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<podcast 12th February 2020
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Don's Tribute to Bobby Vee
Very sad to hear of Caroline Flack taking her own life....she was an excellent personality
and TV presenter.....again this is an example of the price of put yourself in
that position and you become a target for the media to utilise you as news to justify their
jobs and not giving a toss about your feelings....she was recently reported by her
boyfriend for GBH but he dropped the complaint but the police decided to take it I hope the police and the media are happy now not forgetting the sad
pieces of manure who sit in their hovels sending vile messages on twitter...............with
todays gutter press and gossip hungry media you are only news when you are on the
way up and when you are there they plough in to try and bring you down so you become
"news" again.

There is a wonderful programme called "Our Coast" which covers various area of our
coastline....the first one was Liverpool and Wirral....the photography was brilliant and the
presenters Adrian Chiles and an Indian girl did a great job....HOWEVER when they
featured my Peninsula the guest historian referred to it as THE Wirral you well
know,grates on me's WIRRAL!!....she also talked about the history of Meols which is
an historic village on the coast informing us that Meols means "sandbanks"
doesn' means sand DUNES....I think our historian needs to read a few more
books.....and on the second episode Anglesey was featured...again great photography
AND they talked about The Menai Strait" which is what it is........not I had no
moans there.

One of my pet hates is boy bands....I KNOW they are popular and adored by the youth
of today but as far as I am concerned they are not bands....because they don't play
instruments...any bunch of lads with reasonable voices can get up on stage and do it....I
have just watched JLS who have announced they are reforming so they have obviously
run out of money since all going both solo and nowhere.....they had the four of them on
the ONE SHOW discussing their future of them looked like he had been hit
on the head with a piece of seaweed.....he should definitely sue his barber.....and I don't
really mind tribute bands but what I find annoying is bands from the sixties and seventies
keeping the name with one or less original members....they should call themselves
"Sounds of --" which would be less misleading......for example Slade aint Slade without
Noddy Holder etc.

I was always a bit dubious about the first moon landing and I once met Patrick Moore on
my travels and I asked him if the landings were genuine....he nearly jumped down my
throat "OF COURSE THEY WERE!!...I WAS THERE!!".....which at the time was good
enough for me....I have just finished reading Angie McCartney's wonderful book in which
she mentions a meeting she had with Buzz Aldrin and she light heartedly asked him who
took the pictures of Neil Armstrong coming down the ladder....he dismissed the question
and changed the I looked up the video of Mr.Armstrong coming down the
ladder on YouTube and it's a good point....hmm.....does make you think dosen't  
it.....mind you I think the Russians would have let the world know if it was faked?

The song this week is one I wrote specially for a dear friend of mine called John Lomax
who played in one of the first skiffle groups on Merseyside....back in the mid fifties....the
group was called The Atlantics and they made several TV appearances and were very
popular...I saw them for the first time in 1957 on a local cinema where they performed in
between films and it was the first time I heard an electric guitar played live....many years
later I was to meet John and we became good friends resulting in me putting a skiffle
group together with him when we were invited to perform at a skiffle convention in
Finland....sadly John is no longer with us but I was pleased to have written this song for
him as I will never forget here it is The Story of Skiffle by Skiffle John Lomax.
Don Woods 2020

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