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Don's Tribute to Bobby Vee
I don't think I can take much more of Harry and Meghan....they are STILL headlining the
news....Harry has just made a speech "explaining" why he wants to get out of the royal
family which has brought everyone out of the woodwork again with their criticisms and
opinions.....demonstrating how little they know....just let them get on with is now
becoming very boring....when it comes to the financial side of things they need to look
into how much some of our TV so called celebs get paid for doing very little.

Considering we keep being told that money can't be found for this and that it is amazing
how it can be found for something totally needless like the HS2 railway project......which
we are told will now cost 150 billion....yes BILLION....the plan was that this stretch of
railway would save 20 minutes on a journey from London to Manchester....or something
like that....but now because of the cost it might only reach it me or is this
country seriously losing its way?.....150 billion could give every person on the PLANET
20 could feed the WORLD....and how many hospitals could it provide?...but oh
no we have to save our valuable commuters 20 minutes....and the peanut brains who
came up with this idea will no doubt walk away with full pockets when it all falls through.

And close to your heart we have an item of local interest in a place called Oxton which
you will know features a mural of the Birkenhead coat of arms int the middle of
which is the Tranmere Rovers emblem and is painted on a wall in the small quiet village
of Oxton which has won awards for it's style over the years......all very well except the
mural is huge and is on the side of a building and becomes the first thing you see when
you come around the you can imagine how well this has gone down with the
local residents.....the bloke who owns the building says he can do what he likes and is a
Tranmere fan....the bloke opposite rents out flats and isn't too happy about a gigantic
painting being the first thing you see when you open your curtains in the
really is ridiculous and makes this little quaint village look like Times Square....the chap
who painted it has said that he was commissioned to do it and got paid...say no more.

Paul McCarney's stepmum Angie has written a book about her life which I have played a
very small part in....I met Angie and her daughter Ruth back in the early seventies
through a friend of mine and a few years later they formed a publishing company in
Birkenhead which I was signed up to and we became good friends....I also did quite a bit
of work with Paul's brother Mike who lived in Heswall on was all totally
separate from Paul but I did meet him at Mike's wedding...and what a nice chap he
was....anyway...enough name dropping....Angie and Ruth moved to America and
suggested I form my own publishing and record company as I then knew all about the
business....which turned out to be great advice.....her book is called "Your Mother
Should Know" and can be obtained from Amazon and is a great read.....and I get a
mention in it which is another reason to buy it!!....I still keep in touch...she is a great lady
and a pleasure to call her my friend.

The song this week is one I wrote when I was with Angie's publishing company....she
asked me to write a song for Cannon and Ball as she knew them...and this was it....they
never did it and several years later I dropped it off at a local theatre for The Krankies
who were appearing there....they contacted me and said they liked it and would include it
in their act...which they did...and made several TV appearances singing it...including The
Palladium....this led to a long friendship with them and I wrote many songs for their
pantos over the years....had I not had that chance meeting with Angie and Ruth all those
years ago how different things might have here it is...the classic "He's Me
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Don Woods 2020