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Neil Colbourne
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Vince and Neil 26th June chatted about the Spanish football success,
Wimbledon, Seagulls, Speed and Petrol, and Neil's visit to the UK to be best
man at his mates wedding

6th June 2011  England weren't very convincing, the finals of Britain's
Got Talent
ended last night and there's a whiff of change in the air where
sexualisation of young children is concerned.  Plus we remember

29th May  Vince and Neil send greetings to Simmo's relations, Man
have been thumped by Barcelona and forest fires have been
started by a man smoking bees..

1st May  Vince and Neil are in the studio to create a podcast. The
Royal Wedding, Rooney's wages, Chelsea's goal, that never was and
memories of the great Dustin Gee who was Neil's step-brother.

Neil with the Bee Gees
Stuey Lee Lewis, Vince and Neil
Dustin Gee