Ray's official title is Beatle Consultant for the Wirral.   Apart from being a
personal friend Ray is a Beatles Historian  plus he has a passion for
Liverpool in general.   Click the TV for more info from Ray and individual  

Ray's Book about Liverpool stars is available via Amazon -Press Street
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The Beatles 'Love me do' was released 50 years ago and we discover a
singer called Paul Murphy and in 3,000 books about the Beatles his name
doesn't appear. Why is this? Apparently, the Beatles might not have
recorded with George Martin had it not been for Paul Murphy!

Below are podcasts with Ray.....

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Sadly, it looks like the Monarch Airways demise has
affected the visit of The Fourmost to B
Palace. I had chatted with Ray O'Brien before
hearing why the show had been cancelled.
What a shame! I would love to have attended
the tribute to one of my favourite Liverpool
groups.      6th October 2017
This catch-up with Ray is long overdue and we
discussed Tony Booth and his posters before
remembering other aspects of Mersybeat and the
current scene at Liverpool FC with manager, Jurgen
Klop. 23rd August 2017
Reflections after the death of Cilla Black 7th
August 2015
25th September 2012
12th September 2012
Who is Paul Murphy?
Aug 2013 -aspects of Scouse
August 2013  L'pool 1 Stoke 0