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The wildfire that broke out in Gran Canaria on Saturday has been “contained” but not suppressed, according to the regional leader
of Spain’s Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres.     Over 1,000 local residents have been evacuated and taken to shelters and
municipal centers while emergency crews battle the blaze..........A 55-year-old man who had been working in the area with a welding
machine has been arrested by the Civil Guard, who suspect that he accidentally started the fire in a property near Cruce de las

While many people may believe Spanish drivers are less disciplined behind the wheel than other European road users, this turns out
to be just another urban myth. The reality is somewhat different – the Spanish it turns out are far from the worst drivers on the road,
according to the annual survey carried out by the Spanish Royal Automobile Club (RACE) in collaboration with the Association of
Drinks and Refreshments and with the support of Spain’s DGT traffic authority. ….....

For eleven days now, the Spanish rescue vessel Open Arms has been waiting in international waters with over 100 migrants on
board and nowhere to take them.
  Although the Italian island of Lampedusa is only 30 nautical miles away, the prospect of docking
at the port is as distant as ever: Italy has refused the ship entry, as has Malta, and no other EU country has taken action.    

POLICE arrested a 19-year old Algerian for skippering an inflatable dinghy heading for the Spanish coast with 18 migrants on

In the UK …......Philip Hammond has penned an explosive letter to Boris Johnson, signed by 20 of his Tory colleagues, in which he su
ggests the PM has 'set the bar so high that there is no realistic' chance of a new divorce agreement.

The number of Britons in work has soared by more than a million since the Brexit vote – and women are leading the way.  Despite
Project Fear predictions of huge job losses
......... meaning three in every four new workers was female.

Longtime Europhile Michael Heseltine argued that the Prime Minister had no democratic mandate to take the UK out of the EU
without a deal. insisted that for the government to go ahead with a No Deal Brexit would be the 'most grotesque act of national self
harm committed in peacetime by a British government'.          

Boris Johnson said the criminal justice system must keep young people off 'the conveyor belt to crime' today as he unveiled a
clampdown on serious criminals designed to keep them behind bars for longer.     

Downing Street's Brexit guru who has railed against the 'absurdity' of EU subsidies co-owns a farm which has received around
£235,000 from the European Union, it has been revealed.      Dominic Cummings, the Vote Leave campaign chief who is now Boris
Johnson's chief adviser, owns the property in Durham with his parents and one other person.   

A bus driver has been suspended after refusing to drive a vehicle which celebrated gay pride.    Passenger Rebecca Sears, 19,
claimed a Konectbus driver at Norwich Bus Station insisted on swapping buses as the one he was in 'promoted homosexuality'.
She said that the driver, who appeared to be in his 50s with grey hair, was referring to the vehicle's service number which featured
the colours of the gay-pride rainbow flag........

The boss of the electricity network was given almost £500,000 to relocate just 96 miles to live in London.    National Grid chief John
Pettigrew, who was earning £4.6 million at the time, received the deal when he took over in 2016.