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<podcast 25th March 2020
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Don's Tribute to Bobby Vee
Ttousands decided to walk up Snowdon in Wales at the weekend while others piled into
the parks....which just about sums up the mentality of our nation...not to mention the
panic buying in now we are in some sort of "lockdown"......and with
the great variety of intellects this has naturally caused an uproar with questions being
fired at politicians on TV all starting with "What do I do if...." is a perfect display of the
necessity for most of our population to require leading... the whole thing is basically
about COMMON SENSE which sadly lacks in a lot of sections of the community....the
difficulty is everyone is different...some care for others some only care about themselves
which will never change....apparently we can go to the shops for food...we can go
jogging but only ONCE a day....or we can go out for a walk but only with one
person....and we must keep 2 metres apart....and if you can you must work from
home.....all very sensible but we are talking about getting through the solid bone heads
of some people....what we DON'T need is the likes of Piers Morgan ranting on at M.P.s
with total negativity and the stupid press with headlines like "THE END OF
FREEDOM"'s supposedly for three weeks for goodness sake....winding everyone up
doesn't help

A bloke put a self made video on Facebook which featured three brainless youths
deliberately coughing into old peoples faces....the guy who was filming it got out and laid
into these thing the police were on the scene telling him he was the
aggressor and therefore in the wrong...the fact that one of the boneheads was an illegal
immigrant and who was on bail for possession of a gun and was into drug dealing didn't
seem to come into it....he did however put their faces and names on the video so
hopefully a bit of rough justice might be done.........most young people are fine and
respectful but it's always the neanderthals who get the publicity who pick up their violent
activities from films and video games.....because in their empty heads this is real life.

Then there was another video on line showing some young fool in America licking a line
of food on a supermarket shelf and finding it highly amusing....and this is what we are up can't legislate for idiots......the answer would be to make an example out of
this neanderthal by publicly birching him which of course is out of the question in this
do-gooder day and age.....human rights should only refer to "humans" not
morons......let's hope this sad piece of manure gets his comeuppance...........and the
Brits Abroad have been told to get back as soon as possible or they might not be able doubt a selection of them will ignore hopefully we won't see them again,

On a lighter note I watched a fascinating programme on TV about the making of the 60s
pop programme Ready Steady Go....which preceded Top of the had the
producers of the programme discussing their techniques regarding close up filming of
the artistes and the method of filming amongst the was very interesting and
they also featured some of the stars of the time giving a bit of input....some having
weathered better than Chris Farlowe demonstrated.....I remember the
programme well but didn't realise at the time how cleverly put together it was....despite all
the does make you realise how you take these sort of programmes for
granted without appreciating the work involved.

The song this week is dedicated to all those day-trippers who ignore advice and go
climbing up mountains in large groups....perhaps this song will save them having to do
it....and if they want to watch what the song is about it is on here it
is...sung by Paul Damian....The Snowdon Mountain Railway.
Don Woods 2020

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