Angie McCartney
On 24th January 2013 I spoke with the lovely Angie McCartney about
her  life and work in Los Angeles. Angie lives and works with her
daughter Ruth and her husband, Martin Nethercutt, who does
all of her
media stuff. He is also a very talented musician.  We spoke about
Angie's organic tea company before we came to the purpose of my
call.   Angie is publishing her book:

Angie McCartney, My Long and Winding Road (the first 83
The publishers have organized a 2 night event to launch the book at
The Liverpool  Philharmonic on 30th and 31st January. It's the first
time Angie has been back home in about 12 years so she'll be
looking forward to      meeting family and friends. It will be a great

The launch show will be hosted by
Pete Price of Angie
does a weekly live radio show with him to discuss what's going on in
Hollywood and I used to work with Pete in Liverpool

Whilst in Liverpool, Angie hopes to tour the
Linda McCartney Breast
Cancer Center.

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