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Don's Tribute to Bobby Vee
The London terror attack has been headlining  the news....and questions being asked as
to why the terrorist,who had been in jail,was released early.....and needless to say the
politicians wade in blaming their opposition....but the reality is it is a difficult problem to
solve...a friend of mine is ex army and ex police and has always said that true heroes are
not trained personnel like soldiers and firemen or the police....they are passers by who
put their lives at risk with no training...which is what happened in this situation....and they
are rightly being praised....the way the situation was handled was a credit to the police
which could have been a lot worse.

I used to produce demos for people who would send me their rough versions of their
songs and I would put them into a presentable state to send to of the
songs has always remained in my was written by a retired judge and asked the
question as to why we all fight each other for reasons few of us know when the real
enemy is time....because time is relentless and will always defeat you in the end...this is
the real all our efforts should be spent on not wasting what time we have....the
song was brilliant but I never knew what he did with it,

I have been watching the TV series of The Crown which Is quite divulges
information which I didn't know about which must be able to be made public after so
many is obviously dramatised for TV purposes but the Royals don't come out
of it too fact it's quite an eye opener.....the chap who plays Harold Wilson is very
good...and as you know old Harold went to Wirral Grammar of the many
products of this little corner of the world......the programme is fascinating but I wonder
what the Royals think of it as it doesn't pull many punches.

And on the subject of the Crown...the young lady who was allegedly treated so badly by
Prince Andrew 20 odd years ago is over here  stating how bad his dancing was and how
he sweated all over her and how she was "trafficked" over here for sex....and we also
have her father,complete with huge cowboy hat,saying he didn't know what his poor 17
year old daughter was being put through...because she was a good actress
....hmm?...and adding that Epstein didn't commit suicide...he was "taken out" by those
who were worried what might come out in court....she wants the British public to give her
their full support....good luck with that couldn't write this stuff.

On the music front we are,as always at this time of year,subjected to the same old worn
out Christmas songs...we have John Lennon with " this is Christmas"....Maria Carey
with "...all I want for Christmas is you"....not to mention the deluge of Christmas albums
being hurled at us on the TV adverts...including Cliff who must be in the Guiness Book of
Records for releasing an album every Christmas for the past 100 years....and it won't be
long before we have the "collection" albums by the likes of Michael Parkinson or some
D.J. who gathers a bunch of their favourite records and puts them on an album with
THEIR face on the really is awful....can we not have a few NEW songs???....not
to mention Robbie Williams with his "swing" album and Martin Kemp and his missus with
their "swing" album....give us a break and leave that sort of stuff to those who can do it.

The song this week is another  one of my novelty songs....I was asked by my then
publisher to write a song for Cannon and Ball so I came up with this one whereby they
each sing a verse aimed at each other....apparently they liked the song but I heard
nothing for ages so I went to see them when they were appearing in Stoke....I asked
them about the song (as I don't like things hanging around doing nothing) and they
hummed and I dropped it off at a local theatre for The Krankies who were
appearing there....they contacted me and said they liked it and would include the song in
their act....which they did....and performed it on The Palladium and several TV
programmes....I eventually met them when we were on the same show and we have been
friends ever since....Cannon and Ball recorded "Wind Beneath My Wings" instead...which
did sad ...ha here it is ...."He's Me Mate"
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Don Woods 2019