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Vince Tracy Celebrity Podcasts 10
Tony Barton joined Paul and Vince on the line from
Merseyside on Monday 15th September 2008

Vince met Clair Sweeney´s mum and dad at
Benidorm Palace and a telephone call was set up for
Wednesday 14th November.

Johnny Wakelin hit number 4 with in Zaire in 1976
and hit no. 7 with Black Superman (Muhammed Ali) in
1975. Johnny joined Vince on the line from the UK on
26th March 2008            

July. 2005: Vince's Guest is the well-loved
Irish Comedian Jimmy Cricket-the man
with the wellies!        
Slitherman is Roy Jay and Roy´s act was
immensely popular in the UK around 1980-1985
Roy´s been a little under the weather ansd
Vince kept in touch so that Roy had an open
invitation to visit  the studios in Altea. Roy was
joined by Gem Taylor and Lance Edwards and
Roy was able to show off his fine singing voice
and new CD               10th October 2007
Leapy had the UK hot no.2 with his song
Little Arrows. Vince has an ongoing link
with Leapy which contains many different
dtations and podcasts
Vince spoke with Tony Hart from the
Honeycombs and traced the modern day
band back to their roots. Tony gave us the
lowdon on the new Telstar movie and the
personalities involved around the times of  the
legendary Joe Meek. We also had a cjhat with
Jimmy who now sits at the drums where Honey
Lantree would have sat! It´s nice to see the
band is still touring.
August 17th 2007
Vince Hill (born Vincent Hill, 16 April 1934) is
an English traditional pop music singer and
songwriter who is best known for his recording
of the Rodgers and Hammerstein show tune
"Edelweiss" (1967) which reached No.2 on the
UK Singles Chart (staying on the chart for 17
weeks). Along with a successful recording
career in the 1960s, Hill hosted several hit TV
shows during the seventies and eighties,
including ‘They Sold A Million’ (BBC), ‘Musical
Time Machine’ (BBC) and his own chat show
‘Gas Street’ (ITV)