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podcast 12th  June 2019<-latest podcast

Don's Tribute to Bobby Vee
.There as been blanket coverage of the D-Day landings on the certainly puts a lot of things into
perspective and is hard to believe for those of a certain father was in the tank regiment and
was part of it all....yet he spoke very little of I regret not asking him about it all when I had the's hard to take in what these soldiers went through and when you see the loss of lives on
both sides it seems such a terrible waste....I have been to The Arboretum in Staffordshire on several
occasions and it is deeply moving....and how sad it is that some of the younger generation don't
appreciate the sacrifices made.

And we mustn't forget Mr.Bean impersonator Michael Gove who has admitted taking cocaine in the
past....this is the geek who announced there is no place in schools for teachers who have taken
drugs....and this is the fool who wants to be prime minister....he has obviously admitted this to avoid
someone who knows him going to the would be funny if it wan't so tragic.

What puzzles me is the way football is taken so seriously.....if you look on Facebook for example there
are arguments which get personal and nasty about certain games....e.g. the European Cup or the
Premiership title....IT'S A FOOTBALL MATCH...that's's not war....but obviously in some cases it
is...I'm not saying it's wrong but I don't get it....there are other things in life...and I often wonder how many
of these bar room "experts" have actually played the game.....also another annoying thing about
Facebook is people who put pictures on with no explanation which makes them meaningless....and I
couldn't really care less what someone had for lunch on their holidays....or am I getting old?

I watched The Voice Kids on ITV hoping that we would see pure entertainment without the sob
stories....wrong again....some of the background stories of the young contestants were very sad indeed
and I felt very sorry for them but being left totally depressed is not my idea entertainment.....and there
seems to be a trend of documentaries on child murders and hospital emergencies......there is even a
programme on the build up to some criminal in America waiting to be put to death...not forgetting an
upcoming programme on the details of the death of Michael Jackson.....anyone who gets pleasure out
of watching this sort of sick stuff definitely needs help.....I fail to see what purpose it serves.......and this
is modern entertainment.

What is it with beards?....seems like everyone has to have reminds me of the seventies when
the fashion was to have long hair and a droopy moustache if you played in a rock band.....thus they all
looked exactly the same....and very silly when you look back at it all.....I worked with a chap who used to
say that the reason for a beard is to hide something....maybe he had a point.....and I was observing a
young lady in gym....the only reason being was that she had rings in her nose and lips and tattoos all
over her shoulders....she was very pretty so why do this?....or again am I missing something....we would
get criticised by our parents when we were young but we never went to the extremes they go to these
days.....very strange.

The song this week was the follow up to my How To Say Llanfairpwll...etc which I wrote and produced
for Paul Damian and has gone viral on is called "The Magic of Wales" and extolls the
virtues of this wonderful actually sold almost as many as Llanfair back in the day....both
songs were on separate single cassettes at the time and I sold them to the visitors who arrived by
coach to the village.....they are now on my album "Portrait of Wales" here it is my tribute to the land
of song....The Magic of Wales
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Don Woods 2019