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Countries across the European Union have begun to enforce mandatory tests n travellers from
Spain.   The measure is being taken as the outbreaks detected on mainland Spain increase.
Germany, France, Belgium and Denmark, among others, now require tests for arrivals from Spain.
The move has enraged Spanish officials who are already engaged in last-minute talks with the
British government to lift or maybe even just localise per-region quarantine measures that are
‘strangling the country’ said one official.

Emeritus King Juan Carlos.....The following morning he crossed the border into Portugal, a country
where he spent a year as a child. Despite some media reports that Juan Carlos boarded a plane in
Porto headed for Dominican Republic, several sources have confirmed to EL PAÍS that the emeritus
king did not in fact fly to that Caribbean destination.

In the end, it took a personal meeting between father and son to get the stalled talks
back on track. As one source familiar with the matter described it: “There were no
good solutions, just less bad ones.”

For Juan Carlos I, his red line was preserving his honorary title of emeritus king, which
was bestowed upon him in June 2014, a few days before abdicating the throne. For
Felipe VI, the goal was to get his father to voluntarily accept a solution, instead of
having to impose one on him.    

As for the best way to break the news to Spanish public opinion, it was agreed that
Juan Carlos I would write a letter to his son and that this letter would be shared by the
royal household.

Tuberculosis kills more people than any other infectious disease, according to
information shared by the United Nations (UN)     Tuberculosis is caused by bacteria
that spread from person to person through microscopic droplets released into the air.  
.........Although tuberculosis is contagious, it's not easy to catch.

Shark attacks are likely on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca within the next 12
months claims shark expert. SHARK expert and follower Lexine Heaney, from Atlanta,
Georgia, has made the claim that shark attacks will take place on Spain’s Costa del Sol
and Costa Blanca.

In UK Thousands of coronavirus deaths are set to be wiped from the government's
official count, it was claimed today.    Health Secretary Matt Hancock last month
ordered an urgent review into how daily death counts are calculated in England
because of a 'statistical flaw'.

Academics found Public Health England's methods meant ministers count victims as
anyone who died after ever testing positive for Covid-19 — even if they were hit by a
bus after beating the disease months later.  It would've meant that, technically, no-one
could ever recover from the virus and all 265,000 of England's confirmed patients
would eventually have had their deaths attributed to the disease. 

Up to 500,000 Brits are suffering from psychosis, fatigue and loss of eyesight after
recovering from coronavirus, MPs have been told.   Campaigners have even warned
some doctors are dismissing many of the symptoms of 'long Covid' as being 'all in their

Homebuyers living in major cities are planning their escape to the countryside as a
property website reported a 125 per cent increase in people looking to move to
villages after the coronavirus lockdown.

A new language guide from the charity Obesity UK says the way clinicians talk to
obese or overweight patients can have a profound impact, leading to stigma and
discrimination. In the report, one patient describes their humiliating experience of a
doctor grabbing their belly fat and 'jiggling' it during an appointment.          

One of the best things they could probably do for doctors is increase their knowledge
on nutrition. Apparently they receive around just a couple of weeks on the subject
during the entirety of their training. So in all fairness, they're just not prepared to offer
the kind of support that an overweight or obese individual would need. It just isn't as
simple as saying "eat less and exercise more" - because that doesn't address any of
the reasons they might feel so hungry in the first place. A lot of obese people are
actually suffering from severe malnutrition. They've been eating the wrong things for
many years (possibly for most of their lives) and as a result their body is literally
STARVING for nutrients and minerals. They obviously won't receive very much of that
in the processed microwave foods they're picking up in their local shops. Most of them
have no idea how to cook a healthy meal from scratch. There is also a huge lack of
emotional support offered. That really needs to change.
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