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Don with
James  Burton
Don with Vince
The media plus the general public have reached a new low....Dominic Cummings who is our
P.M.s right hand man has disgraced least he has according to the papers and the
TV news who have created an uproar in our population of sheep....he travelled 250 miles from
London to Durham because he was worried about the health of his four year old kiddie which
has caused over the top outrage....because he was supposedly disobeying the lockdown out come the journalists from under their stones and crawl along the gutter to
stand outside Dominic's house in their droves (ignoring social distancing)  yelling abuse to be
followed by endless TV news coverage using the same piece of film of him trying to get to his
car through the mass of witch hunters....with interviews with brainless members of the public who
come out with the highly original "It's one law for them and another for us".

Then we have the labour voters on know the losers in the last election ....all
piling in with their comments thus showing what bunch of brainless tossers they are...and even
Tory M.P.s wading in with their lack of support for their fellow they can see an
opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and get their name out there instead of being the no
marks they the end of the day the bloke didn't pile down to the beach or the local park
and ignore social distancing....or attend parties like some of our wonderful Labour politicians
have...which seems to be O.K.....he was concerned about his child.....which affects absolutely
no-one as far as I'm concerned......but it shows how sad some of the population in this country
are.....I despair....there is no hope.

Already we have the "save the planet" brigade seizing their opportunity to prattle on about how
clean the air is since there has been less that will be doubt the electric car
manufacturers will be at the forefront convincing everyone that this is the answer to global
warming......and when the shops eventually open they will all have their "sale" notices ready to
put in the window because all our lemmings love to think they are getting a bargain.....what a lot
of people don't know is a "reduction" in price e.g. "was £10 now £5" ceases to be a reduction
after 30 days....and it must have been on sale at the higher price for 6 months....but this will be
ignored I'm sure because our nation of sheep are there for the taking.

On a lighter note I was interested how the social distancing was affecting wedding receptions
and it took me back to my playing days....and my band played at hundreds of weddings over the
years....and they are all exactly the same....the crowd consists of grannies who never go out
and sit there with their coats on....always near the speakers so they can wince at the volume
and the youngsters who never stay in.....and there's always the uncle,who has had a few, in the
middle of the floor trying to get everyone going...and failing because nobody wants to know until
the end of the night when alcohol has taken over and the obligatory fight begins.....and not
forgetting Uncle Jim who stands up at his family's table with a rendition of "Spanish Eyes"....all in
the same note...and goes down better than the band who are quickly packing their gear away to
get away from the ensuing mele.......yep they are all the same......"it's a dream come true Simon"

The song this week is one I have found in a drawer on a vinyl was a song I wrote for
Chester Zoo back in the day who bought a batch off me and sold them from their on site
shop....I got Julie Bright who was one of my lady session singers to sing it as she lived in
Chester and could promote it locally and get herself a bit of publicity....she was a great
here it is "Chester Zoo"
Don with
The Bachelors