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In Spain, Vox's leader, Santiago Abascal, on Monday justified the parental veto – the
prerogative of parents to censor content from complementary teachings taught during
school hours – appealing to the need to "protect children from zero to six years of age of
sexual content that is being given" in schools.

Women who came to Spanish soccer's Super Cup matches alone were able to mix with
the crowd during the matches at  King Abdullah Stadium in Yeda, Saudi Arabia.....what's
it really all about, Alfie?

The regional government of Spain’s Balearic Islands on Friday approved a law that
cracks down on so-called “booze tourism,” where visitors are encouraged to binge-drink

Polish MEP Jerzy Buzek spoke on Wednesday 15 January in the European Parliament.
Just behind him, for a few seconds, a deputy could be seen with his eyes closed and his
head resting on his hand.

In the UK news..... Nick Clegg has defended Facebook's decision not to fact-check
political advertising, saying it would be 'an inappropriate power' for firms to decide the

Being forced to provide a minimum rail service during strikes is like 'slavery', a union
boss has claimed.   Mick Whelan, general secretary of the train drivers' union Aslef, said
proposed legislation making industrial action unlawful unless a basic service was
provided was a 'form of forced labour'.  

A man of 18, strangled his victim in her own home until she was almost unconscious.
Ipswich Crown Court heard ......he stalked 'vulnerable' young women and took pictures of
them. However, this guy had been on a TV show highlighting difficult children when he
was 3 years of age. Should the signs have been picked up?

Laurence Fox's Question Time slanging match with an ethnicity lecturer over Meghan
Markle has sent Twitter into a melt down.      The 41-year-old accused Rachel Boyle, an
academic at Edge Hill University on Merseyside, of 'being racist' after she called him 'a
white privileged male' for disagreeing the Duchess of Sussex was hounded from Britain
for being mixed-race.

Schools are putting disruptive pupils in toilet cubicles converted into isolation booths, the
Children’s Commissioner claims.