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18th September 2019

The worst storm to hit eastern Spain in the last 140 years finally let up on Sunday after
wreaking havoc in Valencia, Alicante, Murcia and Almería.     The torrential downpours
caused rivers to burst their banks, dragging cars and people away, flooding streets,
forcing thousands from their homes, and destroying at least 300,000 hectares of prime
agricultural land according to early estimates.        

Spain’s acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has rejected the latest offer made by the lef
tist group Unidas Podemos in a bid to reach a governing deal that would prevent a repea
t general election in November.      

The Spanish government is “preparing itself for the worst” The acting Prime Minister
Pedro Sanchez President has brought in an extra 875 civil servants to deal with the
extra work expected with a no-deal.     

Economy minister Nadia Calvino has stated: “We have to be prepared for the worst. The
prime minister has arranged a special meeting with ministers most directly related with
the subject so that they are right up-to-date with what’s happening, can analyse the
situation and put in extra measures if necessary.”            

Protesters jeered Boris Johnson after the showdown talks with the EU commission presid
ent at a restaurant. And he then faced cat-calls from a crowd including British ex-pats as
he arrived for a meeting with Luxembourg counterpart Xavier Bettel.

COMMENT.........Cosmos spaceball, Kent, United Kingdom, less than a minute ago
This was a pathetic set up by Luxembourg to try and humiliate Boris Johnson. This was di
srespectful and Boris was right to not go out and be shouted down by those protesters w
ho strangely had microphones and speakers.

A hero female police officer who tried to save a baby 'thrown to his death off a bridge'
has been forced to delete her Twitter account after being bombarded with disgusting
sexist messages.

COMMENT...........gromit63, birmingham,
Social media is a wonderful thing - occasionally, but most of the time it is a tool of destruc
tion we have lost people, including wonderful young people drawn to suicide because to
the dreadful treatment they have received.

Panic buttons were fitted at a troubled Birmingham school due to fears for teacher
safety - but were removed after they did not trigger a response.

Mike A
from Guernsey............ Political correctness and human rights have now
abandoned the whole nation to its hideous rule.

Four fraudsters behind Britain's biggest ever visa scam - which saw fake companies and
bogus documents created to allow 900 illegal immigrants to stay in the UK - have
avoided jail terms.