It was nice to catch up with Harry Prytherch, drummer
with the Remo Four, on 23rd July 2015. Things have
moved on and Harry has been developing many
different aspects of the Merseybeat Story with Fort
Perch Rock well to the fore.
Here's the catch-up

Harry Prytherch was one of our first Merseyside
artistes to start telling us more in-depth information
regarding the wonderfully compelling Merseybeat
Story-The British Invasion or call it what you will.
I met Harry over the airwaves from
OCI Radio in
Spain. I also had the world famous Liverpool comedy
Paul Melba, with me in the studio. Here
was our first chat.

The Remo Four were voted the Number 3 group in
Liverpool behind The Beatles and Gerry Marsden.
Remember, the Beatles have been voted the best
band in the World and Gerry Marsden hit number 1
with each of his first three UK hits.
The Remo Four
Harry Prytherch
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