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Emmanuel Macron is leading demands for the UK to be forced to commit to mirroring EU
rules on employment and the environment forever if it wants a post-Brexit free trade deal
with the bloc.    

PUBLIC cooperation helped police take 34 suspected thieves off the streets of Alicante
city last month.   The majority of the offences committed related to thefts of vehicles and
break-ins at homes and businesses.    

IMAGES of a young British adrenalin junkie risking his life to scale a Benidorm
skyscraper to get a selfie have gone viral.     Passers-by in Avenida Alfonso Puchades
could not believe their eyes on Sunday morning, when they looked up to the sky and
saw @thelittlenuisance, as the young man is known, perched with mobile in hand on the
11th floor of a block of flats in Avenida Alfonso Puchades.

According to reports, witnesses were heard shouting ‘God he’s crazy’….‘stop recording
and call the police’…and ‘he’s going to fall’. While many got out their mobiles, the
majority were said to be concerned for his welfare.  

RUBEN MARTINEZ DALMAU, one of the Generalitat’s vice-presidents, called for an end
to “Francoist privileges” on Javea’s coastline.

One morning back in 2007, the manager of a branch of the Spanish savings bank Caja
Madrid personally handled the business of one of his longest-standing clients. This
customer had been picking up a psychiatric patient’s pension for more than 20 years,
and she was about to walk out the door with the money once more when the bank
manager asked if he could check the ID of the patient in question.

She was right. Jaime Pons wasn’t going anywhere. At this point, he had been
underground for decades. He had died alone in 1980, leaving no children behind. It was
then that Juana Igeña, the social worker at Alonso Vega Psychiatric Hospital, where
Pons spent his last years, started to collect the disability grant that Pons was entitled to
every month. For 33 years, the woman’s racket went unnoticed.   

Towns in the Pennines and Yorkshire Dales that have endured years of flooding are
again under water after almost three inches of rain fell in the region on Sunday. Councils
have spent millions on anti-flooding infrastructure after the 2015 deluge left 2,000
homes and 400 businesses flooded across Yorkshire.

Peers are set to hand themselves a 3.1 per cent pay rise - meaning they will get £323
per day tax-free.  The hike, which is being lined up for April, comes after the Lords
decided to link their allowances to MPs' increases.
A Question Time audience member has slammed the dress at the centre of the
'shouldergate' row as 'like a disco outfit'.    The guest branded what Tracy Brabin wore at
the despatch box in the House of Commons 'inappropriate'.  
A radicalised chemistry teacher who was jailed for planning to join ISIS and due to be
released from prison next month is already back on the streets.    Jamshed Javeed, 30,
was jailed for six years in March 2015 for planning to travel from his Manchester home to
Syria to join Islamic State.    
Britain wants to stop drinking, and health authorities aspire to help the country achieve
it. According to a recent survey, two thirds of regular British drinkers consider alcohol
consumption harder to quit than to start exercising or improving their diet. The national
health system wants this to change and has launched a new campaign and an app to
reduce drinking habits. The app called Drink Free Days invites users to spend a day
without drinking and lays bare the befits of giving alcohol the cold shoulder.