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With this terrible global pandemic now hitting almost every country on earth I chatted with
Terry Whitehead to discover how he has been coping.

At least 60 priests have died in Italy amid the country's coronavirus pandemic as the
Pope called on them to 'have courage' to attend the sick.  

The situation in the nursing homes has set off all the alarms on Monday after the
Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, revealed that the Military Emergency Unit (UME)
had found the bodies of elderly people abandoned in bed in several of those centers.

Local police in Fuengirola Spain have been deluged by calls from residents regarding
smash and grab thefts from their parked cars........... It is advisable to lock your
possesions securely away and just be aware that they will be on the prowl after dark.

We believe that only if we confine ourselves at home, if we stay at home, if we take care
of ourselves, this fight against the coronavirus can be won    Torra’s remarks alluded to
the fact that the Catalan government wants to enforce even stricter restrictions .............

In the UK This weekend thousands of people flouted Government warnings to stay
indoors and beaches, beauty spots, parks and playgrounds were packed as Britons took
advantage of the sunny spring weather............

Pensioner in Sainsbury's.........Mr Glynn fumed: ‘It’s disgraceful how people in this
country have become so selfish and are panic buying.

Alex Salmond the former Scottish first minister  had been accused of exploiting his power
and influence to prey on women............. whatever nightmare I've been in over these last
two years it is nothing compared to the nightmare that every one of us is currently living