Joe Flannery-
Beatles Booking Agent and Liverpool Cultural Ambassador
Press Release

Joe Flannery, a Tourism Ambassador for the city of Liverpool, will unveil the new Yellow Submarine on Wednesday 13 January at
11am outside the Beatles Story

The mystery of the missing iconic Yellow Submarine has never been solved but a new contemporary replacement will be unveiled
to the public on Wednesday 13 January at 11am.

The original wooden 5ft plaque, was stolen from the Beatles Story's entrance in July 2009 and although a reward was offered for its
safe return the submarine completely vanished.

The Beatles Story commissioned a new Yellow Submarine to hang in its place. The latest model is made out of 12mm Marine
Plywood, the same material as sailing boats, so it should survive Liverpool's winter weather. The Beatles Story's new branding has
been incorporated into the design and the faces of John Lennon, Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison now feature
in the submarine's portholes.

The pervious world famous Yellow Submarine was featured in millions of pictures, as visitors posed for the customary photograph
in front of the Beatles Story entrance. The new replacement will be a welcome return to visitors snap shots.

The model has been produced by employees of the Beatles Story, Daniel Rogers and John Clarke. Daniel is a big Beatles fan with
a background in art. Daniel said, ‘I was asked if I would create a new submarine and I jumped at the chance. The design is slightly
different to ensure that it doesn't infringe any copy right laws and I've incorporated the faces of the Fab Four. It took several weeks to
make and I can't wait to see it positioned outside the Beatles Story.'

Jerry Goldman, Managing Director of the Beatles Story said ‘Although we are disappointed that the original Yellow Submarine was
never returned, we are delighted with its replacement. We have increased our security measures to ensure that such a selfish act
will never happen again.'

The former Beatles Booking Manager Joe Flannery along with Mary Chadwick, a Beatles Story General Manager will unveil the new
Yellow Submarine on Wednesday 13 January at 11am. There will be a photo opportunity outside main visitor entrance of the
Beatles Story at the Albert Dock.
In this podcast Joe tells me about his early days
with Brian Epstein and Brian's mother, Queenie.
He also remembers how he met and worked with
Jimi Hendrix.

26th September 2012