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13th November 2019

Forming a government in Spain will be more complicated than ever after Sunday's
election : big gains for the far right and left the winning Socialist Party (PSOE) with 120
seats, 56 short of a parliamentary majority.   

The arithmetic of the election produces several possibilities for getting the caretaker prim
e minister, Pedro Sánchez, returned to office.

The leader Ciudadanos (Citizens), Albert Rivera, resigned from his role
Having picked up 57 seats in April 28 poll, Ciudadanos fell to just 10 seats on Sunday
The PP and far-right Vox made major gains.

As a preliminary step, Vox wants the immediate devolution of powers over education, he
alth, security and justice, and to curtail regional legislative power as much as possible.”   
 Vox wants to “shut down fundamentalist mosques,” to “regain control of our borders,”
and to “arrest and deport extremist imams.”

Spaniards do not have a good level of English. In fact, surveys from the European Union’
s statistical office, Eurostat, and a report from the foreign language company, Education
First, place Spain close to the bottom of the ladder compared to the rest of Europe when
it comes to English proficiency.  

Furious Britons today hit back at David Starkey's 'shameful' slurs about Remembrance
Sunday imposing 'poppy fascism' by pointing out the fallen died for 'freedom not fascism'
and that no one is forced to take part.     

The day we forget, is the day humanity will end. Perhaps a third war will warm people
towards remembering the last two wars rather than living in a bubble.

Emily Thornberry to shrug off fears that Jeremy Corbyn would put Britain's security at
risk - by claiming he will not have sole control of the nuclear deterrent.    She also
admitted she could not think of a single British military deployment that Mr Corbyn, a
lifelong CND activist who condemned Nato for fuelling the Cold War, has backed.    

The Polish Prime Minister has accused Netflix of 'rewriting history' after a popular docum
entary included a map showing Nazi death camps inside the borders of modern Poland.