Emily 22nd July

Yesterday at half past three in the afternoon Anne came to collect me from Mary’s house. When I arrived
at her house Bruno and I swam for half an hour then we ate salad and ice cream. Later we swam again
then we went to Guadalest at 5 pm.  Guadalest is a very famous village situated high in the nearby
mountains. When we arrived we visited the Torture Museum. Then we walked up to the top of the
village to look at the views. It was very beautiful.  Later still we ate home-made ice cream at a little
shop in the village. It was very nice. Then we visited another little shop and when we had finished we
returned home and Bruno and I swam again and again and again. Then we had a candlelit dinner. It was
very cosy and after dinner Vince played music with guitar and harmonica. He also sang some songs to us.

We bought a present for our mother. Anne helped us choose coasters with pictures of Benidorm and
Altea on them.
Emily Cottais