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15th September 2020
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............... research by EXPERTS at Oxford University suggest as many as half of the
positive tests relied upon could actually be false. This is because the current test is so
sensitive it can pick up dead and harmless viral particles that are shed once the
infection has passed. People are infectious only for about a week, but particles
continue to be emitted from the body for up to 74 days, their research has indicated,
leading to an over- estimate of the pandemic . Anyone one surprised ?

More than 4,000 migrants have arrived in the Canary Islands since the beginning of the
year. This figure is seven times higher with respect to the same period in 2019. On
Tuesday alone, 160 people on six different boats reached the shores of Gran Canaria
and Tenerife.

The coronavirus epidemic in Spain hit a new record on Thursday with 10,764 cases
diagnosed in 24 hours, according to the Health Ministry report. This figure does not
include cases in the North African exclave city of Ceuta or in the northeastern region of
Navarre, which were unable to share their data.

A woman was arrested on Monday at Zurriola beach in San Sebastián, in Spain’s
Basque Country, after going surfing when she should have been in quarantine. After
confirming that the woman had tested positive for Covid-19 and was meant to be at
home, several officers – some in protective suits to avoid contagion – went down to the
beach to take her out of the water.

They are the anti-Covid patrols. Six pairs made up of social workers and volunteers
from Spain’s Civil Protection force who, for more than a week, have been visiting homes
where there is at least one person with a coronavirus infection. Zaragoza is the first city
in Spain to introduce this measure, aimed at ensuring people observe their quarantine.
So far they have visited more than a hundred residences. In 13% of cases, they didn’t
find the patient in their house.

Britain's Got Talent Ofcom complaints have soared again to 15,500 as dance troupe
Diversity's Black Lives Matter performance continues to divide viewers.   The new
figures come after judge Alesha Dixon, 41, threw her support behind the group and told
critics to 'kiss my black a**' on Thursday night.   

Donald Fear, 57, went the full distance and became the first jackpot winner on Who
Wants To Be A Millionaire? in 14 years. A history teacher at Jeremy Corbyn's former
school, he whizzed through the questions in what is believed to be record time for the

The BBC is  facing a backlash after announcing it has axed Sue Barker, Matt Dawson
and Phil Tufnell from A Question Of Sport in a move to 'diversify' the show.
Babies can be scarred for life by receiving an 'emotional imprint' of stress passed from
anxious or depressed mothers, a study has found.
Using a standardised stress test, researchers from Germany found that the young
children of stressed mums show significantly increased heart rate when upset.
Mother–infant interactions play a significant role in a child's development — with
anxious or depressed mothers less able to regulate an infant's negative moods.

Comment    Cry Beloved Country, Left London, United Kingdom, about an hour ago
I can't believe the comments here. This is useful information. I know mothers who are
anxious because they've been told that when a baby cries they release Cortis that
could damage them for the rest of their lives. If they knew that their anxiety was causing
the baby to cry they could try to change things up. My wife and I have a 5 month old
and she has been phenomenal. Our calmness rubs off on the baby. There is a
differenc between caring for your baby and being highly anxious. You don't need to be
the latter to achieve the forme