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The Spanish exclave city of Ceuta in North Africa is unlike the cities in the Spanish
peninsula. In Ceuta, many locals say hello to each other with the Arabic greeting
Salaam Alaikum, and the Islamic holiday Eid al-Adha is a public holiday.

Preliminary data offered by Spain’s Attorney General’s Office show a 10% rise in
just one year in convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
These convictions grew to 56,173 in 2018, compared with 51,085 in 2017.

........parents in Valladolid have been jailed for 10 years and one day for abusing
their three-month-old baby in August 2017.     The couple received their sentencing
after prosecutors initially requested 14 years each for crimes of sexual abuse and
using the child to make pornographic material.    

.A BRITISH woman found guilty of committing benefit fraud while living in Spain has
been told she must pay back the £88,000 (€100,520) she owes ata rate of just
£7.65 (€8.74) a week.......The rate of payment, which was agreed by the
Department of Work and Pensions, and HMRC, will take the woman more than 958
years to settle her debt..

IN ALFÀZ DE PI, last week a 61-year-old Spanish man, who walked on crutches,
sadly drowned after he apparently was attempting to rescue his two dogs, which
had fallen into an irrigation pond.

The UK is geared up for the elections in Europe and Nigel Farage seems under
attack from the establishment.....

.A cyber security expert has predicted a surge in hackers stealing people’s
personal information and bank details through coee machines and smart TVs in
their homes.Vince Steckler, chief executive of security giant Avast.

A GP who could face the sack for asking a Muslim patient to remove her face veil
says she took it off 'willingly' before her husband launched a complaint claiming the
doctor had been 'rude'.     .

Labour MP Jess Phillips was involved in a furious row with Muslim protestors
outside a school in Birmingham today amid ongoing protests about LGBT
education.   Police were called to Anderton Park Primary School in the Sparkbrook
area of the city last night after pro-LGBT campaigners and members of the Muslim
community clashed outside.