Phil Beal
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Born in Godstone, Surrey, Phil joined Spurs at 15 after
impressing assistant manager Harry Evans while playing for
Surrey schools against Kent at the Valley in 1960. In those
days apprentice footballers were responsible for cleaning the
senior players' boots as well as the balls, dressing rooms and
gym. Phil remains grateful for the discipline those duties

It was a great time to be involved at Spurs as Bill Nicholson's
side clinched that historic first double in 1961 and, as a
16-year-old, Phil felt part of it. He pays handsome tribute to
the great Dave Mackay's influence on his fledgling career.

"The first team players involved the apprentices, and when
they won the Cup to clinch the Double we were invited to all
the functions afterwards. I had my picture taken with Jimmy
Greaves. Also, because I lived so far away, John White used
to let me stay at his place in Southgate after we'd played
youth or reserve matches.

"The player who has always stood out in my mind however, on
how to be a professional footballer and make it to the top, was
Dave Mackay. When we used to train in the afternoons, Dave
would always come and train with the youngsters. He'd train
with the first team in the morning, have lunch and then come
I  had the great pleasure of
making this podcast with
Phil on 23rd August 2010. I
always appreciate the time
given to me and I have
enjoyed an insight into the
life and times of one of the
legends from a wonderful
football club. I hope you
enjoy the podcast.