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19th December 2018
Don Woods 2018

Don's Tribute to Bobby Vee
.Meghan Markle's dad is very upset because she isn't talking to him....and doesn't answer his
texts Piers Morgan is straight in with an interview with him.....he sympathised with him
and made a point of saying as it was Christmas she should get in touch....I'm still trying to
puzzle out what it has to do with anyone else other than Meg?....Joan Collins was on the same
programme and said Meghan's dad has been in showbiz long enough to know better....and
good old Joanie scoffs at feminism....that's why I love her.,,,,she is a REAL woman...who says it
like it is.

There was a comedian on morning TV who has been criticised for refusing to sign a contract
which laid out what he could not say in his act to prevent anyone being offended.....the
document was covered EVERYTHING from racism and sexism to ageism and
physical heightism......he should have gone on stage and read out the words on the contract it
would have been's such a shame that people take notice of these humourless
self opinionated holier than thous.....and there aren't many of them....because they a killing
comedy stone some people are offended ...SO WHAT?....go somewhere else with
your boring friends and let the rest of us have a laugh.

I don't like Christmas..I never have..(bah humbug)...mainly because it magnifies
everything...especially certain past sad moments like bereavements and lonliness... etc....and I
always think the ridiculous amount of money spent in the shops could be put to better use in a
lot of cases....we still have homeless people living on the street while the royals and the
overpaid politicians are swaning around with their obscene riches........the erecting of small
heated shelters in various locations would surely not cost much and would solve most of the
problem........and I notice Tony Blair has come from under his stone saying we should have
another vote on Brexit.....might effect your fortune eh Tone?

On a lighter note...Katherine Jenkins was on TV promoting her latest album.....and at the risk of
upsetting the feminists...she is a stunner....easy on the eye or what?.....there was a programme
on a few years back called "Best Views in Britain" and she presented the episode featuring
Wales....I wrote to the letters page of a TV magazine stating that as far as I was concerned
Katherine Jenkiins is the best view in was letter of the week for which I got 15
quid....thank you very much....if I ever meet her I'll tell her....once I have removed the stupid grin
off my face.....oooh sorry if I have offended anyone.......

This week's song is yet another Christmas classic and is taken from a musical I wrote for a local
radio station (which we discussed last features one of the characters telling us what
he got for is called "In Me Christmas Stockin'"