Jim Whitman
With the help of Rosemarie Edwards, in England & Jane Olsen, from
Norway, Jim et al started a campaign  about 6 weeks ago to ensure Slim
Whitman is inducted to where he belongs-The Country Music Hall of
As at 23rd November 2012  almost 700 fans of Slim have added their vote
of support with more and more coming in every day.   Slim will be 90 years
old on the 20th January coming.I have got the support of Country Music
Radio stations around the world to make the 20th January a '''Slim Whitman

Slim is the only Country Music star in history to have a song- Rose Marie-
at number 1. in the charts for 11 consecutive weeks. With over 600 songs
recorded, 140,000,000 albums sold worldwide over a career that has
spanned 60 years he has long since earned his place in the ''Country
Music Hall Of Fame''

Besides being a successful songwriter & composer of mainly Country
Songs & Irish ballads, JIM WHITMAN is regarded as the best yodeller in the
world today. Holding 2 Guinness Book Of Records for yodeling. He also is
credited with the longest yodel.....For ''Children In Need'' at the BBC studios
Newcastle Tyne & Wear)  30 hours 1 minute, raising £17,000. Jim also is
credited with The fastest yodel: at Bethesda, North Wales, again for
charity,  10 yodel tones in .88 of a second.

At the end of the 80s, Pastafont Records released album of Jim's called,
''The Green Fields of Ireland'' ( Recorded at a studio in Norwich), an album
with 12 of my Irish ballads. this album was in aid of ''MENCAP''.   Jim has
written just over 400 songs, mainly Country & Irish ballads but also
middle-of-the-road and quite a few Hawaiian songs. He has  several albums
on release, my latest 2 albums, ''Country Classics''  &  ''Memories''  
released earlier this year, and a new album in progress.

All albums are available from Jim's Websites:

All albums are  also available as ''Download'' from iTunes / Amazon MP3 /
Emusic / Google Play / Rhapsody / Spotify/