Nucia Clinic-Dental Studio
965 87 06 76

Teresa Santoyo and Jose Maria Mico have amassed 30
years in Dentistry and have brought their expertise to La
Nucia.  Their clinic is situated at 58 calle Ermita which is
near the Post Office in La Nucia.

Patient care is at the heart of  Nucia Clinic Dental Studio
where their mission is to bring an excellence of Treatment
combined with a transparent care for each of their clients.
They will listen carefully and prepare your personalised
treatment plans using the latest state of the art technology
with 2-dimension and 3-dimension digital X-Ray.

Their mission is to improve the quality of your life offering
                Pediatric Dentistry
                Cosmetic Dentistry
                Dental Bleaching

They can discuss your requirements in Spanish, English
and French.

The clinic operates throughout the week and their contact
number is 965 87 06 76

The address is 58 Calle Ermita, La Nucia by the Post Office