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Ursula von der Leyen has used a last-minute speech in the European Parliament to try to persuade a majority of MEPs to back her
as Jean-Claude Juncker's replacement. She will be the first female president of the European Commission of MEPs support her at a
secret ballot this afternoon. But she prompted howls of derision from Brexit Party MEPs as she said she was prepared to agree to
further postpone the UK's departure from the EU.

More businesses in Spain are starting to sell online due to growing demand. But how can small manufacturers benefit from the
boom?    Without any question, online shopping is convenient. It saves you from hurrying to a store after work, walking through
different aisles and carrying your shopping bags home. Instead, you can sit on a sofa, look at the products on the website of your
favourite store and with a few clicks, the goods are on its way to your home.         During the last year, eCommerce in Spain was
worth almost 28 billion Euro. Compared to 2017, that means an increase of 17 percent.

Many counterfeit notes are now in circulation, particularly in Murcia and police warned business-owners to be particularly watchful
when €10 and €20 notes are handed over in payment.      

THE final bull run at this year’s San Fermin festival in Pamplona saw three people gored this morning (July 14).   In total eight people
have been gored over the course of the eight runs. During the run six bulls run with a pack of steers to the bullring. They are destine
d to be killed in bullfights.   

With crime rates on the rise in Barcelona, some residents are taking the initiative and resorting to techniques of the past, which are
now being made more effective thanks to modern technology.     

In the UK while the leadership race drones on..............

Military chiefs are a ‘pack of white middle-aged men’ who run a force awash with sexism, racism and bullying, an explosive new report
claims.  The study, the most in-depth the armed forces has ever commissioned, says ‘an unacceptable level of inappropriate
behaviour persists’ across the RAF, Army and Navy.     

The company behind Northern Rail has handed its boss a £256,000 pay rise – despite the train line causing disruption for thousands
of passengers last year.   Manfred Rudhart, chief executive of Northern Rail’s owner Arriva, saw his pay boosted from £1.08million
to £1.34million last year.  He now earns 51 times the amount of the average Arriva employee.   

Killer drivers are being sentenced to just over five years in jail on average – with many set to walk free after serving just half their
term.  In another indictment of ‘soft justice’ Britain, analysis of Ministry of Justice data shows the average sentence last year for
causing death by dangerous driving was five years and three months – against almost nine years for manslaughter.  Just over half of
convicted drivers were sentenced to less than five years in jail.      

An American opera singer will perform a song thought to be an anthem of the gay rights movement at the Last Night Of The
Proms.     Jamie Barton, 37, from Georgia, U.S., is set to join the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Chorus in September to close the
musical event.     The mezzo-soparano will sing Judy Garland's hit Somewhere Over The Rainbow and wear the same colours that
are seen on biseuxal activists' flags at marches.