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Vince Tracy Celebrity Podcasts 2
Vince met star hitmaker Emile Ford
in Cornwall when Emile was
appearing at the Newquay Hendra
Park. Emile was invited by Vince to
visit Cornwall College to give a
lecture on sound engineering. Not
only did Emile give the lecture but he
also sang his number 1 hit for
students and staff. Now that's what I
call a gentleman and a scholar!
October 25 2006
Bernie Clifton appeared on the
Royal Variety Show and is
well-known as the world's first
Ostrich jockey! He joined Vince and
met up with Paul Melba over the
airwaves to discuss old times and his
new career as singer and radio
presenter..that's beside the cabaret

This is Bernie Burgess an artiste
in his own right and the
ex-husband of the great singer
Ruby Murray. Bernie presented a
tribute to Ruby on Vince's show
and is a regular contributor. The
photo shows Bernie and his
family in Belfast under the
plaque for Ruby.
November 29th 2006 is another
Red Letter Day as
told us about his
wonderful career.Let's twist again
and again and again!!!!
December 14th will always
be a red letter day as my
special guest was the
fabulous boxing legend Sir
Henry Cooper OBE KSG.
Shaw Taylor..'Keep 'em Peeled' was
his Police Five catchphrase. .A most
interesting Podcast of a veteran TV
personality. Shaw Taylor has had a
glittering career as this interview will
show. December 20th 2006
January 19th 2007   Dave is quite a
regular on the show and is a
worldwide celebrity in the field of
Country music. He joined Vince to
discuss aspects of his great album
Overworked and Underpaid. To hear
more of Dave's music follow the link
from his album sleeve