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Latest Game
CR La Vila returns to the Division of Honor at Villajoyosa Rugby Stadium this Sunday,
January 8, at 12:30 pm, against Getxo Artea. The Basque team was promoted this season
and is now ranked 6th in the table, just behind 5th ranked La Vila.Getxo coach, Bryce Bevin,
formerly coached the La Vila team in 2008-2009 before the current coach Mark Hewitt.

La Vila ended the year by achieving two important away wins in their league encounters
against EU Santboiana and Cetransa El Salvador. Sunday will be a very important game for
the two rivals, both competing for play off positions in April and May to decide the champions
of the Renfe Honor Division 2011-2012.

However, recently, CR La Vila has received bad news which will affect the economic status of
the club. Jason Craig, President of CR La Vila, explains the measures that the club will take
and calls for the support of all our fans to help to overcome these difficulties:

"We are experiencing the most critical moment in the history of our sports club. After winning
the league championship which gave us the right to participate in the European Amlin
Challenge Cup, we continued to work to provide the best possible image for Spanish rugby
in Europe, proving our commitment and effort. However, the Provincial Council of Alicante
has withdrawn funding and along with the reduction of other funds due to planned cuts in
public institutions, we foresee a difficult and uncertain outlook. Added to this is the still
difficult task of attracting new sponsors ".

"It is not our intention to alarm or cast ominous predictions, but if we do not find solutions
quickly, our club will face a hard and difficult future"

" We have to overcome this new reality now by using a range of  counter measures, starting
with reducing the expenditures for the remainder of the season"

"To this end we are having to revert back to the original price of 10 euros for entry to league
matches. In September 2011, the club decided to reduce the entry to 5 euros to entice more
fans to the club making it easier on the pocket during hard times including free entry for the
unemployed, but the result was not as we had hoped. Now, much to our regret, the situation
requires that we return the entry to full price.  We will maintain as ever free entry to those
that prove they are unemployed and those younger than 18 years of age. Season ticket
holders can continue using your card without any additional increase.

“We hope our fans understand why we have to increase the entry fee and that they will see
this as a way for them to contribute and help the club at this difficult time "

"There are five league games at home, and the playoffs in April and May. We have the semi-
final match of the Copa del Rey and the last European Amlin Cup match against Sale
Sharks. Whilst we wait for state funding and continue the search for new sponsors we are
still playing the very best rugby this country has to offer and we would love to see more
people at our games whether they understand the rules of the sport or not, this would be an
exciting time to come and show your support. Please be assured that we will continue to do
everything in our power, on and off the pitch, so that our fans can be proud of this club "

"I learned during my experiences as a player that by, keeping it positive, working together
and maintaining team spirit you can achieve great things. Despite the crisis, or perhaps
because of it, I think this is the best time to work together for a common goal, because the
toughest game we have to play is that of life itself so let’s work together for that win "

Jason Craig
President C.R La Vila

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