My Memories
September 20, 2006
Frank Carson
FRANK CARSON is today, one of the most popular stars in the comedy world.

This zany Irish comic came to England from Northern Ireland to try his luck on the
northern club scene. His quick fire act was soon spotted by the BBC television
producer, Barney Colehan, and signed to appear on the top television show of the
time; The Good Old Days. His enormous success on the show prompted
Colehan to book him for a further five shows.

During this time Frank was the three times outright winner on Hughie Green’s
Opportunity Knocks. He was on his way!

Shortly after this, Frank was signed by the then Head of Granada Television Light
Johnny Hamp, to appear on ‘The Comedians’ and Frank was
catapulted into the ‘Star’ bracket. He appeared in all the subsequent series and
was also asked to tour in the specially staged theatre show of the series, which
broke all box office records at all the theatres on the tour.

Vince spoke with Frank from the studios of OCI in Altea, Spain