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16th January 2019
As the British House of Commons prepared to vote on Prime Minister Theresa May’s
Brexit deal this evening, the Spanish government has launched an information
website listing the various issues that citizens and businesses will face after the
United Kingdom leaves the European Union....

Air travel
In the air travel section, one of the questions involves flying to Britain with a Spanish
airline “that could lose its license, according to media reports.” This is an indirect
reference to former Spanish flag carrier Iberia, which is fighting to prove to EU
authorities that it is Spanish – it, along with British Airways, is owned by holding
group IAG – in order to preserve its flying rights on the continent after Brexit.

The southern Spanish region of Andalusia is getting ready for a political change that
will be “calm” and “conciliatory,” according to Juan Manuel Moreno, the Popular
Party (PP) politician who is set to become the new regional premier.    

BAILED-out toll motorways are now free to use from midnight until 6am, and from
6.01am drivers will benefit from a 30 per cent reduction in fees.    Spain’s previous
government began the process of ‘buying back’ motorways run by ailing toll
companies, and the new socialist cabinet, which came into power in June, has
continued to see the plan through.   

A train was derailed on the Madrid-Zafra line 500 metres from the Torrijos station in
Toledo Monday.  

THE first flight to land this morning at the latest Spanish airport, Murcia International
Airport, was a Ryanair flight from East Midlands.Twenty-five minutes ahead of
schedule, the FR1824 Ryanair flight

Theresa May's Brexit deal was dramatically crushed by MPs as she suffered the
biggest Commons defeat in history. The PM's grip on power was left hanging by a
thread after Tory rebels joined forces with Labour to trounce the plan by 432 votes
to 202.

........... When Britain stood alone urged people to grow their own food — a
campaign called Dig For Victory......The Dig For Victory drive was a triumph of British
resilience, ingenuity and self-sufficiency in the face of great adversity.

A British family are to be deported from New Zealand after locals say they wreaked
havoc across the country. The tourists, believed to be from Liverpool, face claims
they trashed a beach, left a cafe without paying, damaged their apartment and
allegedly stole a journalist's phone.  

It’s been a very bad week for men.  Yesterday, the American Psychological
Association released a set of guidelines that condemned traditional masculinity as
‘harmful.’   Specifically, it stated that male traits like ‘stoicism’, ‘competitiveness’,
‘achievement’, ‘eschewal of the appearance of weakness’, ‘adventure’, and ‘risk’ are
bad and should be expunged.    .
............The incessant poisonous war on gender
has culminated in the very word ‘man’ being decried as an abusive term, to the
extent that Princeton University actually issued a ridiculous four-page memo
instructing students to only use gender-neutral language.