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The Merseybeat Guys are
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fundraising for sick and
underprivileged children. In
Liverpool 'T
he Merseycats'
and on Wirral '
' bring the
musos together each week to
get money for childrens'
charities.  Visit the
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Don has some wonderful items on his website and is
a past master at creating unusual songs and making
videos and DVDs. Please drop by and enjoy his work

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16th May 2018
Don Woods 2018
..I have recently had personal experience of the work of the wife required care in The
Liverpool Women's Hospital after an operation...I was totally humbled by the kindness and
dedication of the staff...selfless first class care and they ask nothing in return...they are Earth
Angels....I've always had the greatest of respect for our doctors and nurses but when you are
actually involved you see them in a new light....and it was my pleasure to organise a donation to
their mums and babies section of £2000 on behalf of The Cheshire Cats which is our weekly
rock and roll fundraisers organisation...I cannot praise them enough...thank heaven for the NHS.

I watched The Eurovision which was three hours out of my life I won't get was pretty
bad and makes you wonder what sort of music gives these countries pleasure because it's
beyond me.....and surprise surprise we came third from bottom...why do we bother?....when that
idiot jumped up on the stage our girl should have smacked him in the teeth with the mike...that
would have made great TV and made her famous...but she did future we should have
Anthony Joshua singing our song and hope someone tries to grab the mike off THAT
would be worth watching...I remember back in the day when The Stones were on stage doing a
concert and some dope came running on to the stage and Keith Richard undid his guitar strap
and whacked this guy with his Les Paul as he ran past and was diverted into the
funny....Keith later said he didn't know whether he was friend or foe and couldn't take the

There wouldn't happen to be a royal wedding this week would there?....Off we go....Meghan this
and Meghan that...and her poor old dad has come in for it...for trying to make a few bob out of
the press...HAS HE NEVER HEARD OF TREASON!! really is pathetic...I often wonder
whether the girl actually knows what she's letting herself in for.....everybody is jumping in on the
bandwagon with their opinions.....simply proving that we are indeed a nation of sheep....I like
Harry but he is is beginning to look a bit punch drunk with it all...if I was him I'd do a Prince

I watched a programme on The Monkees....I couldn't STAND them at the time...I thought the
programmes they made were really bad ...but I thought the songs were good....the programme
showed how they were actors playing the parts of a beat group but suddenly believing they
were one....however the producers of the records wouldn't let them play on them...because they
weren't good enough which virtually finished them off in the end.....a record is something that
has to be right as it is there forever...and time is money in the studio...thus you have session
musicians who get it right in one go.....with live performances mistakes are gone instantly...but
not on a record....but The Monkees couldn't see this....I remember their manager explaining
how he had a huge argument with them over a song he had for them called "Sugar Sugar"....he
ended up ripping up their contract and inventing a cartoon group called The Archies...made the
record....which sold 15 doubt he rested his case.

The football season is over and the fans can have a rest from throwing missiles at the
opposition coaches as they arrive at the ground....and there have been major celebrations in
Manchester...HOWEVER...there has been celebrations on Wirral....Tranmere Rovers are back
in the football league so I couldn't resist sending you this song..."We Are The Rovers" which I
was asked to write for them around 1978 when they also won their league....this was the demo
which was to be used in the studio for the players to learn and sing....however none of them
could sing so this demo became the final job.....I had the pleasure of meeting Johnny King at his
house and discussing the song....the first time I ever drank whiskey....just about found the front
door on the way out....the song was played at the ground at home games and on the coach at
away games for several years.
Click for the great Tranmere Rovers song

We Are the Rovers