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2nd March 2021
…Israelis are being asked for evidence of vaccinations status before being allowed into busy locations
such as bars, shopping centres and theatres. Only those with a 'green passport' are permitted to enter
certain locations as the country tries to reopen following the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Former French premier Nicolas Sarkozy  is  to have an electronic band fitted around his ankle so he can
serve a 12-month prison sentence from the confines of his home.  

French MEP Julie Lechanteaux was asked to address her European Parliament colleagues in English
during a virtual parliamentary session on Thursday.

Ivan Vilibor Sincic claimed Croatian expected a lot of their problems to be solved by the European
Union when they joined the bloc in 2013. But less than eight years later, all they are left with are
questions about the bloc's involvement in their country's handling of EU funds.

MASKS no longer required for sports in Spain’s Costa Blanca under new government regulations
The president of the Valencian Community, Ximo Puig, made perhaps his most eagerly-anticipated
announcement of 2021 so far yesterday, February 25, when he announced his de-escalation plans for
the region.

Katherine Tai, President Biden's top trade nominee, slammed the brakes on the talks, pointing to a lot
of “developments” since they began in 2018 and the priority of defeating the Covid-19 threat. She said
there was a need to “review the discussions and the negotiations so far, in the light of all of these

The Bank of England's Chief Economist has warned that an inflationary 'tiger' had woken up and could
prove difficult to tame as the economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Last night BBC Scotland said Boris Johnson was the "Prime Minister of England", when he is actually
the leader of the whole of the UK. The report has been heavily criticised on social media, with George
Galloway among those leading the charge against the corporation's Scottish branch

A van driver has been caught 'scrolling through Facebook' while travelling along a dual carriageway 'at

A billionaire hedge fund tycoon who used to be Rishi Sunak's former boss pocketed a record
£343million after his firm saw a 66 per cent rise in pre-tax profits.  

Users who crave likes on social media may have thinking patterns that are fundamentally similar to
those of lab rats seeking food, a study has concluded.