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We are ordinary people discussing with our guests what we read, see and hear. We are
trying to make sense of what is true and what is fake news. We do not want to offend
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Poland tightened its abortion laws last Thursday, making it illegal to end a pregnancy
due to foetal defects, which sparked protests across the mainly Catholic country.  
After the ruling goes into effect, abortion will only be permissible in Poland in the case
of rape, incest or a threat to the mother's health and life, which make up only around
two per cent of legal terminations conducted in recent years.

The development pushes Poland further away from the European mainstream, as the
only EU country apart from tiny Malta to severely restrict access to abortion.

THE SPANISH government has declared a new state of emergency, with restrictions on
mobility and a 11pm to 6am curfew across the whole country until May. The various
regions of Spain will be able to dictate their own mobility rules, including entry or exit to
their territory, and they can also restrict the hours of commercial premises, especially
those related to the hospitality industry, as well as in shopping centres, gyms, etc.

President of the National Federation of Fishermen in Spain, Jose Basilio Otero, argued
the EU and the UK should have already come to an agreement on fishing in
the Brexit trade talks.............

In he UK Vandals sawed off the head of the memorial soldier which was created as a
thank you to all those who served in the First.   

The BBC's Andrew Marr savaged Labour's Vaughan Gething as the Welsh health
minister struggled to defend the bizarre lockdown rules. Wales, which is run by Labour,
has imposed a 17-day 'firebreak lockdown' to crack down on a coronavirus spike in the

In the UK a man has been charged with a terrorist plot to kill a solicitor over his role in
representing immigrants.

A sick husband who got his wife to film him having sex with 29 chickens can still keep
hens as pets due to a legal technicality.