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Paul joins Vince to pay tribute to his
friend the wonderful Sir Ken Dodd.
Paul tells us of the early days when
he met Doddy near the Jam Butty
Mines in Knotty Ash.
1st April 2018
Paul joins Vince for his radio show
with Cool FM Benidorm
17th February 2017
Paul enjoys some great Christmas
personalities and memories with me!

6th December 2016
Paul celebrates his 80th year and
looks back at some great showbiz
memories of Liverpool names.  
November 2016
Lern Yerself Scouse  is a series of
books subtitled 'How to talk Proper on
Merseyside.' However, it's interesting
to see how two scousers view the
12th August
Christmas Cracker 2012 including the
wonderful impressionist Paul Melba
and Leapy Lee with a new Christmas
-19th December 2012
18th April 2012 and Paul joined me to
look at the music posted by members
of the 50s to 70s Revival goup. Look
out for the impressions....
Paul Melba, the world famous
impressionist, helps Vince
understand the way impressions
are created.and today Paul is
looking at
Bing Crosby
20th October 2012

Paul's thoughts on the Jimmy
Saville scandal