Serious Issues
"What we love to do and why!"
Love Addiction
.Annie is one of the UK’s
foremost psychotherapists
specialising in love addiction.
Her work has featured across
the media, particularly her
book, The Love Trap, about
breaking free from love
Steve Ashley was my first regular guest on my
radio show discussing serious issues. He is a
very dedicated Registered Psychologist and there
is a link from his photograph to his own website.
Anger Management
Computer Games
Terry Whitehead was a member of my panel for our
OCI discussion shows on many subjects. We have
worked together at several stations. By
profession Terry is a structural engineer and has a
great amount of experience of building projects in
Spain.  "You cannot stop water but you can
direct it"  The importance of water
Management with Terry Whitehead
Structural Engineer
Marie Holliday is an AAMET Trainer of Trainers
with  Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT or
'tapping' as it is often known in both Spanish &
English and is Co- Director of the AAMET
International Training & Certification Board and and
is proud to be an official Representative of AAMET
in Spain.
DISC-4 personality styles that
can indicate predictable behaviour
Aina Riegel
Steve Ashley
Welcome to the  
website for Stephen Ashley B.A (HONS),
Registered Psychotherapist.  Please, take a few
minutes to look around the site and find out about
me and my work and what we might be able to do
together, here on The Costa Blanca in Spain.
Kathryn Temple- Happiness Foundation
.....Hello & Welcome to Happiness, a new
magazine to Inspire Minds and Empower Lives.
Yes, it's what your life has been waiting for, a new
an exciting twist on the world of Energy & Spirit.

So prepare to laugh, prepare to cry, sometimes at
the same time, because we have some fantastic
material from inspiring authors around the globe.
One of them may even be you!
Just for once, close your eyes, lie back and don't
think of England, think of Spain.What images does
this conjure up?Perhaps, irresistibly, the first vision
is one of an overcrowded beach. A quagmire of
heavy, sweating, torsos. It is so
overcrowded that the only opportunity to see the
sun is if the woman in front has had her ears
pierced. A seething mass of rrnlovely humanity,
where every inch of available sand has been
r I,iimed by a dysfunctional family from the grey,
industrial hinterland of North or Central England. A
visionary hell of beer- Nuzzling,
English-breakfast-seeking, blue-marbled invaders,
on drinking themselves into oblivion or at least
acquiring a 'Wrious dose of sunburn. A land of
sombreros, donkeys, and motrammelled lust.