J Vincent Edwards
Vincent's first brush with Fame came a one of the original cast members of the
London production of "Hair"singing and recording the hit song "Aquarius",
playing, naturally, the part of "Vince", which he performed almost 2.000 times
at the Shaftesbury Theatre London.

As a songwriter and producer over half of his 200 compositions were covered
by other artists, one in particular "Right Back Where We Started From",
recorded by Maxine Nightingale, was an international  hit, reaching nuber one
in the american singles charts. It was featured in Paul Newman´s movie
"Slapshot", nominated for a Grammy award, and received a B.M.I. certificate,
citing over two million plays on american radio. "Right Back" was recently
rerecorded by the singer "Sinitta" and was again a worldwide Hit.

Other Movie credits are "Down and out in Bevery Hills", "The world is full of
married men", "Whatever happend to Harald Smith?", and the Disney Movie

Vincent has a new CD on the market "Keep your dreams alive" and his own
recording of "Souls". At the moment he is working on his musical Souls.com in
New York with Tom O'Horgan. The original director of Hair. Souls.com played
at the Lamama Theatre off Broadway in 2000 and could open worldwide in the
coming year with 22 new songs written by Vincent. ->more information about
souls.com (pdf)

He is in great demand for TV shows throughout Europe and also performed
this September at the Café Royal in Picadilly - Lodon with his good friend and
songwriter Jimmy Webb.
Vincent is also Host of the American TV show "Buskers" filmed in New York.
"Song for Africa" was his latest recording, which raised an enormous amount
of money for the "Abdii Borii Project" in Ethiopia. In Chicago currently
recording with the legendary Blusman Boogie Bob an Album of R+B - classics
for future.