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The Merseybeat Guys are
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' bring the
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Don has some wonderful items on his website and is
a past master at creating unusual songs and making
videos and DVDs. Please drop by and enjoy his work

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podcast 17th April 2019<-click this link to hear
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Don Woods 2018

Don's Tribute to Bobby Vee
.We nearly had another moon landing....but not quite....the space ship got all the way but crash landed...close
but no cigar....and we have been told the mission was a lot cheaper than previous attempts...this one was
done "on a shoestring" and only cost 77 million pounds....which is some shoestring....I have always wondered
what the point of space travel is....there is nothing there ....perhaps we should sort out things on THIS planet
first.....or get a loan from the Amazon guy's missus with her 27 billion divorce settlement.

2.And speaking of major spending the Houses of Parliament needs refurbishing....this will cost 4
would be cheaper to send the building into space (and a better idea)...4 billion? I would like to see the
breakdown of that amount .....apparently there are hundreds of rooms and offices etc....and I wonder why....they
can't even run the country from ONE room.....but there could be some light at the end of the tunnel...Nigel
Farage is forming a new party...The Brexit Party.....and I,for one,will be voting for him as he HAS to be an
improvement on the shower we have at the moment.....perhaps the MPs could make a donation towards the
refurbishment out of their expenses.....some hope!!

3.As we know...comedy has lost it's way - and this according to one of our comedians is because of a certain
section of the community regarding some jokes as being racist or sexist when in fact they are just jokes.....if
you can only crack gags about white hetro sexual males there's not a lot of hope......again it's a case of
pandering to the minority who have had a sense of humour by-pass....people's idea of humour naturally differs
especially between men and women....but what always puzzles me is how stadium audiences can be
helpless with laughter at some of the modern comedians and comediennes with their "observational" comedy
which isn't slightly funny.....when you are a certain age and remember when comedy was actually funny it is
hard to take these days.

4.Our local newspaper has published some of the salaries of council officials which has raised a few
eyebrows....some around the 2 hundred grand a year mark.....I don't mind anyone making money but I do
object to MY rates helping to feather their nests...especially when I keep going down potholes in the road
because the council hasn't got the money to repair them....or so we are told....I often wonder what these "top"
officials actually DO....they are obviously "responsible" for a lot of things but what do they DO?....if they weren't
there would it make any difference?.....the Chief Constable for example has responsibilities but he isn't out on
the streets dealing with neanderthals and he is on a lot more than those who do.......if he wasn't there the job
would still get done.....or am I over simplifying things.

5.I recently watched a brilliant documentary on The Big Three who were a top group in Liverpool back in the
sixties....possibly one of the first hard rock bands and were signed up by Epstein who sacked them because
they wouldn't conform....the story is so interesting and quite moving in parts as there is only one still
alive....Brian the time they were as big as The Beatles but because of their antics they sadly didn't
last......I always thought they were born too early......had they began in the eighties they would have rocked the
world....the song this week is one I wrote way back in the day and is a tribute to the bands who put Liverpool on
the music map...."Merseybeat Memories"