Several years ago I heard about a
very talented man of music and I had
wanted to make a podcast with him.
However, the time wasn't right and it
was on 9th September 2014 that I
eventually caught up with Marcello
Rossi. Here is the podcast we made
and I would ask you to visit his
website to get the full flavour of his

Marcello Rossi is the President/CEO
of Marross Productions based out of
Michigan in the Metro-Detroit Area.
He is a Director of Music in
Clarkston, MI.
A talented and
versatile musician, he is a
producer, arranger, songwriter,
artist developer, music composer
and performer on voice, trumpet
and piano. This is his second
major release. The first, "The
Power of Attraction", was met with
wide acclaim and is now being
made into a musical.

You can link to     
Marcello's Music
by clicking
the       picture
Marcello Rossi
Michelle Rossi

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