I was brought up listening to Radio Luxembourg, the American Forces
Network and Radio Caroline. However, the first major Radio shows I
presented were at BBC Radio Merseyside. Before this I had been a
member of the Cavern and the Iron Door Clubs in Liverpool, then a DJ
around Merseyside.  I have set myself the task of getting as many
Merseybeat memories as possible by getting in touch with the people
who were connected to Merseybeat. There is no order of importance!  
Initial Merseybeat Page
What is Merseybeat?
Take the Merseybeat Challenge....Who is singing?
Bill Harry:Editor   Mersey Beat
Billy J Kramer
Billy Butler-Cavern DJ
Brian Epstein
Beryl Marsden
Carol and the Memories
Dougie Darroch and Fort Perch Rock
Frank Allen -the Searchers
Gerry Marsden:-First to have three consecutive releases at No1
Harry Prytherch-The Remo Four
Jazz at the Cavern
John Gorman: Member of Scaffold
Joe Flannery-Beatles Booking Agent and Cultural Ambassador to Liverpool
Fourmost-Joey Bowers
Kingsize Taylor
Liverpool Lives On RSS Feed
Mike McGear-Paul McCartney's bro. and Scaffold Member
Norman Higham
Ray O'Brien-Beatles Historian
John Lennon Tribute
Roger McGough:-Great poet and member of Scaffold
Spencer Leigh-Merseybeat Historian
The Spinners-Tony Davis
The Prowlers-Phil Norman
Sam Leach          R.I.P December 2016
The Undertakers-Brian Jones
Tony Coates Liverpool Express and  Pete Ritson (Mark Peters)
The Merseyrats-Dave Jamieson 'Jamo?
Tommy Hughes-original Swinging Blue Jeans
Don Woods:-Weekly Podcast with lots of Mersey info
Stan Kelly
Carla Lane..The creator of the series BREAD
Chris Wharton:-great memories of the early days
George Long and Penny Lane Tribute Band