Celebrity Football Matches
I have had people asking me about the days when I
played for the
BBC Radio Merseyside and Ricky
McCabe Merseyside Showbiz
Football teams.
Whilst I was researching for my Sunday show with
CoolFM Benidorm  
Left-This game was against
immy Hill's Goaldiggers and Rod Stewart
atended with Britt Eckland. Elton John was due to
attend but didn't make it. However, I found a very
Elton John song which tells the story of their
team. I've linked it to this podcast logo below. The
judging panel further down was
Miss Hawker
These are just examples of the sorts of
games in which we played. If you know
your football you will have noticed we
had games against some of the
biggest names around at the time.
Happy Days indeed!
Back Row L-R
Stevie Butler, Dickie Duckenfield Radio
Merseyside then BBC Look North,
Eddie Hemmings (Radio Merseyside
then Sky TV) , Norman Gray, Gerry
Harrison (Radio MerseysideAnglia TV),
Colin Watson

Front Row L-R

Alan Bowers, Vince Tracy (Radio
Merseyside)Bob Azurdia (Radio
Merseyside), Billy Butler (Radio
Merseyside) Matty Carragher