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podcast 23rd October 2019 <-latest podcast

Don's Tribute to Bobby Vee
The BBC have received some criticism regarding their broadcasts from outside
Parliament with protesters shouting out around them and waving banners across the
screen....the question was asked as to why they do not interview politicians in a studio
instead of giving publicity to brainless protesters....and as usual their answer was
"because that is how we have always done it"...which is supposed to make it alright...but
we all know the truth is they want the protesters to be seen on their biased
broadcasts..........what they fail to realise is that people are getting fed up with the
unnecessary disruption these fools are causing....a perfect example was the climate
change protester standing on the top of a train making his point....the people's answer
was top drag him off the roof and stick the boot in.....not that I condone that but
sometimes you get what you ask for and we have had enough of idiots affecting our
everyday lives.

I have been watching the rugby world cup which has been somewhat addictive....England
were magnificent and the Wales France game was a classic and as I have always said
we want WINNERS in sport....not those who "did well to get so far" like these are
great for the game and what a nice change to see respect shown to referees and
families in the crowd enjoying the game in a well behaved manner....unlike some of the
football supporters who behave like wild animals.....problem is you can't legislate for can't educate an object with no brain.....back in the day I did enjoy Eric
Cantana's answer to a racial remark when he jumped over the barrier and kicked the
perpetrator in the chest....not quite sure how he got away with it but it was the perfect

Harry and Meghan are back in the news....they are not happy with the constant intrusion
into their lives by the media....with poor Meghan not really realising what she was
marrying into....."it comes with the territory" is the cry....but really I don't know what to
think...the simple answer would be to "drop out" like Princess Margaret but they would
still be hounded by the press....again it's a case of the poorer end of the public getting
fed up with the distribution of money.....and we are now told of a rift between Harry and this lot actually KNOW what real problems are?....take look around you guys.

I watched  a programme on the arrival of rock and roll in 1950s was a
fascinating programme and took me right back to those days....I remember the moment it
hit me like a ton of bricks....I went to see "Rock Around The Clock" in 1956 and left the
cinema  with a completely new outlook on music....I learnt to play the guitar and like lots
of youngsters formed a skiffle group and the rest is history....I particularly remember the
BBC refusing to play this "dreadful" music so we all tuned in to Radio Luxembourg then
the pirate radio stations like Radio Caroline before the out of date BBC got the
message....even now the likes of Top of the Pops has been replaced with boring soaps
etc....the Beeb just don't get it do they.

The song this week is from my Doowop Days album and is a tribute to a guy I had the
pleasure of working with on two occasions....Bobby Vee....and what a great guy he
was....I appeared on two of his concerts ... one at The Floral Pavilion in New Brighton
and the other in the North Wales Theatre in Llandudno....we hit it off straight away and
had some nice chats about his career and his many hits .. an absolute delight to know
and sadly no longer with here is my tribute to my pal "The Bobby Vee Song"
Click for the Adrian Street story.
Don Woods 2019