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Barry Britten-presents Al Jolson

Tommy James 29th October 2008

Dwain Chambers 7th October

Ricky Tomlinson, 6th October

P J Proby 2nd October

Thunderclap Newman 29th September

Ricky Valance 1st October 2008

Roger Baskeyfield and Tommy
Rawcliffe 22nd September 2008

Louis the Clown and Friends 18/9

Light Orchestra 17th September

Aware/Self.Defence 17th September

Tony Barton 15th September

Duncan Norvelle 11th September

Trini Lopez 10th September

Judy Garland 10th September 2008

Pauline Daniels 8th September

Dr Evelyn Higgins 3rd September

Len Barry 1st September

Jean Alexander 7th August

Dr Jackie Black 6th August

Donald James Parker 29th August

Joan Sotkin 30th July

Lee Hedley 24th July

Michelle Rossi 23rd July

Geoff Capes 20th June

Paul Melba, Gerry Marsden and Don
Woods 9th June

Gerry Marsden 9th June
Showtime Monday  27th October 2008

Showtime Tuesday  28th October 2008

Showtime Wednesday 29th October  2008

Showtime Thursday 16th Octoberr 2008

Showtime Friday 10th October

Beat the Panel 28th October 2008
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Jimmy Cricket 27th October 2008

Lobsters and Vince 16th October

Don Woods 27th October

Paul Melba 27th October  2008

Zorro 10th October

Ray O´Brien 15th September

Tony Hiller 10th October

Jenny Renn 10TH October

Cathy   Humphreys 16th October

Berks in Palm Springs 16th October

Leapy Lee  29 th October 2008

Sportspanel 28th October

Iris:on Internet Patrol 27th October

Technotalk with Mike Baker 27th Oct
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