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Don's Tribute to Bobby Vee
Prince Andrew has hit the news regarding his connection with Epstein the billionaire who
was jailed for under age sex trafficking....and has since allegedly committed suicide...and
Andy has been accused of being involved which the Palace has loudly denied....and as
you can imagine the press are having a field day.....there have been rumours as to
whether he did in fact commit suicide as there were a lot of famous names connected to
him...including two U.S.A. there was a lot at stake for many celebs....I
think this will run on for a long time so we must watch this space.

We have been going on for ages about the standard of entertainment on the
television....well we were right....recent viewing figures show that almost 50% of the
viewing public now stream...preferring Netflix and Amazon to the tripe that is on normal
TV....can they  not see's a bit like the BBC refusing to play pop music back in the
late everyone listened to Luxembourg and pirate radio...then they eventually got
the do these buffoons get these top jobs.....we don't want to watch
soaps...we don't want to watch cookery programmes...we don't want to watch appendix
operations in A & E........we want ENTERTAINMENT!!.....perhaps the handful of
characters who like this sort of tripe should have their own channel?

There has been a new coin made to commemorate D is a gold coin with it's edge
shaped like the Normandy coast...which is great....but the advert tells us there have only
been 4,999 produced....couldn't they manage ONE more?...or did they run out of
gold?....and it costs £ you get your penny change from you hundred
quid.........WHY?........obviously to some folk 99.99 sounds a lot cheaper than 100 and
4999 will make you rush to buy one because it sounds like there's only 4000
made........and it's all the time.....we have gardening equipment made by G Tech which is
always ONE PENNY short of the real price....£'s like the old days with
the 99 guineas.....which was effectively 105 quid!!!.....I find it an insult to my intelligence.

We have recently discussed this new chat show "The Lateish Show with Mo
Gilligan"....which I hoped would improve on the usual tired formats of the likes of Graham
Norton and Jonathan Ross.....I watched one of the earlier ones which included some
unfunny so called comedian using totally unnecessary swear I gave it a miss
until last Friday when I switched over to it around 10 O'Clock to see if it had improved and
I was subjected to Danny Dyer with his effing and blinding and complete disregard for the
English language....There is no need....the problem with Mr.Dyer he seems to think he
has to prove he is actually the hard man he plays in Eastenders ...which he aint......That
was Mo Gilligan's last it's goodbye from me...and goodbye...well you know
the rest.

The song this week is one I wrote for one of my female session singers....she was a good
friend of mine and had a great voice...her name is Sue Young and she did the clubs as a
duo with her husband Frank....she session on a lot of my stuff and I used to call her "One
Take Sue" as she always got it in one go...a great here it is "Love Is New To Me"
by Sue Young.

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Don Woods 2019