climate change according to "experts"...because it causes cars to brake and
the dust from the brake pads gets into the atmosphere and could obviously effect the
climate....I'm not quite sure what planet these "experts" are the answer is
obviously to take the speed bumps away and allow the brainless morons to think they
are Lewis Hamilton and hope they don't kill too many pedestrians.....there is a major
problem in this country with idiots who speed and the obvious answer is to put speed
cameras everywhere and they would make a fortune in fines until the situation sunk into
the solid bone heads....but that must be too simple.

On the subject of traffic I have recently noticed a lot of parked cars which have been
clamped with a big notice on the windscreen stating that the car has not been
taxed....apparently the DVLA have a team which travels around checking on
vehicles....and about time too.

Prince Harry and Meghan have been headlining the news as the fact that they are not
happy with their predicament is far more important than a passenger plane being shot
down in Iran......and of course EVERYONE has an opinion and the media are wading in
with their usual suggestions as to why the couple want to break away from their
"privileged existence".....young Harry has done a lot in his short lifetime ...Invictus games
etc...and now wants to get away from it all and be happy with his wife and nipper and I
say good luck to them....if living amongst the present royal family and also having to
endure the gutter media is "privileged" I don't envy him for one minute.....Go for it
Harry....and of course the Frogmore house they have bought for 2 million has come
under criticism.....yet no-one seems bothered about Gary Lin
eker with his 2.9 million for
an hour and a half a week....which comes out of our BBC licence fee

And on the subject of the stupid media I was delighted to hear about a young white lad
who was accused of racist abuse when he was seen on social media sup
insulting a black was later discovered,as the camera moved away,that it was the
black lad who was racially abusing the white there you go...but it didn't end
there...the white lad took the media accusers to court for defamation of character and
sued them for millions....I do love a happy ending.

While we are on the subject of social media I do tend to scroll through Facebook from
time to time but is it me or is it losing its way?......we have photos posted with no
explanation as to who or where it is.....and I don't really want to see a photo of a
Christmas dinner....or do people find what they have for dinner is of interest to everyone
else?....maybe it's it is the perfect place to post scams and similar nonsense
because most of us faithfully believe everything they read.

I have written several musicals over the years which have been performed on Radio and of which was called Strangle My Boss which was about a council
office...all the characters were taken from actual people I worked with...and I was very
proud of it....however I pitched it to the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool who called me in
for a chat....I sat down with one of the directors and we discussed my musical....I said
because it was about an office a lot of people would relate to the story....and added that
it would put bums on seats unlike Threepenny Opera which I had recently watched on
that theatre....I added it was so bad people were walking out......"I directed Threepenny
Opera" was the reply....
.OOPS.....needless to say the conversation ended right
there.....the song has seen a bit of action over the was recorded by
The Bonzo
Dog Doo Dah Band
in the 70s  and by a couple of guys in Australia so I'm still waiting
for it to get to the top of the here is the title tune from my masterpiece
"Strangle My Boss"
Click for the Adrian Street story.
Don Woods 2020