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12th September 2018
Two British tourists remained in a 'very serious condition' in a Paris hospital after
being stabbed repeatedly by an illegal Afghan immigrant who tried to use them as
human shields.

Sweden is facing weeks - if not months - of political uncertainty and complex
coalition talks after neither of the country's two main blocs were able to secure a
majority in yesterday's general election.  Several mainstream parties lost support
in favour of the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD), who won 17.6 per cent of the
vote .........

AN ESTIMATED one million protestors flocked to the streets of Barcelona
yesterday  in an attempt to reinvigorate Cataluña’s independence movement.  
The march coincided with ‘Diada’, the National Day of Cataluña which
commemorates the anniversary of Barcelona’s fall to Spain in 1714.

SPAIN’S Minister of Health, Carmen Montón has left her position following
irregularities found in her Master’s degree.  Montón made her resignation on
Tuesday after a media storm detailed numerous irregularities in her degree in
interdisciplinary gender studies from King Juan Carlos University in Madrid.

The Spanish government has stated that a crisis over the construction and sale
of five warships to Saudi Arabia has been “deactivated.” For a week, Madrid and
Riyadh have been engaged in a flurry of diplomatic exchanges following a news
report that Spain would cancel the sale of 400 laser-guided bombs to Saudi
Arabia over the risk that they might be used in the ongoing conflict in Yemen.    

Spain’s attorney general is proposing a change to the country’s criminal code so
that hate crimes committed via social networks are no longer only punishable by
jail sentences.

Drug gangs seek revenge after Instagram user publishes compromising photos.  
The authorities believe the account, which featured pictures of the traffickers’
partying and girlfriends, was set up in an act of revenge due to an apparent non-
payment of jobs.  

A GROUP of four tourists on holiday in Tanzania died when their SUV was
smashed into by a lorry on their way to a safari.   Three of the victims were
women from Malaga, two of whom worked as nurses at the Hospital Clinico Virgen
de la Victoria.   

BRITSH locals and holidaymakers in Benidorm have urged Spanish police in
recent years to take more action in eradicating the street con-artists responsible
for ‘Benidorm’s oldest scam’.   The swindlers, known as the “pea-men”........

Jeremy Corbyn's Private Secretary has been working in Parliament for nine
months without the necessary security clearance, it was reported last night.