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Don with
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And still they pull down statues and meet up for rave parties and charge around with their
stupid pointless protests....which does make you wonder about university education....seems
to me it makes these students THINK they are clever....the only purpose these idiots are
achieving is to spread this virus and prolong the epidemic but they don't seem to see
that.....and amongst all this nonsense we have some piece of manure walking into a park and
stabbing people....which we now know was a linked to terrorism.....and apparently the police
knew about him....he's been arrested and no doubt will go to prison but that doesn't help the

We also have football back on television with no spectators....and "Black Lives Matter" on the
back of the players shirts....I think we have got the message by now...which we already had
anyway.....and someone flew a plane over the football match at Burnley which         was pulling
a banner saying "White Lives Matter" which has received condemnation and most people I'm sick and tired of all this tripe being dished out by the media
which is going into's time we moved on and did something meaningful like working
to halt the spread of corona virus instead of whinging about the past.

These stupid riots are a result of the killing of George Floyd in least that's the was a bad situation despite him being a criminal....but why do we have to follow
suit....they pull down statues so WE pull down statues...this is ENGLAND and we don't need
Americanise ourselves with expressions like "24/7"....or "high fives"...or "go figure" or the one
which grates on me "MOM".....the Yanks seem to regard the world like the movies where the
likes of John Wayne is a hero which says it all.....this is a great country and we certainly don't
need to copy anyone.

As there is nothing on TV worth watching I decided to find a film to watch on Amazon.....not an
easy task....virtually every drama involved the police trying to solve stabbings or shootings or
violent murders.....and to try and find something lighter is also impossible unless you have a
brain the size of a peanut as comedy has lost its way.....can it be that difficult to make good
entertaining TV programmes or good films?...obviously the answer is yes......then we have our
wonderful government fumbling around to decide whether we can reduce the social distancing
from two metres to one it me or have we all lost our way?

As everyone is going on about the past I thought the song this week should get an airing as it
was the one which was responsible for us meeting each was the result of the
German Embassy in Liverpool criticising the we marched on them with a copy of the
song....that'll teach ' is entitled "Merseyside" and extolls the virtues of the area.
Don with
The Bachelors