Bruno  Cottais
July 18th 2011
Last Tuesday, Anne and I went to Alicante to meet Bruno and Emilie at the airport. We drove for about an hour
and eventually we arrived at the new airport building. It had changed a lot since our last visit. The small building
was now a large building. The car park is now huge and is on several floors. We parked the car and followed lots
of other people heading for Arrivals. We had made a little notice with their names written on it.
The plane had been delayed for almost an hour. We walked round the airport for half an hour and then we sat
down until it was time to meet our visitors.
There was a small crowd of people waiting, like us, to greet the travellers. Eventually, we saw Emily and Bruno
and we headed off to get the car. This is where the fun began. We had lost the car and it took us 20 minutes to
find the blessed thing. Welcome to Spain.
Bruno 20th July

Yesterday, in the morning , I worked with Emilie and Vince for two hours at Mary's house. We worked
outside on the terrace. It was hot but not too bad.
I learned the names of the parts of the body in English and Vince drew Frederick,  Emilie's  coach,  from the
information we gave him. After  we had finished, Emilie and I swam for half an hour then we went to Calpe
with Mary and Richard to eat a paella in a restaurant close to the beach.
The town of Calpe is a combination of town and beach. It is situated between Altea to the south and Javea
to the north.  Calpe has about 13 000 inhabitants and is known for its massive rock called the Peñon de lfach.
It is about half an hour away by car.  
After, Emilie and I swam in the sea. Then we walked around the rock. We returned home at 8  pm. We got
lost on the way home. I ate some pizza and drank some orange juice before I went to bed.
Bruno 27th July 2011
I spent my holiday in Spain with my sister, Emilie, close to Alicante with
an English family to learn the language. Now I think I've made progress,
above all, for understanding. My teacher is Vince and my sister's teacher is
Mary, who is the sister of Vince. During my holiday, I visited a lot of
beautiful villages like Guadalest in the mountains. I have been to
Aqualandia where there are a lot of slides and I have been to Terra Mitica
for two days.  It is a Theme park with a lot of sensational attractions like
Inferno which is a thrilling ride. It was very good!

This evening I am going to Benidorm Palace for a show and Saturday I will
be going to the Benidorm Palace Circus to see an acrobatics show. So I
have spent a nice holiday in Spain and I am going back to France on Sunday
the 31st July.