Steve Holbrook-Medium
When I was a young lad a very strange thing occurred. I was in bed
asleep and was suddenly woken at 4.00 am by my granddad - he
was at the foot of my bed. I had no idea how he could be there
because my family and I had recently been to visit him in hospital.
He said to me calmly, ‘I’ve just come to say goodbye’. Naturally,
mum didn’t believe me and thought I was dreaming.Later that
morning though, it all became very real to me, when the hospital
phoned to say that granddad had died at 3.55am!

That event seemed to be a catalyst for me, because after that I was
able to hear the ‘Spirit World’ – but at that time I didn’t realise the
significance of what was happening. At the age of about sixteen I
went to see our Doctor, who asked me what I was actually hearing -
and after several visits he suggested that I go to the Spiritualist
Church nearby – “ but” he said, “ don’t tell anyone I told you that”! It
took me some time to pluck up the courage but eventually I took his
advice and found myself amongst people who could help and
advise me.

5th January 2013

I was introduced to Steve by the EFT Specialist Marie Holliday
and had a very interesting chat with Steve about his work. He will
be coming to give a demonstration in Benidorm in January 2013