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14th November 2018
The Spanish Audit Court has ordered several former members of the Catalan
government to return more than €4.9 million of public money that was used to
fund an informal vote on independence that was held on November 9, 2014
despite a ban by the Constitutional Court.  

IAG, the group that owns British Airways, has sought the support of Spain’s
government in order to negotiate contingency flight plans between Britain and
Spain should complications arise after Brexit.  Spanish media report that officials
in Spain feel it is unlikely that IAG will be able to continue their services in
compliance to EU regulations while being based in the UK.

A BRITISH father-of-two has died in the UK from rabies a couple of weeks after
being bitten by a cat while on holiday in Morocco – a popular day trip destination
for holidaymakers on Spain’s Costa del Sol.  

The life of Spanish transsexual model Ángela Ponce has not been the same since
she was named Spain’s Miss Universe candidate on June 29. In Spain, the
decision to give a transsexual woman the title caused little controversy,
particularly given that the beauty contest changed its rules in 2012 to allow
transgender women to participate, as long as their country of origin legally
recognizes their name change.   

In the UK headlines have been mainly centred around Remembrance
celebrations. Scores of stunned viewers said they were ‘shocked’ at Jeremy
Corbyn’s choice of attire, with one man claiming he looked as though he was
'going fishing'.

A motorist who drove a stolen car at speeds of up to 100mph during a police
chase -turned out to be a 13-year-old boy.  Police had to deploy a Stinger, a
spiked strip which shreds a car's tyres in a bid to stop the Volkswagen Golf,
before they could disable the car driven by the youth. The boy, who

A horrified neighbour captured the footage from the window of a nearby house as
a group of men ambushes its victim. Two men brandishing 3.5 foot long machetes
can be seen repeatedly slashing the victim as he cowers on the ground.

A barrister representing a man acquitted of raping a teenage girl suggested the
jury should consider the type of underwear she was wearing, sparking fury among

Iceland's controversial commercial could become the most popular Christmas
advert ever after tugging at the heartstrings of more than 30 million viewers.
The 'Rang-tan' advert, voiced by actress Emma Thompson, has been blocked
from TV screens for being too political. ........

Daniel Sturridge could face a career-ending ban after being charged with a
breach of FA betting rules that concerns, Sportsmail understands, his loan move
to West Bromwich Albion in January. ..........