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Don Woods 2018

Don's Tribute to Bobby Vee
.I watched a programme about how much the royal family cost the was very
interesting and threw up a few facts I didn't know.....when you see the unbelievable amount
spent on banquets for example it is quite staggering.....with the gold cutlery and gallons of wine
and champagne and well over hundred does beg the question is it really
necessary?.....and the royal train which costs 20 grand a trip....not to mention Prince Andrew's
helicopter flights to and from his golf games.....apparently the family cost us 70 million a
year....and that is just what we know about..........we are then told that knife crime is on the
increase and we haven't got the money for more police.....which,after the cuts,we are 22000
short......not to mention the homeless etc.....and all we hear is that the royalty bring people into
the country which is good for trade....which I certainly don't go along with......what the
programme illustrated to me was the sheer lack of gratitude on their part....they wander around
and actually believe they deserve it....and all we seem to get for our money is the occasional
royal wave......the only thing missing from that is the two fingers.

2.Our coffee machine went on the blink....a tragedy a new one was
required.....firstly I checked a few out in Argos and the one I fancied was £112......I then
checked out the same model on Amazon.....£55......with free delivery to the door.....and the high
street shops are complaining about falling profits ......I wonder why? does pose the
question as to how much profit they want to make.....whereas I appreciate there are overheads
etc but if you can get the same item for half the price where are you going to go???'s like the music industry in the old was 10 quid for an Elton John
cassette.....the raw materials cost 17 pence......of course there were studio costs etc but
whichever way you look at it that is one tasty profit....then along comes modern technology
which blows the greedy record companies out of the water.......I remember when I was hawking
my "How To Say Llanfairpll...etc" song around the shops.....I offered them a batch for or return....they sell them and keep a third of the profit.....Oh no bloke
wanted 50%....needless to say the conversation didn't last long.....and boy did Mr.Greedy miss

3.I saw your posting on Facebook of Sinatra singing My the risk of upsetting the
nation I have to confess I can't stand Sinatra....or that song.....I have to like an entertainer to
enjoy their offerings.....I always found Sinatra's voice to be "dry" and he seemed to like to sing
about himself......Start spreading the nooz...I'M leaving today.....Life's been good to ME....MY
way...etc....I found him to be a little guy with a big suit who fancied himself as a tough
guy...especially when he was surrounded by 6 foot bouncers.....I like Bing Crosby and Perry
Como....Pat Boone.....good crooners and nice people.........bit like Robbie Williams...he was
obscene when he started out and now we are supposed to accept him as Mr.Family
Man......doesn't work with me....can't stand him.

4.I have a good pal who I meet up with in the gym.....he is a retired bobby and ex soldier who
did active service in he has seen it all and to me he is an unsung indeed
is anyone who puts their life on the line.....but strangely he doesn't see it that way.....he says
that soldiers are trained to do the job....the real hero is the passer-by who runs into a burning
house and pulls people out....not the fireman who is trained to do it...which is an interesting
point.....personally I still see them as heroes but he won't have it.........

....Our wonderful BBC treated us to three hours of football last Monday night....followed by two
repeated programmes....three hours!!...and considering 50% of the viewing population are
women who generally have no interest in football and the remainder are men...the majority of
which are neither Manchester United
nor Arsenal WHY put it on the main
channel?......three hours to cover 90 minutes is ridiculous.....and this is coming out of my
licence fee!!!.....The BBC goes steadily worse.

5.The song this week has a story behind it.....There was an advert on the TV back in the day
where two kids asked their Uncle Stan to roll his cap across his shoulders from one hand to the
other.....which inspired this song....I sent it to Norman Thomas on Radio City and he got a lot of
mileage out of it ....and I also sent it to The Grumbleweeds who got back to me and said they
loved the song and if the advert went national they would get straight into the studio and record
it....and felt it would chart.....however the advert didn't go national as the cap bit overshadowed
what they were promoting....which was English near yet so far! here it is "Roll
Us Yer Cap"

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