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Vince Tracy Football Podcasts 2020
Eric Malpus, Rob Daniels and Friends
Dave Bassett..
Bill Shankly
Paddy Crerand
Phil Beal..
Dave Hickson.
19th May
21st May
26th May
Eric 18th Feb
Harry Gregg
10th March
Eric Malpus
Rob Daniels
12th March
Terry Venables...England Manager etc
Dave Bassett..Wimbledon Manager etc
Bill Shankly Liverpool legend
Wilf McGuiness...Man Utd Manager etc
Mike Summerbee....Man City and England
Norman Whiteside...Man Utd and NI
Archie Auld.....Celtic (Lisbon Lions)
Tommy Gemmel.....Celtic (Lisbon Lions)
Paddy Crerand (Man United/Celtic/Scotland)
Phil Beal....Tottenham
Dave Hickson....Liverpool Legend
21st May Rob Daniels joined me to discuss the film series
Harry's Heroes which depicted the journey for older
international footballers from failed penalty-takers against
Germany to travelling through France and Italy to beat
Germany 2-0 in their own country.
26th May-Eric Malpus chats with me about the difficulties
faced by smaller Premier League clubs like Bournemouth with
a quality manager Eddie Howe. We also discuss the
decision-making process behind Liverpool's game against
Atletico de Madrid at the the time Covid19  was prevalent in
Madrid and not in Liverpool.

19th May 2020 -Eric Malpus The lockdown is not as bad
and things might be improving in Spain. I spoke to Eric about
two films screened over the past few days. These involved
England's football teams over the years:Mike Bassett
England Manager and Harry's Heroes!
Sports Panel
Liverpool may be European and world champions, on the brink of the Premier League title, possess one of the most prized
squads in football and have recently posted record revenues.

But it's the team they beat in last season's Champions League final who have been declared the most valuable club in the
Premier League.

Tottenham Hotspur have bumped Manchester City off the top spot with Liverpool having to be content with fourth place
behind bitter North West rivals Manchester United.

New analysis by University of Liverpool Management School football finance expert Kieran Maguire has determined the
Londoners are now worth £2.567bn after their most recent accounts posted a pre-tax profit of £87.4m and revenues of
By comparison, Liverpool - who posted a £42m pre-tax profit in February while announcing a record turnover of £533m - are
worth almost half with a total of £1.553bn, far behind United (£2.08bn) and City (£2.186bn). Everton are valued at £257m,
with Bournemouth last on £99m.

"Liverpool’s value increased in 2018/19, and the figures do not reflect the club winning the Champions League, which took
place on June 1 2019 but their accounts go up to May 31," said Maguire.

"Had it not been for Covid-19 a further sizeable increase in the value would have been anticipated for 2019/20 on the back of
the Champions League bonuses, World Club Championship success and almost certainly being Premier League
champions too."

The calculations were made by crunching the numbers supplied by top-flight clubs to Companies House. The model takes
into consideration revenue, profits, non-recurring costs, average profits on player sales over a three-year period, net assets,
wage control and proportion of seats sold.