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23rd October 2019

Germany has tumbled into recession as global trade tensions, disruption to the car
industry and worries over Brexit take their toll, according to the country's central bank.
In a major setback for Chancellor Angela Merkel and the wider eurozone,

A judge from Spain’s High Court, the Audiencia Nacional, ordered the Civil Guard to
close down webpages and social network accounts belonging to Tsunami Democràtic

Quim Torra, the regional premier of Catalonia, on Thursday found himself alone in his
defense of a new unauthorized referendum on independence.     

Hundreds of residents of Portugalete, in Spain’s northern Basque Country, have
managed to evict a family of squatters who had moved into a 94-year-old woman’s home
when she left to go visit her ailing sister for a few days.........

A British teenager has died after falling from a seventh-floor bathroom at an apartment
block in the southern Spanish city of Cordoba.  

n 2017, the difference in GDP per capita (at purchasing power parity) between Europe’s
richest region, West London, and Spain’s poorest, Extremadura, was €168,700. That’s
41% more than it was in 2007...........

Nigel Farage  warned that Boris Johnson's Brexit deal will turn the UK into an 'EU colony'
- as he demanded a delay to the Halloween departure date.   The Brexit Party leader
accused the PM of trying to 'bounce' the country into backing his agreement to save the
Tories from disaster.   

Commons Speaker John Bercow has been accused of 'straying' from the rule of law in a
withering attack by one of his deputies.    Dame Eleanor Laing suggested Mr Bercow
had been 'aggressive and arrogant' as she laid out her pitch to replace him in the chair
next month.    

Met Police Commissioner revealed today that the bill for this month's protests currently
stands at £21million, and is rising. More than 1,800 people were arrested during the two
weeks.   Around £6million of this month's sum was spent on officers from 38 other forces
while £3.5million was spent on overtime for officers.     

COMMENT-As a Londoner, I am not only paying for this mob of self-entitled to be policed
. I have also lost money because I was unable to meet work deadlines. .

AN 89-YEAR-OLD NHS worker was devastated when she was sacked because she
couldn't use a computer.    Eileen Jolly, who had never taken a sick day in 10 years of
employment, has now successfully sued a hospital for age discrimination.